If there's anything more satisfying than plonking down on the comfy couch, binging three hours worth of Netflix and devouring a hot, cheesy, gooey slice (read: entire pie) of pizza, then we’re yet to hear about it.

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Italy may stake its claim as the world's premier pizza destination, but not without a fight from the good old US of A. From New York in the East to San Francisco out west, and even a few surprising cities in between, America produces plenty of fabulous pizzas that bring in tourists, locals, and foodies from every corner of the globe. There's no need for a knife and fork in this rundown!

10 Providence, Rhode Island

To kick off this cheesy journey across the United States, we’re heading over to the tiny East Coast state of Rhode Island. As the state's capital city, Providence might not have much stature compared to the concrete jungles of New York, Los Angeles, and the like, but it sure knows how to whip up a seriously tasty pizza.

What’s special about the Providence pizza is that they’re trying out a new style - grilled pizza. It started in a restaurant called Al Forno and is quickly gaining traction as a delicious pizza option! Of course, there are also some traditional coal-burning oven pizzas worth sampling as well.

9 Las Vegas, Nevada

While the bright lights of the strip, fancy casinos, and never-sleep nightclubs are the first things that come to mind when someone thinks of Sin City, it’s fair to say they churn out a darn good slice of pizza as well. There are plenty of 24-hour eateries to satisfy that much-needed late night craving after an evening on the town. In equal measure, there are also countless award-winning restaurants ready to blow your palate’s mind.

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Of the more recommended locales, Metro Pizza and Pizza Rock sit atop the list.

8 Buffalo, New York

Buffalo might not boast the same colossal reputation as the behemoth that is New York City, but it can certainly be proud of the pizza options it dishes up.

The Upstate New York city is home to a rather unique style of pizza that features a slightly sweet sauce, thick crust, top-quality pepperoni that curls as it cooks, and of course a mountain of stringy, gooey, unbelievably addicting cheese.

There are a few different locales worth checking out for some tasty Buffalo pizza but none is perhaps more revered than Bocce Club and La Nova.

7 Los Angeles, California

No matter if we’re vegetarian, gluten-free, self-proclaimed meat-lovers, mac n cheese enthusiasts, coffee snobs or wine connoisseurs, there’s something for everyone over in Los Angeles.

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The sprawling city doesn’t necessarily promote a localized or specialized style of pizza, instead, it’s more of a melting pot carrying variations from all over the country and the world. Pizzeria Mozza is highly recommended for the Neapolitan-style pizza, while a perfect slice of old-school New York Italian-American can be found at Pinocchio in Burbank.

6 Detroit, Michigan

To the wider communities, Detroit is known for one thing and one thing only: Its past significance to the automotive industry. Well, that’s about to change, because it’s truly up and coming in the cheesy world of pizza.

The capital city of Michigan boasts its own impressive style of pizza. It is similar to a rectangular, baked deep-dish pizza, but its outer crust is doused in butter or oil before being cooked, giving it a seriously crispy edge.

The Little Caesar’s fast food chain offers a Detroit-style pizza, and while it is worth a try, it’s never as good as the real thing.

5 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Over in America’s eastern state of Pennsylvania, Philly is making a serious claim in the race to become one of the country’s best pizza cities. The infamous Philly Cheese Steak might be the city’s most renowned cheesy meal, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t dish up a darn impressive pizza pie as well. Considering that it’s sandwiched between New York and Washington D.C - two pizza-centric locales - and also has a long history of Italian immigration, Philly’s pizza prowess should really come as no surprise.

As far as the most inviting slices in the city, Pizza Gutt in Callowhill stakes its claim, as does Tacconelli’s in Port Richmond.

4 San Francisco, California

We’re skipping back over to sunny West Coast USA for a quick stop in the Windy City, San Francisco. The city by the bay has never lacked reasons for tourists to visit, boasting the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and Fisherman's Wharf, just to name a few. Even without those popular visitor attractions, San Fran’s impressive pizza scene is reason enough to check out the area.

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There is no shortage of must-try restaurants and delicious slices on offer, but sitting at the top of the list is Tony’s Pizza Napoletana, home of the 13-time World Pizza Champion Tony Gemignani. We’re confident he’d plate up a half-decent slice.

3 New Haven, Connecticut

It’s over to New England for our next leg on this mouth-watering pizza journey. The small, mostly-university city is known in the pizza world for one particular, unique topping: Clams. Served with white sauce and gooey cheese, the clam pizza might sound a tad questionable at first, but its immense popularity speaks for itself.

As for the best spot to try one when passing through, there’s a clear winner in New Haven, and that’s the locally famous Frank Pepe’s Pizzeria. For a couple of alternatives that pizza lovers should check out while in town, Modern Apizza and Bru Room At BAR have earned their delicious reputations.

2 New York, New York

In a vibrant city that is as huge and hungry as the Big Apple, it’s almost impossible to walk more than two blocks without stumbling across a pizza joint. There are plenty of things to do in New York for 99c or less, including grabbing an oily, cheesy slice that hangs off the edge of the plate.

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For a guided tour through Little Italy and the historic pizza stops dotted throughout its streets, Scott’s Pizza Tour has got you covered. If wandering through lower Manhattan solo, Lombardi’s is full of history and John’s Pizzeria on Bleeker St comes highly recommended.

1 Chicago, Illinois

Plenty of New York pizza aficionados will be offended that Chicago bumped New York for the top spot on this list, and somewhat justifiably so. However, when someone thinks of Chicago, one of the first things that come to mind is the world-renowned deep-dish pizza, and that immediate association is the reason for the city sliding into first place.

There’s simply nowhere in the world that does deep dish like Chicago. As for places that can’t be missed, check out Chicago Pizza & Oven Grinder, and Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria in River North.

So there you have it, pizza-lovers. Who’s hungry for a slice?

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