With over 300 million people and 50 states, the United States of America is filled with culture and different terrain. From the Concrete Jungle in New York City to the red clay over in Utah — America is brave and vast. Each state has its own identity and that's what makes so many locals in America proud. We're all proud of our hometown, aren't we?

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As big as America is, there's also a lot of room for error. Not every city in each state is going to run smoothly. At the same time, just because a city was dangerous back in the '70s doesn't mean it's still dangerous in 2019. Cities grow and change year after year — that's what's so beautiful about America. It's always evolving. There are multiple sites who compile the most dangerous cities in America year after year, and we have 10 of the cities who've made the list since 2017.

10 Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland isn't the largest city in Ohio but it may as well be one of the most dangerous. According to World Atlas, Cleveland had around 1,300 (give or take) violent crimes out of 100,000 people.

While many people travel to Cleveland for summers by Lake Erie or to visit its many museums, parts of the city are falling apart due to its high unemployment rate and poverty.

9 Rockford, Illinois

When it comes to the great state of Illinois, many people's minds go straight to Chicago. And while Chicago may be bigger than Rockford in population, Rockford has Chicago beat when it comes to danger, according to Best PlacesWhat makes Rockford so dangerous? Escape Here claims there were over 1,700 cases of assault as close as two years ago, and with a population of over 147,000, that makes Rockford quite a sketchy place to be come nightfall.

8 Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri has a population of almost 500,000, meaning there are thousands of people who love Kansas City and call it home. However, it's been known for its increase in crime over the past couple of years. Just in a one-year span alone, there were 20 more homicides than the year prior

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In fact, you'll notice Kansas City isn't the only Missouri city on this list, which makes you wonder why it's getting so destructive. USA Today explains that with a high poverty and violent crimes rate, KC's crime is on the rise.

7 Stockton, California

Like Oakland (who's also on this list), Stockton doesn't have a shiny resume. Although it's in California, Stockton has had over 68 crimes per 10,000 people, according to Escape Here. The city doesn't have the lowest unemployment rate in the country but its poverty rate is around 23%, according to USA Today. According to a CBS News article that released almost 10 years ago, it does look like Stockton is improving from their "13.8 violent crimes per 1,000 people."

6 Little Rock, Arkansas

Not many people visit Arkansans unless they're going to Little Rock. The quaint town of around 200,000 people has some awesome outdoor activities. However, those may be on hold since the crime rate is so high. Per 10,000 residents, Escape Here notes there are almost 88 crimes — which is massive.

The unemployment rate seems to be low but the poverty rate is extremely high. So what's eating Little Rock—Arkansas's largest city? Gang violence. According to The Huffington Post, there was even a documentary about the crisis titled Gang War: Bangin’ in Little Rock,

5 Oakland, California

Sadly, Oakland, California is a frequent visitor on the 'most dangerous state' lists due to its long history with gang violence. It's a real shame considering how affordable Oakland can be and how beautiful living in California is.

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Along with its gangs, homicides, and break-ins, Oakland also has a high poverty rate around 20%, according to The United States Census Bureau. However, the city has seen slow improvement so let's hope they come in a little higher in the next couple of years.

4 Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland may be known for their crab but they're also known for their dangerous streets. There was almost a homicide every single day of the year two years ago in Baltimore. The high crime rate is also a contributing factor in the number of people unemployed and homeless. Baltimore's rough neighborhoods is semi-known, however, thanks to multiple TV shows depicting the crime Baltimore sees.

3 Memphis, Tennessee

Making the third spot on this list we have the pretty city of Memphis. Two years ago, Escape Here noted there were almost 200 homicides and over 650,000 crimes!

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Although Tennessee may be a gorgeous state, the city of Memphis is one of the roughest to be safe — especially with USA Today claiming almost 30% of the city being in poverty.

2 Detroit, Michigan

Similar to a few cities on this list, Detroit hasn't had the best reputation in terms of crime over the years. With a high poverty rate, low employment rate, and with many locals moving out of the city to get away from the violence, Detroit is slowly crumbling. According to World Atlas, it's the second city in the country with the most violent crimes. From robberies to rape to attacks with weapons, it appears like Detroit is hs been on a quick decline for years.

1 St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri came in as the most dangerous cities in America on multiple sites and publications. Their NHL team may have just brought home the cup (bringing some much-needed tourism and cheer to the city) but with over 90 crimes per 10,000 residents per Escape Hereit doesn't seem like many people are safe. The murder rate is also insanely high, making it an undesirable place to live or visit. St. Louis may have a hardworking backstory but the city itself seems to be in a serious rut.

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