While the cupcake once had its fair share of glory, the tide has turned and the simple donut is now being reimagined in specialty donut stores across the country. The simple base of a plain fried donut provides endless opportunities of toppings and flavors- from the somewhat absurd (bacon?!) to the expected (nuttella), donuts have come a long way and don’t seem to be going anywhere. Take a look at some of the best donuts in America- and start planning your road trip!


Customize a Smaller Donut at Da Vinci’s Donuts

This unique donut café has three locations in Georgia and is known for preparing freshly baked donuts in a smaller size for donut lovers to enjoy without (as much) of the guilt as eating one, or two or three full sized donuts. The café offers creative flavors to choose from including the Caramel Apple donut, or the Italian infused cannoli donut- both excellent options. However, why not have exactly what you want, and choose from the huge list of drizzles, icings and toppings to create your ultimate, completely customized donut. Toppings include cinnamon sugar for the tradionalists, and fruity pebbles for the adventurous. Given the smaller sizes feel free to try a number of different creations and come back for your favorite!

Donuts with a ‘Secret’ Ingredient

The Holy Donut enjoyed massive success and growth in a short period of time and has expanded to three locations in Maine. The family run business grew out of the owner’s desire for a healthier version of a donut that does not compromise on taste. After multiple attempts, the infamous Holy Donut was created made with fresh mashed potatoes. Don’t be turned off- the secret ingredient makes these donuts exceptionally moist, and with options such as Maple bacon, and toasted coconut with coconut glaze milk, these donuts are jam packed with nothing but flavor. They also offer dark chocolate donuts, and sweet potato donuts in multiple flavors. There is a reason why the store closes early almost every day- the donuts sell out fast!

Creative and Traditional Tastes

At Do-Rite Donuts and Coffee in Chicago, Illinois, freshly baked donuts are available in classic flavors such as buttermilk old fashioned and cinnamon old fashioned. The donuts are available in gluten-free options, and vegan variations (both of which taste just as good or better than the originals), and can be ordered by the dozen. Cake donuts are also offered, for a richer taste, in options such as the Pistachio – Meyer Lemon or the Blueberry Crumb. For those who just cannot get enough and don’t want to limit themselves to a breakfast treat, why not try the fried chicken donut sandwich? Don’t worry if you are too stuffed to walk afterwards- they will deliver the donuts to your door as well!

Pip’s Original Doughnuts

No list of the greatest donuts in the country would be complete without at least one mention of a donut shop in Portland, Oregon. The infamous Voodoo Donuts generally top all types of donut lists, but the donut scene in Portland has been blooming for years and has generated a steady flow of solid bakeries and cafes. At Pip’s Original Doughnuts, you will find made to order mini donuts, that are customizable with simple glazes such as honey or nutella, and are paired amazingly with their chai. They have one storefront location and numerous food trucks across the city. For simple, back to basics donuts, you cannot go wrong with this cult classic.

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It does not look like the donut trend has any plans of slowing down. It is the perfect time for donut lovers to explore the endless options of gourmet donut shops opening up in almost every city across the country.   On the plus side, you no longer have to rely on chain shops to fill your craving for classic donuts - on the minus side, however, the endless options make it so difficult to choose! Hopefully this list can narrow down down some options! Do you have a local favorite that is a must try?