It seems that wherever there are people, there are bound to be entertaining stories of some kind. Furthermore, some of the most interesting stories are the creepy ones that many people believe to be true.

Stories like that exist practically everywhere. According to thrillist.comthere is a really strange area in the world called The Alaska Triangle. Some claim that there are spirits there, and something else interesting about it is the fact that many people have gone missing in that area of the world.

That's just one part of the world that is surrounded by urban legends. There are many others as well, and many of them very disturbing. Here are some of the creepiest urban legends from ten different countries around the world.

10 In Japan, Children Have Tried To Conjure The Spirit Of A Young Girl Named Hanako-San

There are interesting urban legends in Japan, and one of them is about a spirit named Hanako-San, and children have tried to summon that spirit. According to, whoever tries to summon her should say her name before asking if she is there. Then, she'll ask where her legs are.

According to, people who drive in France should be on the lookout for an odd hitchhiker. Apparently, she tells them to go to a certain house, but then she begins to act more anxious as time passes. The story usually ends with the driver finding out she's a ghost.

8 Children In Brazil Tell Stories About A Creepy Blonde Woman Who Has Been Known To Appear In Bathrooms Before Coming After People

Lots of ghosts are said to appear in bathrooms. According to, that is also the case for this one. People in Brazil claim that a blonde woman will harm them. But in order for that to happen, the person must flush a few times, and then say her name.

7 According To Some People In The United States, A Creepy Creature Known As The Jersey Devil Lurks In The Pine Barrens

According to, the Jersey Devil is something that some people have come into contact with when they were in the United States. Some people claim that the creature's mother was a witch. They also believe the father was the devil, and that's what caused the creature to be evil.

6 In Finland, People Believe A Shape-Shifting Water Spirit Named Näkki Lives Under A Bridge, And Pulls Children Into The Water

According to, Finland has a creepy urban legend about a being that resides under a bridge. This being is believed to be a water spirit that has the ability to change shapes. Some also claim that it can pull children into the water it lives in, which is creepy.

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5 La Llorona Is A Spirit In Mexico That Is Said To Steal Children, And Cause Others Misfortune

La Llorona is part of an urban legend in Mexico, and she is also known as The Weeping Woman. According to, this spirit has been known to take some children. In addition, there are some people who believe that this ghost can cause misfortune for those who encounter her.

4 In Australia, There's A Very Interesting Urban Legend About How A Dog Let Its' Owners Know Someone Was In Their House

According to, Australia has an urban legend about a dog. In the story, the dog is found choking, and the owners take him to the vet. It turns out that he had been choking on part of someone who had broken into the home, and they were still there.

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3 Mrs. Don't-Come-Running Is A Spirit In Irish Folklore Who Is Known For Being Very Mean To Children

Mrs. Don't-Come-Running is an interesting Irish legend. According to, she did not show her own children very much pity or love when she was alive. These days, kids in Ireland are afraid to misbehave because she might appear and treat them badly. This legend probably keeps little ones safe.

2 Someone In England Once Claimed To Have A Doppelganger That Kept Disappearing

According to, there was a time when the people of England actually thought that they were seeing doppelgangers of themselves. While that was actually not the case, it is easy to see why they felt this way. More people were moving to that area during that time in history.

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1 People Have Been Alarmed By The Sudden Appearance Of A Large Dog Lunging At Them Right Before It Disappears At The Castle Of Good Hope In South Africa

The Castle of Good Hope in Africa is a place where people have seen many strange and scary things. According to, one of those things is a random dog that jumps at them out of nowhere. There are also some people who claim a writer actually haunts the place.

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