If you ski, snowboard, or just like to frolic in fresh powder, you need to know where the most snow is going to be. And that means knowing the stats on all the U.S. ski resorts.

Snow averages can vary from year to year and even season to season. And while every resort wants to brag about how much of the white stuff it gets, the fact remains that not every property tells the truth online. Therefore, we need to turn to customer reviews to figure out what places have not only the most snow, according to On the Snow, but also the best snow for outdoor adventurers to enjoy.


These are the U.S. ski resorts with the most snow.

Mount Baker Ski Area In Washington

Mount Baker holds the record for the greatest snowfall in one season, at 1,140 inches back in 1998. It lies in the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest and features a machine-groomed snowpack. If a snow depth of 168 inches at the summit sounds good, then you might want to purchase your lift tickets ASAP. Of course, Mount Baker also gets over 680 inches of snow per year. So you might not need to rush.

Guests appreciate the dry snow, range of runs available, and the lack of long lines when waiting for the chairlift. Another reviewer (via Google) noted "unreal conditions" at all times. Plus, the food's not bad, so you can get your apres ski on, too. Multiple reviewers said Mount Baker has a chill vibe, so if that's important to you, that's another reason to choose Washington for your next ski trip.

Alyeska Ski Resort In Alaska

It is Alaska, after all... You should expect plenty of frigid temps and piles of snow, right? Alyeska Resort in Alaska offers a snow depth of 85 inches at the summit, and they tend to get around 670 inches of snow per year. The resort is an upscale place with chateau vibes and plenty of fine dining that could even upstage Whistler.

And because it's Alaska, customers note there are glaciers you can check out, plus hiking trails that are accessible in all seasons. That said, you might want to wait until those tons of snowmelt to venture out onto far-flung trails. Guests also appreciated the adults-only hours at the pool and hot tub, though the resort is otherwise family-friendly.

Oh, and the aerial tram ride is not to be missed, either!


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Sugar Bowl In California

Residents of California always find it humorous that folks on the east coast (and beyond) think of CA as being sunny and surf-worthy year-round. But in truth, there are plenty of mountains in California (the Sierra Nevadas, for example), which means tons of snow. Sugar Bowl, in the city of Norden, receives over 500 inches of snow per year. A summit depth of 81 inches will impress most skiers.

Plus, the resort boasts 93 ski runs, so ever skier and snowboarders can find something to suit their skill level. And as one reviewer on Google noted, there are, "so few lines, and so much powder!" Guests also say that the resort is family-friendly for all ages, and the food wasn't bad, either.

One reviewer said they spent a long weekend and had "the best skiing I've ever had," with two to three feet of fresh powder. Now that's what we're talking about!

Brighton Ski Resort In Utah

Brighton Ski Resort over in Utah boasts up to 500 inches of snow per year. Its thousands of positive Google reviews prove that there's nothing to be lost by skipping Whistler and heading to the US instead. A summit depth of 84 inches is nothing to scoff at, right? Brighton also boasts that their snow is "light, fluffy and dry," and that it's the "greatest snow on earth." We're pretty sure you need to try it out to believe, them, TBH.

Guests at Brighton say the snow is well-groomed and there's plenty for snowboarders as well as skiers. One reviewer, who has a season pass, says that the resort has "some of the best powder days in Utah." There are a lot of short runs for beginners, too, which is notable for families looking for plenty of soft stuff for kids to wipe out into.

Sierra-at-Tahoe In California

Sierra-at-Tahoe is the ideal destination for skiers coming from the Bay Area and Sacramento. It's the closest major ski resort for locals, and it gets a lot of action. Sierra at Tahoe tends to get around 480 inches of snowfall each year. The summit depth is around 68 inches, making it perfect for every type of snow activity.

In addition to skiing and snowboarding runs, there are also snow tubing lanes, snow play spots, and a dedicated sledding area for the little ones (well, and grownups, too.)


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