It's time to talk about urban legends... food urban legends. Some people may not have even realized that these existed but they do and for decades, and possibly even centuries, now, they've been believed without question. However, questioning them is exactly what everyone should be doing - considering none of them are even true.

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We might believe that certain foods help us to gain superhuman powers (okay, maybe that's a bit dramatic) while others can cause certain things to happen to our bodies; things that can only truly be determined by a qualified professional. This isn't to say that certain foods don't have holistic properties - but in order to know what's holistically true and what's not, one must first separate the myth from the truth. Contrary to popular belief, gum does eventually break down and no, Pop Rocks can't be lethal if accompanied by soda on the way own. They might sound as though they'd have some roots in legitimate science but, alas, none of these have any ring of truth to them.


Carrots Help With Night Vision

It should seem like carrots would help a person's eyesight in some way, shape, or form due to high levels of vitamin A, right? This is actually false, though. While vitamin A is helpful in the overall well-being and health of someone's eyes, carrots, alone, will not improve vision, let alone night vision. The myth that carrots will help a person's eyesight was likely started during WWII when the British government tried to encourage more people to grow carrots for the Royal Air Force.

Pop Rocks And Soda Is A Dangerous Combination

It's been rumored that if a person mixes Pop Rocks - the magical 'exploding' candy from everyone's childhood - with soda, it could potentially off that person. Theoretically, it seems like a pretty explosive combination but the fact is that neither of these things has the chemical power or capacity to do that much damage. Regardless, it's probably not smart to mix them just on general principle alone.

... Or Mentos And Soda

In regard to Pop Rocks and soda, the combination of Mentos and soda has a bit more of a punch to it. While this combination, once again, isn't likely to kill a person, it does have the potential to do some damage. The rumor about this one, however, likely started after a fictional story spread of a fatality actually occurring because someone attempted to throw these back at the same time. Everyone has seen the videos of Mentos and soda being mixed together; imagining that going down the back of one's throat isn't pleasant and could definitely cause some issues.

Gum Takes Years To Break Down In Your Stomach

Just like anything else, gum will break down just as easily as anything else that reaches a person's stomach - as that's what the acid in the stomach is designed to do. The idea that gum takes something like seven years to fully break down is completely false and if it were true, there's no way we'd still be chewing gum to this day. So while gum will happily make its way back out of the human body, if a person swallows too much of it, it could cause an intestinal blockage in extreme cases - so it's not smart to swallow every piece of gum you plan on chewing.

Fast-Food Burgers Never Degrade

This one is a bit of a yawn as it's been debunked so many times but the reason that some fast-food burgers appear to have not broken down is due to moisture. When the moisture content is taken out of the air and burgers are left to simply dry out, this prohibits the growth of mold and other bacteria that would normally begin decomposing the food. Therefore, the burgers only appear to be maintaining their shape and quality all the while on a microscopic level, it's just more of a challenge for rot to take place at a normal level due to the lack of moisture. If nothing else, this is a testament to dry burgers rather than burgers that have too many preservatives to break down.

Raw Chicken Should Be Washed Before Cooking

There's absolutely no truth in washing a chicken before cooking in order to rinse it of harmful bacteria. For starters, the entire chicken is raw which means that not only are germs on the outside of the chicken but they're all throughout it. There's simply no way to rid a piece of raw meat of its bacteria unless it's fully cooked. And, furthermore, any attempt to wash a chicken or any other type of meat could prove to be more harmful; all of the splashing and the droplets of water that bounce off the chicken are landing in various, unseen parts of the kitchen.

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