The US is a country that’s constantly in motion, pushing the boundaries of innovation, creativity, and fun. Visitors often remark at the relentless pace of progress here, with movers and shakers working long hours and partying just as much. Accordingly, all that work hard play hard culture is fueled by amazing large and small eateries, serving up global cuisine to feed the hungry hordes from coast to coast and from sun up to sundown. The US is a must-do destination for late-night foodies. Some cities are leading the pack with their creative and delicious late eats. Here are ten cities in the US where night owls can indulge their palates after hours because cravings never clock out.

10 Miami: All-Night Flavors

Miami is consistently on the list of best party scenes in the US, but it’s also a true food city that stays up late. Although the food culture is mostly known for its Cuban eateries, the options are diverse, from hole-in-the-wall taco shops to late-night Japanese noodles. At any hour, Miami is a sure bet for delicious flavors. In a dimly-lit dining room bursting full of kitsch memorabilia, Yambo serves Nicaraguan cuisine into the early hours of the morning.`

9 Boston: More Than Student Standbys

In 2018, the Boston Globe reported that students make up a whopping 20% of the city’s population. That’s 20% of Boston staying up late ‘to study’ and craving late-night munchies. So, it’s no surprise Boston is a late-night food destination – but there are far more than pocket-friendly cheap eats available. Peach Farm serves up an expansive menu of quality, authentic Chinese cuisine late into the night.

8 Austin: Late Night Tacos

With crowds of hipsters and university students burning the midnight oil, this Texas city has a delectable roster of eateries open far past the witching hours. In Austin, 3 am taco cravings are no problem. Zombie Taco loads tortillas 24/7 for hungry late-nighters. The paired-down overnight menu has all the essential favorites, like tacos, burritos, and nachos. The Austin, Texas, location is near the University of Texas, off Guadalupe at West 26th Street, drawing in the student crowd with a constant supply of Tex-Mex flavor.

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7 Los Angeles: Sundown In K-Town (...And Sun Up)

With inextinguishable youthful energy, it’s no surprise that Los Angeles has its share of late-night options for feeding a diverse crowd. In Korea Town, the Western Ave. location of Sun Nong Dan serves up Korean cuisine favorites all day and all night. The 24-hour restaurant is great for groups, and the menu features a mouthwatering selection of soups, stews, and sizzling plates. Diners might not get sleep, but they won’t go home hungry or bored by another lukewarm pizza slice.

6 New Orleans: The Big Easy’s Big Foodie Secret

It’s no secret that New Orleans knows how to have a good time. It also knows how to keep revelers fed and fueled into the wee hours of the morning. Night owls and early birds can pop into Verti Marte any time of day or night for hearty meals with a New Orleans flair. Located in the FrenchQuarterr, this deli offers all-day delights and has been satisfying the hungry masses for over 50 years. The signature sandwich is the “All That Jazz” – a shrimp po’ boy sub sandwich stacked to overflow with mushrooms, cheese, ham, and turkey too. It’s an experience well worth the late visit.

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5 Chicago: Experience A Midwest Fish Fry

Not many travelers think of Chicago (or the Midwest in general) as a seafood capital, but Midwesterners have a real love affair with the fish fry. Check out the Midwest seafood phenomenon at a super local spot, just like a Chicagoan. Lawrence’s Fish and Shrimp is always open, 24 hours a day, at its Canal Street location. This local institution is about as no-frills as it gets, but it’s been serving happy customers since 1950. Visitors can enjoy a local Chicago experience and a tasty, filling meal too.

4 New York City: Craving Curry In A Hurry?

It’s known as the City That Never Sleeps, so New York is an obvious late-night (and early morning) food city. Whether reveling late or rising early, New Yorkers and travelers have a lot of all-day eating options beyond the giant, thin-crust pizza slices for which the late-night food scene is (in)famous. Pak Punjabi Deli & Grocery Smoke Shop, two blocks north of the 2nd Ave subway station, is long in the name and short on fuss. It combines two things New Yorkers love: a convenient bodega and a hearty deli menu. Open all night, this unassuming eatery lets late-night eaters takeaway curries and biriyanis any hour, plus grab some necessities for home. It’s a deliciously quintessential and local New York experience tucked into a convenience store.

3 Washington, D.C.: Capital Bites After Hours

The nation’s capital isn’t exactly a party town, but there is an endless stream of the city’s workaholics trickling from K Street offices late into the evening. A select few eateries and bars are open to welcome them. Clyde’s of Gallery Place offers late-night specials to a more relaxed and loose scene than the power lunch crowd they cater to during the day. This swanky DC institution offers a raw bar and craft cocktails but also a late happy hour with discounted bites and sips.

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2 Atlanta: All Night Vegetarian

The city is known for its late-night and all-day diners, but Atlanta’s food scene has a lot more to offer besides hearty late-night standbys like midnight breakfasts, and 3 am grill sandwiches. The R. Thomas Deluxe Grille in Buckhead has been dishing out late-night quirky vibes and vegetarian meals for nearly 40 years. Now that’s commitment. It's now only open overnight from Friday to Saturday, but the eclectic menu remains. While there are vegetarian options available, like the house veggie burger, diners can also enjoy classic meals like southern shrimp and grits too.

1 Nashville: Games And Grub

The Music City knows how to entertain (and eat) at all hours. There’s a vibrant street food scene here, and visitors and locals can enjoy hearty eats anytime, all over the city. Food is serious business here. But at Up-Down, good food is all fun and games. This bar offers two floors of games, including arcade machines, where patrons can play and eat until 3 am. There’s also a roof deck, where furry friends are welcome to join in the good times.