13 USA Airports Where We’ll Miss Our Plane (12 We'd Never Visit Anyway)

Flying is consistently a stressful time for most of us hoping to get on our plane in time. There are many variables that come into play when getting an ideal flight. Security check, transit to the airport, transit within the airport and many other things come into play to get to your flight check-in at the right time. Certain airports have a track record for missed flights becoming a common issue. Many people showing up to the airport get held back with other things postponing their time to get to their boarding area. Others have to figure out how to get around an airport when finding a connecting flight and it often leads to issues.

We will look at some of the airports that have common variables like busy moments and more confusing layouts that cause people to miss flights. Another fun thing to look at will be the airports that we don’t even have to worry about. These are the airports that most people will never once use due to the smaller size and random location. Find out more about which US airports stand out for various reasons.

Here are thirteen USA airports that may lead to you missing your plane along with another twelve that you’ll never even visit.

25 Potential missed flight: Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport (Atlanta)

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The Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport is surprisingly the most active airport in the world. Not many people would assume Atlanta would be the home of such a busy airport, but the layover flights allow travelers to connect to flights going all over the world.

Trip Savvy reported that over 100 million people use the Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport each year. The number of people and the size of the airport makes it easier to miss your flight than most other airports.

Be sure to get there with enough time in advance or you could miss your flight.

24 Won’t visit: Dawson Community Airport (Montana)

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Dawson Community Airport is the smallest airport in the United States. This airport is located in Montana and barely gets any attention at all. Smarter Travel states that Dawson Community Airport gets just 3,000 passengers per year.

Two flights per day depart from this airport taking travelers from Dawson to Billings within Montana. Only residents closer to this smaller part of Montana could have any reason to take a flight here. Chances are you won’t ever see this airport unless you go to Dawson, Montana.

23 Potential missed flight: LAX (Los Angeles)

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LAX is a household name when it comes to airports in the United States. It is the most popular airport in the Los Angeles area. LAX is known as the airport where you’ll be most likely to encounter celebrities coming or leaving town.

Trip Savvy states that over 80 million people per year use LAX to fly to or from their destination. The larger crowd makes the lines at LAX often unbearable.

Showing up too late on the wrong day could lead to you getting to your gate late and missing your flight.

22 Won’t visit: Waco Regional Airport (Texas)

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There are a few very busy airports in Texas that could easily lead to you missing your flight. Waco Regional Airport is not one of them. The smaller airport is in the Waco area of Texas for those closing to that part of the state.

Smarter Travel claims that the local residents absolutely love this airport. However, most people flying to or from another state will need a bigger airport in Texas to get their flight. The Waco Regional Airport truly is a gem that only a smaller percentage of folks can appreciate.

21 Potential missed flight: McCarran International Airport (Las Vegas)

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There are many reasons that one can miss their flight at McCarran International Airport. The busiest airport in Las Vegas draws huge crowds due to many people liking to make Vegas their ideal vacation destination for a few days.

Las Vegas also has a reputation for being one of the most fun places to party. It is more than realistic to believe that quite a few people have missed their flights at McCarran International Airport due to spending too much time partying the night before or the day of their flight.

20 Won’t visit: University of Illinois Willard Airport (Illinois)

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The University of Illinois Willard Airport is a unique one that essentially only exists for students. This Illinois airport is close to the campus of the University of Illinois in Champaign. Most flights head to O’Hare Airport in Chicago where you can connect to other flights.

Students love the University of Illinois Willard Airport for the ease of getting back home. A 45-minute ride to O’Hare gives the perfect route for those wanting to leave or visit the University of Illinois. There’s no reason at all to ever visit this airport unless attending school or knowing someone that attends school in the area.

19 Potential missed flight: Miami International Airport (Miami)

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The Miami International Airport has a reputation for many travelers missing their flight. Rediff Business reported that Miami residents often complain about the wait time when trying to get their flights to Latin America or the Caribbean.

Airports known for having flights to such distant and beautiful places typically will have more passengers. That is the main reason that things take a longer time and the risk for missing a flight is higher if you don’t show up to the airport early enough.

18 Won’t visit: MacArthur Airport (Long Island)

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New York City is a place where getting to your destination on time will always be a tough task. It makes sense that LaGuardia Airport and John F Kennedy Airport have huge crowds. One airport for those that live outside of the city is MacArthur Airport.

The smaller size of the airport makes it easier for people to get in and out. Unfortunately, there’s no reason to use the airport unless you live near the Islip area of New York. Anyone looking to visit or leave New York City will have no use for MacArthur Airport in any way.

17 Potential missed flight: Denver International Airport (Denver)

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The large airports in the United States typically have histories of being around for many decades. Denver International Airport is one of the newer ones as it was created back in 1995. The airport has become a success with passengers going all over the world.

Rediff Business reports that the airport was made with the intent to get 50 million travelers per year. The large number of people along with other common variables could make it a tough task. Denver International Airport is a likely one where flight time could be missed.

16 Won’t visit: Blue Grass Airport (Kentucky)

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Blue Grass Airport is not an airport the average person will visit at any point. According to Trip Savvy, the only airlines to use this airport are Allegiant, Delta and United.

.It is one of the most isolated airports in the United States.

The only time it gets a lot of attention is when people are coming into town for the Kentucky Derby horse race as the airport is closer to the area. Unless you’re a horse racing fanatic, you’ll likely never see Blue Grass Airport in person.

15 Potential missed flight: G. Bush Intercontinental Airport (Texas)

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Houston’s airport named after George Bush gets a lot of traffic. Texas gets a lot of people coming in and leaving town each year, and Houston is among the most popular areas in the state. It makes sense that George Bush Intercontinental Airport will get tens of millions of passengers.

The longer wait time on security and luggage lines will see a traveler often needing extra time before getting to the boarding area.

This airport is definitely one that increases the potential for a missed flight.

14 Won’t visit: Charleston International Airport (South Carolina)

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South Carolina is home to a tiny airport that not many people have use for. The Charleston International Airport does fly to countries all over the world. It is a quiet and relaxing airport that will lead to faster wait times.

The reason for the comfortable airport experience is that not many people use it.

Unless Charleston is your hometown or has something worth visiting for you, there’s no reason to visit the Charleston International Airport.

It will continue to be a hidden gem for those that live in the area.

13 Potential missed flight: Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (Virginia)

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The Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport is a large one for folks wanting to visit the DC area. Despite being a hub for those wanting to get to DC, the airport is located in Virginia. There is a larger concern for those who fear missing a flight.

The combination of people coming or leaving Virginia and DC each increases the number of travelers compared to other airports. Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport certainly will be a tougher test for those on time constraints, which could lead to a missed flight.

12 Won’t visit: Bellingham International Airport (Washington)

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Bellingham International Airport is a convenient smaller option for those wanting to visit or leave one of two places. The airport is in between the locations of Seattle and Vancouver. People spending time in either area could avoid the bigger airports for this one.

The larger Seattle airport attracts the bigger crowds due to having more flights going to the ideal tourist destinations. Bellingham International Airport is a better bet for those that live in the area or want to visit a quiet place without many attractions.

11 Potential missed flight: John F Kennedy International (NYC)

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New York City is a traffic nightmare when it comes to driving or taking public transportation. Walking in the streets often seems like a task at times. It makes sense that the airports would have the same problems with too many people.

John F. Kennedy Airport is huge in size with flights going just about everywhere in the world. The busy nature makes it nearly impossible to get through quickly.

This is one airport that airlines always recommend showing up hours in advance before your flights to make it.

10 Won’t visit: Garden City Regional Airport (Kansas)

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Kansas is known as a wonderful place for the people that live there, but there aren’t too many people visiting. Smart Traveler confirmed Garden City Regional Airport is both one of the smallest airports in terms of both physical size and annual travelers.

The lack of crowd is due to most people having no reason to visit this airport. If you’re ever visiting it for some reason, there’s a great chance you can show up 30 minutes before your flight and still make it. If only we could have the same perk at bigger airports.

9 Potential missed flight: Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (Florida)

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The big Florida airports all have major crowds, but the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is among the ones that could easier lead to a missed flight.

Rediff Business revealed that it is among the airports most common for missed flights in the past decade.

Flights from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport go all over the world. Places like Latin America, the Caribbean, Canada, Mexico, Europe and other places are easier accessible from this location. The risk of missing your flight is stronger than ever in Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

8 Won’t visit: McGhee Tyson Airport (Tennessee)

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Knoxville, Tennessee is not known for being a hot spot in the United States traveling circles. It makes sense that McGhee Tyson Airport is one you likely never heard of and will never visit in the future.

The smaller area has an airport with just five airlines. A lack of travelers makes it unlikely you’ll miss your flight, but it’s also unlikely you’ll have any use for this airport.

This article is the only realistic time you will keep track of the McGhee Tyson Airport for any reason.

7 Potential to miss flight: LaGuardia Airport (NYC)

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LaGuardia Airport is the second major airport in New York City after John F Kennedy Airport. The flights from LaGuardia are typically cheaper for those looking for domestic flights. Despite being the second airport, there are still massive crowds using LaGuardia daily.

Recent years have seen renovations making it a harder time to get around the airport. Travelers have been livid about missed flights due to the extra time getting around. LaGuardia Airport is trying to fix things for the better, but the risk is still there for a missed flight more than other airports.

6 Won’t visit: Morgantown Municipal Airport (West Virginia)

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The quiet area of Morgantown, West Virginia has one of the least used airports in the country. Morgantown Municipal Airport is home to a small percentage of travelers that fly through there.

The airport is so small that only one restaurant exists for travelers to eat at in between their flights. Only residents of this area in West Virginia have any reason to ever use this airport. There are larger airports in the West Virginia area. The Morgantown Municipal Airport will only be used for getting to or leaving Morgantown.

5 Potential missed flight: San Francisco International Airport (San Fran)

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San Francisco is one of the most popular places in the United States. The San Francisco International Airport suffers from this when it comes to the variables making it tougher to get back and forth from in a timely fashion.

Rediff Business claimed that the San Francisco International Airport has been a consistent source of missed flights due to the larger size. The hot spot in California makes it an obvious choice to get to the airport earlier and get through the process.

4 Won’t visit: Trenton-Mercer Airport (New Jersey)

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Trenton-Mercer Airport is the opposite of the busy New York airports when it comes to the size and number of passengers. New Jersey has a couple of larger airports as well, but the Trenton-Mercer Airport is not among them.

This airport featured baggage claim taking place inside of a small trailer due to the size of the airport. Most New Jersey airports use the large Newark Liberty Airport. Only residents closer to Trenton have any reason to use this airport. Many of them may prefer taking the trip to the larger airport for a more comfortable experience.

3 Potential missed flight: O'Hare International Airport (Chicago)

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Chicago is a beautiful and popular city in the United States. O’Hare International Airport is home to millions of passengers with folks from all over the country and world using it get into Chicago. That, unfortunately, makes it tougher to get through the boarding process.

Many Chicago residents prefer Midway Airport due to the fewer passengers making the process easier. There are frequent complaints about missed flights at O’Hare International Airport. The weather also causes many people to miss flights during the winter months when connecting at O’Hare.

2 Won’t visit: Arcata-Eureka Airport (California)

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California is the most populated state which leads to busy airports like LAX and San Francisco International Airport. However, the Eureka area of California is home to a significantly smaller airport option. The Arcata-Eureka Airport is one you’ll likely never see in person.

Only one airline flies out of Arcata-Eureka Airport according to Smarter Traveler. Eureka is considered beautiful due to the trees and water surrounding it. However, it’s basically in the middle of nowhere, hence the smaller airport. Most California residents likely wouldn’t even be able to name this airport.

1 Potential missed flight: Newark Liberty International Airport (New Jersey)

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The biggest airport in New Jersey is one that has a lot of issues with travelers making their flight time. Newark Liberty International Airport gets the most passengers flying to or from New Jersey. However, it has even more flight issues than the other major airports.

According to Rediff Business, Newark Liberty International Airport was the worst airport in the past decade.

New Jersey residents already deal with a lot of traffic. The Newark Liberty International Airport makes it a tougher task for travelers looking to catch their flight on time.

References: Rediff Bussiness, Euclaim, Trip Savvy, Smart Traveler

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