Jurassic Park: The Ride was a hit at Universal during the late 90s. The studio will be hoping its new Jurassic World ride has the same impact 20 years later.

It currently feels as if we are living in the era of the remaster, the remake, and the sequel. Toy Story 4 came out over the summer and although criticized by some, it was celebrated by more. Plus, The Lion King and Aladdin got live-action remakes, and the console games based on each movie will be re-released on today's systems at the end of this week. Exciting times.


It's not just Disney cashing on its successful past, though. Universal has also been getting in on the fun, releasing two Jurassic World movies during the last four years. Jurassic World was a sort of crossover between a remake and a sequel. It technically follows on from the events of the original trilogy but did feature modern-day actors making a lot of the same mistakes as were made in the original movies.

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Seems as if movies and video games aren't the only things that can pull on our nostalgic heartstrings and make their creators a lot of money. Universal has continued to ride that Jurassic Park/World hype and revamped/reopened one of its theme park's most popular rides. The appropriately named Jurassic Park: The Ride. Well, it's not called that anymore since the new and improved version is based on the Jurassic World movies, reports Gamespot.

Jurassic Park: The Ride was a huge hit when it opened back in 1996. It allowed fans of the movies to experience some of what they had seen on the big screen with the added thrill of being on a heart-stopping theme park ride. Universal has tried to recreate some of that nostalgia without simply copying what the ride was 20 years ago, and appears to have hit the nail on the head.

After "meeting" some of the characters from the new movies, including Chris Pratt, the first scene takes riders inside an aquarium to see the Mosasaurus. The action only gets gradually more intense from there on in. Prepare yourself for a multi-sensory experience should you head to Universal soon to give the Jurassic World ride a whirl. Oh, and wear something waterproof. You will be venturing into an aquarium that houses a dinosaur after all.

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