25 Untold Things About The Way Celebs Travel (That Commoners Wouldn't Dream Of)

Since many celebs travel for work and have the financial freedom to take frequent vacations, it’s safe to say they spend a lot of time in the air and in hotels. But what do we really know about how celebs travel? Sure, we know they go to private islands to get away from it all, but did you know that celebs always get preferential treatment when they travel? They don't just hop on a private plane or a commercial flight. Before they take their seats in the cabin, they have used a private terminal designed to protect them from the throngs of fans. They have been ushered through airport security in lines made just for them, and have received special pampering from airlines like first-class lounges where they can get a full spa treatment. In general, if you have to ask for it, you probably don't qualify for special-services treatment.

It's no surprise then, that there are many untold things about the way stars travel that normal people like us wouldn't dream of. At certain airports like LAX, the local police have to help the stars out to get them away from mobs and into their private car outside. Our favorite stars never travel without a fleet of bodyguards, and they sacrifice privacy to keep themselves safe. They go to far-flung hotels that cost $80,000 a night because that's the price to pay to not be found. What other secret things do celebs have when they travel and that we wouldn't have ever guessed? Well, we're here to unshroud these untold things with 25 examples you can find below.

25 They Travel With Bodyguards

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In everyday life, celebrities who go out and about town, are always accompanied by their bodyguards to protect them from screaming fans, the paps, the pics the fans take and the crowds that form around the celebs. It makes sense then that stars who go on vacation bring their bodyguards with them. Especially if celebs go somewhere remote, in a different country, they are never alone, as Cosmopolitan noted. There are always the paps who've discovered their locations and the bodyguards are there to shield them from their clients.

24 They Can Show Up To Their Private Jet At The Last Minute

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Here's an untold thing about the way celebs travel and which we common folk would never dream of. It's the fact that, if celebs have their own private jet or charter one, they can show up before their plane leaves at the very last moment. Unlike us, who must show up at airports two hours before our flight leaves, celebs can skip all that waiting and show up 15 minutes before takeoff. The one thing the flight crew requests is that you should call if you're going to be late, according to USA Today. This way, "the staff will appreciate that greatly and you'll have a better departure experience.”

23 They Also Travel Commercial

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Commoners wouldn't dream of this untold thing about the way some celebs travel. That's because they put celebs on a pedestal and can't believe that yes, there are still many celebs who choose to fly commercial despite being super-rich. Take, for example, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, who together are worth a little shy of $90 mill, according to the Cheat Sheet. When this super power couple travel, they never use a private plane. They don't even own one! The couple always travel commercial.

22 They Even Have Police Who Protect Them

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Although every passenger boarding a plane has to go through government screening, some airports, to the delight of celebs, have set up special screening lanes for them to get quickly through security. What's surprising is that that the local police help the celebs out. According to The Wall Street Journal, Jennifer Aniston was recently mobbed by 60 photographers who "trapped" her after her flight and the officers had to create a human "bubble" of protection to move her. So sometimes celebs get special treatment while traveling, but in some cases like this, it's not because they're above everyone else.

21 They Give Their Significant Others $40 Million Planes

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If you're rich, you probably can afford to get an expensive gift for your significant other. A diamond ring or a Birkin bag would do. But Beyonce takes the cake for giving a gift to hubby Jay-Z that costs $40 mill. Yep, that's right! The gift was the coveted Bombardier Challenger 850 Learjet, according to Beam Aviation. Inside, the plane has all the luxuries the super couple needs, like a sumptuous living room, two full bathrooms, a shiny wooden lacquer kitchen, and a bedroom area large enough to hold a King bed. The gift was so that the two can always travel in style at their whim.

20 Celeb Men Also Pamper Themselves Before A Flight

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Many men, even if they are a celebrity, don't take care of themselves while traveling in the way women celebs do. But now that many airports have rooms catered to men, stars are taking advantage of free facials and massages before their flights. The National Post spoke to Virgin Atlantic's spa and salon division, and it reveals that 65 percent of male customers use the spa. The London Heathrow Clubhouse, designed for men, will give you facial treatments. The Air France Salon at the Charles de Gaulle airport will hydrate your skin. If you have a business-class ticket on Air France, for example, you can go to the men's division lounge for free.

19 They Know The Right Way To Pack

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Celebs travel so much that they have the packing part down. They bring only pieces they can wear at least twice or three times. Your favorite jeans, a casual navy blazer, and a lightweight blouse can go from a classic American look to a boho look if you add a floppy hat and costume jewelry. Jessica Biel, who believes less is more, told Travel + Leisure, "One of the best pieces of advice I got for packing is pick a color scheme and stick with it. Like black, white, and blue and that’s it. Then you can wear everything with everything." According to the Cheap Seat, Gigi Hadid fits everything into a carry-on because it saves her valuable time at baggage claim and keeps things simple.

18 They Have V.I.P. Terminals Made Just For Them

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LAX has the first V.I.P. private terminal in the US, As Quartz pointed out, celebs can travel in style even before they get into their private planes (there is a membership fee) by using one of the luxurious suites. The terminal is away from the public terminals, which means celebs can escape without being hounded by the paps. The untold thing about the way celebs travel via V.I.P. is that it reveals how different the other half lives. According to Vanity Fair, celebs are treated with "organic seaweed snacks, 85 percent cacao, Laurent-Perrier Champagne, scented candles, daybeds," as well as the best beauty products and electronic accessories in the suites.

17 They Can Bring Their Entourage While Flying Private

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The best thing about traveling by private plane is that the celebs can bring their entourage. Many celebs who live the high-end life often bring along people whom they need to get business done. These celebs take with them their executive or personal assistant to help them with their busy schedule, their appearances, etc. Some bring their stylists and make-up artists so they can look good when they reach their destination. For those who need relaxation, they bring their masseur. And, yes, they also party on the plane.

16 They Know The Secret Of Flying Commercial

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Airplanes are notorious for being dirty. The water has bacteria and is unfit to drink. But the tray table takes the cake, as it's the dirtiest thing on the plane. That's why it's also an untold thing about the way celebs travel. They are savvy fliers and, if flying commercial, do not to touch the tray. If they have to, they take a page from Jessica Alba. She told In Style that she always carries hand sanitizer when she flies, saying "Because you’re exposed to so many germs while traveling, I always use. . . hand sanitizer" as a preventive measure. Commoners wouldn't dream of this because they don't fly frequently.

15 They Have Bodyguards Who Travel At A Distance

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The role of the bodyguard while a celeb travels is someone who will fall into the backdrop and let their clients have some personal time alone, without any interference. According to News Australia, to accomplish this, bodyguards will give celebs panic buttons to carry, a covert means of protection when the bodyguard is out in the distance. The bodyguard can track the celeb on foot, by car and by other means of transportation. You want the celeb to feel safe but not intrude on private matters. However, there are moments when it's absolutely essential for celebs to be ensconced by bodyguards due to crowd formations, such as the airport.

14 Their Bodyguards Must Look Good Or Else


If you've ever seen a bodyguard, you'd know he is often big and tall, which helps during crowd formations. But above all, how bodyguards look in terms of appearance is also a major factor of their job. Thy should be wearing designer suits, preferably in black. As one bodyguard confessed to News Australia, "I was once turned down by an A-list celebrity because she felt I did not look good enough in Armani to represent her. My qualifications had nothing to do with it. But that is the way it is and you get on with it."

13 They Keep Up Their Workout Routine While Traveling


Just because celebs travel for business or for pleasure doesn't mean they stop their routine of working out.  So the untold thing about the way celebs travel is that they keep in shape even when they are far away from their home. Kate Hudson, for example, either runs outside near her hotel or works out in her hotel room. She told Self that she she likes Sworkit. "You can do it anywhere, even in the smallest space, and break a good sweat in just 15 to 20 minutes." Most commoners wouldn't dream of keeping fit while vacay because they use that time solely for sightseeing.

12 They Have Private Rooms At The Airport

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Another way celebs travel that's unheard of is that they get ushered into private rooms at the airport where they can relax. We're not talking about private business rooms to read your newspapers. These rooms, made especially for the rich, are all about luxury and the high life. Decked out with designer furniture, beautiful chandeliers and even expensive artwork, celebs can have a light nutritious snack or have a yoga lesson or just be at peace here. We would never dream of this, but ebookers.com can.

11 They Buy Plane Tickets For Their Hats

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What would you do if you left your favorite hat behind at home while traveling? Well, Bono, the lead singer of U2, never leaves his house in London without his trademark black trilby hat. So while traveling in Italy, he did what commoners would've never dreamed of. He got someone to get his hat from his home and then paid a whopping $1,200 for the hat to be flown to him, on a first class seat on British Airways, according to Cheap Flights.

10 They Buy Plane Tickets For Their Scriptures

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Ah, Madonna. She loves being an advocate for climate change, but climate change doesn't like her, as she's known for chartering a private jet to use it to get somewhere close by. Even if her destination is only an hour away! But, according to Radar, Madonna insists on flying private because that way she doesn't have to pay for an extra seat on a commercial flight. She needs a separate seat for the Torah, books of Jewish scripture and writings. Um, we can't even conceive that.

9 They Only Use Services That Are Unknown By The General Public

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Celebs who travel commercial can get "Five Star" service from both companies and airlines, but as it so happens, they will only take advantage of it if it's unknown by the general public, which secures their need for privacy. For example, JFK's program has a rep who will meet celebs by the curb, help them bypass baggage check-in lines and get them through security in the fastest method possible and without a wait online before ushering them to an airport club. According to The Wall Street Journal, the airline doesn't advertise the service, doesn't mention it anywhere on their website, and only serves a clientele based only on anyone in the know. Talk about stealth!

8 They Travel Commercial If An Airline Gives Them A Spa Treatment

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While a complimentary lounge spa treatment in and of itself isn’t a reason to choose an airline, it really adds disproportionately to the experience. Travel can be taxing on the body. The canned air turns your skin dry, the seats, even in first, need more leg room, and while the food may be better than in coach, it is still airplane food. That's why most celebs who travel by air get a full spa treatment to feel at ease and totally fresh and not stressed before getting on a long flight, according to One Mile A Time. These first-class lounges are offered by Japan Airlines, Air France, and Thai Airways, to name a few.

7 They Have Their Pilot's License

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Celebs love flying via private plane, but some love the freedom of flying so much that they get their pilot's license, according to The Balance Careers.  This way, they can jump into the pilot's seat of their plane at the last moment or at their whim. Angelina Jolie has her license, and she was prompted to get it so that she'd look cool to her son Maddox. John Travolta also has his license, and he has so many planes that he had to build a 7,500-foot runway on his property in Florida. Morgan Freeman, Tom Cruise and many more also have their own pilots license. Commoners would never dream of this.

6 They Stay In Secret Rooms At A Hotel

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The Retreat at the Blue Lagoon just outside Reykjavik, is one of the most luxurious spots in Europe that celebs are clamoring to get in. There are suites for the public, but there are also secret super-exclusive suites that only the few know about. The hotel keeps them unlisted so that only the real VIPs can get in, according to Bloomberg. The secret suite--which is 2,100 square feet--features private balconies, a chef's kitchen and its very own spa! This amenity includes a steam bath, a sauna and a private bathing area. The cost? $10,500 per night. Yikes! Our commoner heads are spinning in disbelief!

5 They Flock to Cape Town

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The Cape Grace hotel at Cape Town, South Africa, is a special place beloved by celebs. It's the little details that make the hotel feel so opulent. The staff is committed to calling you by name and, according to Travel + Leisure, they even remember your preference for wine. Grace has impressive views and the suites come with marble baths and fresh flowers changed daily.Matt Damon came here and booked two penthouse suites. Other important people who have stayed here are Oprah, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton.

4 They All Have The Same $40 Million Plane

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Did you know that the Global Express is high on the list of what celebrities would buy? It's the most popular plane in the world not only for A-list stars but also for tycoons and businessmen. According to Daily Mail UK, the XRS is known not only for its ultra long-range performance capabilities, but also for its price. The XRS will set you back around $40 mill, which is why the XRS is known for its high-net-worth clientele. These include, for example, Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg and Celine Dion.

3 They Spritze Silver On Their Airplane Seats

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There are many celebs who know the secrets while traveling by commercial air. They know that the planes are gross and only get cleaned about once a month. Airline housekeepers don't bother cleaning the dirtiest thing on the plane, the drop down tray. The seats are gross because they're an afterthought when it comes to cleaning them. Taking a page from Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow, one of the most health-conscious stars out there, sprays colloidal silver on her and her kids airplane seats to kill germs. According to Well and Good, "the particles purportedly have antibacterial and antiviral powers."

2 Their Consolation Prize If They Don't Win An Oscar

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Started in 2001, Academy Award nominees who didn't win an Oscar get a free goody bag that used to cost $200,00. The bag only has travel on mind, which is why it's on this list. For example, in 2017, nominees got a 10-day, first-class trip to Israel that was worth $55,000. You don't need to pay for anything, as the prize included first-class airline tickets, 5-star hotel accommodations, gourmet food, and even a private bodyguard. The Huffington Post quoted a source who said, "I seek out trips that I think talent will actually take time out of their busy lives to experience." So some celebs who travel not only are escorted by police in security at the airport, but also are given all-expense paid vacations. Totally preferential treatment!

1 They Pay $80,000 Per Night At This Hotel

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The Royal Penthouse Suite at the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva, Switzerland is only available for the select few because a suite costs $80,000 per night, making it the most expensive hotel in the world. With 5,500 square feet, the mini-mansion can accommodate up to 12, and since the suite is booked by "dignitaries or celebrities with massive entourages, it comes equipped with a host of security features," as Travel + Leisure informed us. The windows are bulletproof,  there's a private elevator, and emergency alarm buttons throughout.

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