US Airport Security Is Now Screening Your Snacks

If you're traveling to or from the United States any time soon prepare for airport security to screen your snacks.

Going through airport security can be quite an ordeal nowadays. For the vast majority of us, of course, there is nothing to worry about when we go to the airport. We are all subject to the same checks and it is just one of those processes we have to go through. For some reason though, it can still make us nervous and above all else, it can be pretty time-consuming.

It seems that new rules keep coming into play all the time. Sometimes airport security will check our shoes, something that has been done since 2001 when a man equipped his footwear with explosives. There's also the strict rules surrounding what liquids you can take on board a flight with you, how much of them you can take, and the containers that the liquids need to be in.


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Well, if you're traveling to or from the United States, prepare for even more checks. As reported by The Telegraph, the Transport Security Administration is now asking to take a look at travelers' snacks. There are currently no hard and fast rules surrounding the checking of snacks and what exactly TSA officials are looking for, but checks have been taking place in major airports across the US.

These new checks obviously mean that passengers are being delayed even more than they were before and on at least one occasions it has caused somebody to miss their flight. TSA has commented on the new checks and why they have been introduced stating, "removing these items may assist our officers in getting a clearer view of the bag, reducing the number of additional inspections needed."

While anyone who is about to be subjected to these checks will likely be pretty annoyed by the extended time spent in the security line, what we have to continue to bear in mind is that all of this is for our own safety. As the TSA spokesperson went on to say, terrorists are constantly discovering new ways to pack explosives into everyday items, so experts and officials always need to make sure they're one step ahead of them


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