The United States of America is actually made up of a bunch of different cultures that have been stitched up together, like a quilt. Southern culture is known all around the country for a lot of different reasons, some good and some bad. There are quite a few stereotypes, which are hit or miss when it comes to accuracy.

While everyone seems to have an opinion of some sort, it's the kind of place that you have to see for yourself to truly understand what it's like there. However, since it's basically a world of its own, it can be a little bit of a steep learning curve for someone who's never been there before.

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This list will help you to know exactly what to expect, and how to carry yourself, to have the best possible experience that the Southern USA has to offer.

10 Make Sure To Mind Your Manners

It's a well-known fact that minding your manners is important no matter where you are, but it's especially true in the south. Southern charm isn't a myth, and it's expected that anyone who's on the receiving end of some of it is going to reciprocate.

Make sure to say please when you ask for something, and always say thank you if someone gives you something or answers a question for you. It's also important to remember that you should always show gratitude to a guest or host at any social gathering. For example, always try to bring along a dish to a cookout, and say "thank you for having me" before you leave.

It wouldn't hurt to throw out "ma'am" and "sir" sometimes either, especially when addressing someone who's older than you!

9 It Might Be Hard For A Vegan To Survive

The south is known for comfort food. For some people, that might be a heaping plate of vegan-friendly food, but generally speaking, you're looking at something that has at least cheese and butter, if not bacon. Some of the most popular cuisine is barbecue, whether it's chicken or pork.

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It's not impossible for a vegan to find something to eat in the south, obviously, since there are actually a decent amount of vegans there too. It just won't be as easy as it is in an area like Los Angeles or New York City! Vegetarians will probably do a lot better.

8 Strangers Will Probably Try To Talk To You

Southern hospitality is a very real part of the culture. There's a pretty good chance that a person you don't know will strike up a conversation with you at the grocery store, in a restaurant, or pretty much anywhere. It might be a little strange at first, but after a little while, it becomes not only easier, but actually kind of nice.

Even if no one tries to have an in-depth talk about your hopes and dreams, small talk is absolutely guaranteed. Remember that it's important to remember to ask how a person is in return, otherwise you just seem rude!

7 You're Probably Going To Lose Service A Few Times

People in small towns still have cellphones and depending on where you're headed, coverage might be pretty good. However, some small towns have at least a handful of roads, stores, etc that have no service whatsoever. It'll do you good to factor that into your plans, and to make sure that you aren't completely dependent on your phone for directions and entertainment.

Quite a few Southern towns are in mountainous regions or covered in woodlands, so anyone who's planning on hiking or adventuring should be especially mindful of what to do if they find themselves stranded or lost without cellphone service.

6 Margarine Containers Probably Won't Have Margarine In Them

Though you might not be faced with this problem unless you're planning on staying with a Southerner during your trip, it's still important to know that there's at least a 50% chance that a Country Crock margarine container is not going to be full of margarine. These containers usually have leftovers from last night's dinner or tomorrow's lunch inside of them instead. The same applies to Cool Whip bowls and basically any type of sturdy plastic container with a lid.

There's no point in wasting perfectly good containers, after all. Waste not, want not!

5 Food Places Close Early And Don't Always Deliver

In the city, getting food at 11 PM isn't really an issue. There are numerous fast food places, grocery stores, and even delivery places that run well into the night. However, in a lot of Southern towns, everything shuts down around 9 PM, except for the occasional late-night place that's open until 10:30 and the even more occasional 24-hour Wal-Mart.

To make things even more complicated for someone who's ill-prepared, a lot of food places don't deliver at all. Services like UberEats are working to close the gaps and make delivery food more accessible in rural areas, but it's still pretty common to only be able to get pizza delivered to your door.

4 "Bless Your Heart" Is Shade 97% Of The Time

Sometimes this phrase is said in a completely genuine way, but other times it's nothing more than a sophisticated way to throw some shade. It's the equivalent of saying that someone has a "good personality"- everyone knows what that really means!

Southern shade is famous around the United States for just how subtle it can be. The combination of the accent, the smile, and the wording turns an insult into a compliment. You might even find yourself feeling charmed by it, even if you know exactly what they're actually trying to say.

3 Public Transportation Is Rare

Some small towns have taxi services and bus routes, although they may be limited. Ride-sharing services have started to spread into rural areas which is making it a lot easier for people without a set of wheels to get around, but they still haven't managed to spread everywhere. It'll be in your best interest to make sure that you have a reliable vehicle, or at least a reliable person with a vehicle, so you don't end up stuck hanging out at your hotel.

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The upside, however, is that there probably won't be any over-crowded, noisy buses or subways for the duration of your trip!

2 Hunting Is A Way Of Life

In the southern United States, most people absolutely love animals. Dogs are part of the family that get to stay in the house, sleep in the bed, etc. That doesn't have anything to do with the fact that hunting is a pervasive part of the culture.

Most hunters are in it for the bonding experience with their friends and families that come along, and/or the meat that comes from whatever they manage to bag. Fresh meat is used in a lot of different recipes, especially venison, since deer are one of the most popular hunts. If it's the right time of year, expect to see a lot of hunting camouflage.

1 There Will Be A Lot Of Sweet Tea

Sweet tea is a Southern stereotype for a reason. It's a delicious, cheap, easy, and quick drink that basically anybody can make. There are quite a few different methods of preparing it, but during the summer months, sun tea is one of the most popular. It's made by putting tea bags in water and leaving them out in the sun to brew for a while. Something about it just tastes different than cold-brew or stove-top tea.

Southern-style sweet tea is a lot sweeter than what people from other parts of the United States might be expecting, but it's delicious.

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