The United States is home to countless roads, routes, and roundabouts, making it one crazy place to drive! With nearly 260 million cars on U.S. roads, according to LA Times, driving turns more into a challenge than a convenience. Although you may think you are a seasoned driver, there are some roads that are not meant to be driven on, even though many of us still do.

With winding turns, cliffside routes and varying speed limits, certain roads across the United States are really trying to make it hard for you to make it work! With highways spanning across bodies of water in Florida, intense weather conditions in Colorado, and some of the most dangerous autoroutes through California, here are the 15 U.S. roads to avoid, and the 10 highways you'd be better off never crossing.

25 U.S Route 550, New Mexico

U.S Route 550, otherwise known as the Million Dollar Highway, offers absolutely beautiful views, however, some say that the views aren't worth the level of danger driving this road creates. It spans all the way from Red Mountain Pass in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado straight to New Mexico, says Information In. Although it may seem like an enjoyable trip, the road itself has numerous hairpin turns that are both extremely narrow and winding! In addition, the road has limited guardrails to keep you from driving off the edge of a cliff, so although you might get some nice views on your 25-mile drive, it might not be the safest, that's for sure!

24 Highway 550, Colorado

Highway 550, which runs through Colorado, is known to be one of the most dangerous highways to grace the United States. The road, which has countless winding turns and curves, is located atop some very, very steep cliffs, making it a highway that requires an enormous amount of control and skill, however, due to the condition during winter months, this can be quite difficult to achieve. According to The Durango Herald, highway 550 sees more slippery roads than it should, and considering the lack of proper guardrails on the side of its roads, this is less than an ideal highway to find yourself driving on.

23 Dalton Highway, Alaska

The James Dalton Highway located in Alaska, officially opened back in 1974, and become open to tourists nearly 20 years later, says NBC News. Although it offers amazing views, this highway, in particular, is the one that inspired 'Ice Road Truckers' and is used mostly to transport oil and gas, claims the source. Although this highway sounds simple enough, it is quite risky! Not only is it very remote, spanning 414 miles, losing gas, or having any car trouble is not ideal, considering the limited number of cars on the road or any gas stations nearby. In addition, most car rental companies prohibit using this road, and helicopters routinely check this highway in case of any cars in need of help!

22 The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway

The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway is located in Louisiana, and actually holds the Guinness World Record for the longest continuous bridge over water, says Guinness. Although it offers some incredibly gorgeous scenic views of the glistening water, it can actually be quite a dangerous drive. During certain times of the year, the fog conditions are so bad that it makes driving nearly impossible says Roadtrippers. At times, the fog has been so thick that police convoys are required in order to usher people across the bridge! You might think it's pretty now, but wait until your driving through clouds of fog!

21 Highway 17, South Carolina

Highway 17, located in South Carolina, is easily one of the most dangerous roads to drive on. It frequently makes the list of America's most risky highways, and rightfully so! The highway is home to winding roads, curves and countless up and down areas that make oncoming traffic very difficult to see until last minute, says Road Snacks. The highway which runs through areas such as Horry Country all the way to Myrtle Beach is not only known for its dangerous drivers but less than stellar conditions during the winter months, says Trip Savvy.

20 California State Route 138

California State Route 138, is considered to be one of the most dangerous routes running through California. It has so many dangers that the route has been nicknamed many less than favourable names due to its high-risk status, says Cutterlaw. The route, which runs from Interstate 15 to Palmdale, sees quite a lot of risky road conditions from the blazing heat of Southern California's deserts, two-lane roads making it a tight drive, and poorly lit areas making visibility very low, says the source. If traffic in California wasn't bad enough, throw Route 138 as the cherry on top!

19 U.S. 24, Fort Wayne

U.S. Route 24 runs for 1,540 miles from Clarkston, Michigan, to Minturn, Colorado, but it is actually the portion of the route that falls around Toledo, Ohio, that has earned it its pretty gnarly reputation as one of the most dangerous East Coast roads, says City-Data. The highway, similar to Route 138, has been given some nicknames that makes it worth skipping out on! In addition to some of its scary nicknames, U.S. 24 is notorious for terrible road conditions in the winter time, making winter tires an absolute must during the cold snowy months.

18 U.S Route 192, Florida

U.S Route 192 runs a brief 75 miles through Florida and actually passes Walt Disney World, Kissimmee, St. Cloud, and Melbourne, and no, not the one in Australia. According to Trulia, the short highway tends to have quite a lot of action, making it short, but definitely not sweet. Local10 declared U.S Route 192 as one of the most dangerous roads running through Florida, and cautions drivers from taking the route, and even going as far as telling those on the road to avoid it if you can! The highway ranges from three to single-lane traffic, making it a tight squeeze at certain parts!

17 Interstate 10, Arizona

Interstate 10 spans the entire country! Believe it or not, it runs exactly 2,460 miles from Santa Monica, California, all the way to Jacksonville, Florida. It is essentially a West to East Coast route that definitely has seen its fair share of action. According to HuffingtonPost, the I-10 has been declared one of the top 10 most dangerous roads in America. Much of its dangers lie in the 150-miles it runs through a solid desert, where conditions can be quite rough on both the driver and the car. In addition, AA Roads claims that much of the route is not properly lit, making it quite a dark drive with a staggering speed limit of 75 miles per hour.

16 Interstate 95, Connecticut

Interstate 95, another major East Coast route, runs from Maine to Florida and goes through a lot of cities along its 1,915-mile path. Connecticut is known to see the most action with drivers on their way south to Florida, making it the most dangerous highway in Connecticut, Rhode Island, North Carolina and South Carolina, whereas Interstate 495 is marked as the most dangerous highway in Massachusetts says Fast Company, making the I-95 your best bet if your driving through Massachusetts. Additionally, road conditions can be quite terrible during the winter months, making it a very dangerous drive in regards to black ice!

15 Interstate 15, Nevada

Interstate 15, runs from Sweet Grass, Montana, all the way to San Diego, California! According to DeseretNews, the 181-mile stretch of the road that goes from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Nevada is exceptionally dangerous! The high-risk road is said to be due to the long, dark and straight shot roads running through the desert, making it quite easy for drivers to speed up and stop paying attention to what they are doing, says the source. Getting distracted on the road is far too easy, however, it is not something you want happening on a major road such as the Interstate 15.

14 Interstate 26, South Carolina

Interstate 26 runs from Kingsport, Tennessee, all the way to Charleston, South Carolina! The road is quite well known for its breathtaking views of the Appalachian mountains, however, the views might not be worth the risk of driving on such a dangerous road. According to Mapio, the part of the route located in Charleston has been deemed one of the most dangerous parts, with winding turns, tight lanes, and terribly dark conditions at night, this road is certain to make it quite difficult to see exactly where you're going or reach your destination with an intact car.

13 U.S Route 431, Alabama

U.S. Route 431 is a 353 mile stretch of pure road running from Dothan, Alabama, running all the way down to Tennessee. According to Yellow Hammer News, the road is sometimes referred to as the 'highway to hell', which is not the name of a road you would want to find yourself driving on. The route, according to The News Wheel, has some of the world's most hazardous roadway signs lined up throughout the route. If that isn't reason enough to take a different route, then we don't know what is.

12 U.S Route 290, Austin

U.S. Route 290, runs through most of Texas, from areas such as Houston and Austin, is where countless cars have seen some better days! According to Khou, the road contains limitless tight lanes, changing routes, curves and inconsistent speed limits that make it not only a confusing road to drive on, but one that offers an endless array of danger. According to Houston Auto Tech, the road spans for only 38 miles, but sees more traffic than roads spanning over 1,000 miles, which definitely says a lot! The road itself is currently under construction, which according to the source, is costing nearly $2.4 billion in order to create safer driving conditions.

11 Interstate 78, Jersey City

Interstate 78 is next up on the list, and behold, it is yet again, another road you might want to avoid! According to The Morning Call, this road sees the most traffic spanning from New Jersey to Pennsylvania! Not only does it contain only two lanes, but the bumper to bumper action is also notorious for leading to countless fender benders that will only delay traffic even more! In addition, the I-78 is quite the dangerous stretch, as it contains some quick turns and winding areas that make it difficult for any driver to navigate, says NJ Monthly.

10 U.S Route 199, Oregon

U.S.. Route 199, also known as Redwood Highway No. 25, runs from Grant Pass Oregon to Crescent City, California. According to Kobi5, the stunning views one might witness upon driving on this scenic route may be outweighed by the immense amount of dangers this road is notorious for. The road is known for its high-speed limits, tight and constant curves that make many sections of U.S. 199 one to avoid! Many drivers will find themselves exceeding the already high-speed limits, which can lead to more than just a speeding ticket.

9 Highway 2, Montana

Highway 2, located in Montana, offers some of the most breathtaking landscapes across the country, however, many tend to focus on the scenery rather than the actual road, says Montana Advocates. This highway has become notorious for being a risky route, having many locals claim to stay clear of the highway at all costs if possible. In addition, Flathead Beacon says that the state is currently looking into solutions to make the highway less dangerous, and have since installed more guardrails, speed limit signs and reconstructed the roads to eliminate the endless curves and turns the highway has.

8 I-45, Houston

Interstate 45 runs for 284.9 miles through Texas, all the way from Galveston to Dallas. It is known to be the shortest primary highway in the entire country, and is the only primary highway located in a single state, says the Houston Chronicle. Considering it's located solely in one state, and does not run for too long, it is surprising to hear just how dangerous a road this truly is. The highway is home to a lot of congestion, and is reportedly a major highway that sees far too many drivers driving under the influence, says AA Roads, which leads to nothing but bad news!

7 I-4, Florida

Interstate 4 is next up on the list of highways to avoid! The highway runs for 132 miles from Tampa to Daytona Beach in Florida. According to the Orlando Sentinel, it is frequently ranked among the most dangerous highways in the country. In addition, Florida's relaxed laws regarding cell phone use while driving is one of the leading reasons why this road is so dangerous, claims the source. If you are not really into those who text and drive, then stay clear of this highway! Many have been pushing for stricter laws regarding cell phone use and driving, says Driving Laws, which would definitely make for a safer driving environment.

6 I-285, Atlanta

Interstate 285, also referred to as The Perimeter, is located in Atlanta, Georgia. It circles the entire city in a 63-mile long loop that links all the other highways that cross the city, says Curbed Atlanta. This highway sees traffic unlike you have ever seen before, countless sharp turns, semis, and interchanges that make for some risky driving, says the source. This highway, among the countless others who have made the list, is frequently named one of America's most risky freeways! If you're driving through Atlanta, do whatever you can in order to avoid the pesky I-285.