Universal Studios and Universal's Islands Of Adventure are theme parks located in Orlando, Florida, and in LA, where Universal Studios Hollywood is located. They have rides and attractions that are based around characters from films, television shows, and comic books owned by Universal.

The immersive areas found here are like no other, and fans enjoy the non-stop thrills that come along with a trip to these places.

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But which rides are the best? Which stand out above all the rest? And which ones do we wish we were on right this very minute?

Keep on reading to find out the 10 best things to do at Universal Studios and Islands Of Adventure!

10 The Simpsons Ride

There are some super exciting destinations within these parks, but we will start with some of the more relaxed, slower ones, like The Simpsons Ride. This is a virtual reality ride in which people are in a vehicle that moves along with the story that is playing out on the screen in front of them. Unlike a normal trip to the theater, though, this simulation combines 3D and 4D elements, so things pop out, scents featured on the screen are actually smelled, and it feels as if the recognizable characters from The Simpsons are right there, along for the fun!

9 Men In Black: Alien Attack

Near The Simpsons area is Men In Black: Alien Attack, which provides some excitement for the entire family. In this one, aliens have taken over the city, and park guests must use laser guns to hit them all. Each hit earns points, and the points can add up to help people become Men In Black agents, just like in the movies! The aliens, big and small, within the actual ride and beforehand, are entertaining to see, and this is a good one to start the day with, to ease into it all.

8 The Amazing Adventures Of Spider-Man

Roller coasters are cool. Movies with 3-D elements are neat. But the rides at these two theme parks take it all up a notch. The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man puts visitors into vehicles that move up, left, right, and down in a big way. Surrounding the vehicle are walls of screens that make it look like the city streets are below, the sky is right above, and Spider-Man is swinging everyone along from building to building. The entire superhero section at Islands of Adventure is a must-see spot for all, and this ride is one of the best.

7 Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls

Also at Islands of Adventure is Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls, which has one of the best drops in the park. It is a log ride-type attraction, with colorful cartoon-style designs, and the drop goes down 75 feet! The people on the ride will get wet, and the people standing on the bridge up above, watching all the excitement, may get some drops and splashes on them as well. But it will all be well worth it for those who need a thrill and for those who need a way to cool off before heading on to the next rides.

6 Harry Potter And The Escape From Gringotts

Many fans, when watching and reading Harry Potter, thought that the scene at Gringotts would make for a fun ride. Well, here it is: Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts is located in one of the most popular areas--Diagon Alley, with its moving windows and fire-breathing dragon.

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Before it all begins, guests get to walk through the bank’s lobby and see goblins, which look just like they do in the films. Once seated and strapped in, the ride’s vehicles take people underneath the bank, through deep and dark twists and turns. The main characters are along for the journey… as are the main villains.

5 The Incredible Hulk Coaster

Okay, it is time for The Incredible Hulk Coaster. This monstrous green coaster makes some people’s stomachs turn just while looking up at it! For others, though, this is the highlight of the day, as it is a true amusement park ride. It has twists and loops. It goes upside down. It blasts up into the sky then down into the water. And it gets up to 67 miles per hour. The whole family may not be able to get on this and may not want to, but the members who are feeling brave should not pass over this guy.

4 Skull Island: Reign Of Kong

One of the newer rides, which is next on this list, is called Skull Island: Reign of Kong, named after King Kong himself. This is a unique one that is set up like a jungle expedition, so groups go into it all in safari-style vehicles. Surrounding screens introduce different creatures, and then the main attraction shows up; the last view of this larger-than-life ape is not seen on a screen. Instead, it looks as if Kong is right there in front of everyone! Some parts are a bit spooky and shaky, but the fun comes without twists and drops, like on a coaster.

3 Revenge Of The Mummy

It is time for the top three rides at these parks, starting with Revenge of the Mummy. This is an indoor ride, but don’t let that be deceiving. This roller coaster has some super neat elements, such as going backwards and forward on the track and a steep drop into darkness...which may be too much for some visitors. Just like in the movies, Imhotep sends insects, fire, and other mummies in order to do his deeds. And the line to get to the actual ride is entertaining, too, as it mimics a mummy’s tomb.

2 Jurassic Park River Adventure

Another popular movie has a ride here, as well: Jurassic Park. Walking underneath that iconic entrance sign is so awesome, and seeing the height of the building that houses the River Adventure is something else. It starts off casually gliding on the water by plants and nice-looking dinosaurs, but then the ride enters an off-limits area. The mood shifts in a big way. Nothing looks or feels nice anymore. And then the T. Rex shows up--and the boat is heading straight towards him! This drop is one of the most memorable parts of Universal.

1 Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

But the best thing out of everything at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure is Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. First off, before hopping on, people can visit Hogsmeade and drink butterbeer. Then, everyone enters through the Hogwarts castle, which is beautiful. Once inside, a walk through and past familiar spots like Dumbledore's office and different classrooms must be taken to get to the actual ride. And the ride itself is like no other, using advancements that feature a stationary vehicle that movies through this journey but that also can dip and tilt, making it seem like a real flight with Harry Potter!

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