It's no secret that almost everyone in the United States loves a good Halloween-based fearsome and fun celebration. Masquerade balls, trick or treating, and haunted houses are staples across the country. From the farthest northwest reaches to the most southeastern points, Halloween is a holiday met with excitement, tons of preparation, and more than a little trepidation. Will this finally be the year you can't handle the scares and need to get out?

There are tons of haunted houses across the United States. Here are ten of the scariest and most exciting ones to visit this Halloween season.

10 Federal Way, Washington: Fright Fest at Wild Waves Theme Park

This October, Wild Waves Theme & Water Park will turn into a Halloween festival for all ages. During the day, any plucky little babe can visit Booville and enjoy some kid-friendly activities. But after the Parade of Ghouls at sunset, the park is all frights. Try to survive the Chamber of Souls Haunted House, filled with all the gore and bone-chilling sounds and zombie attacks that will send anyone screaming.

If you survive that, Camp Whispering Pines will tell the scary tale of slaughtered campers who went to camp to have a little fun but got something much worse. Let tortured guides lead the way in…or not.

9 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Terror Behind the Walls

Forbes Magazine called this massive haunted house based in a real prison the #1 Haunted Attraction in the US. Inside the cellblocks are six attractions, that are all included in one admission price. Naturally, each attraction is prisoned themed. The forgotten Machine Shop holds dark secrets hidden deep inside the cellblocks, but the evil forces in it are coming back for more bodies. If you weren’t already afraid of doctors or dentists, steer clear of Infirmary, where deranged doctors take perpetrate horrific experiments on anyone unlucky enough to be locked up there.

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Chills up your spine yet? And that’s just 2 of the 6 terrifying attractions waiting for you in Philadelphia.

8 Stone Mountain, Georgia: Netherworld Haunted House

This haunted house has been going strong since 1997, and they’ve learned a lot from being in operation for over 20 years. The constantly cutting edge, multi-story, and multi-attraction house has been voted American’s Best by several different magazines and websites.

This year’s haunts include Cold Blooded, a haunt that goes deep into a research facility known as THE BOX that weaponizes strange prehistoric-alien crossbreeds to make terrifying monsters that must be defeated. The mythological haunt Night of the Gorgon is an equally terrifying attempt to tame nightmarish warriors created by an Apocalyptic cult. Will you make it through?

7 Chaska, Minnesota: Scream Town

Take a creepy drive out of Minneapolis through empty countryside to Chaska, where the terrifying Scream Town Halloween attraction awaits. It is full of seven terrifying attractions, six of which are included in a regular price ticket. You can fight the Zombie Apocalypse with the CDC, try to avoid the aliens that have landed in a crop field, and the terrifying Circus Asylum. There reside all of the circus folks of Scream Town who became too vicious…and whose body count climbed too high. Just hope that the cells stay locked as you make your way through the asylum.

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You can upgrade to the VIP Pass to get into the convent, but it’s really only for the brave of heart.

6 San Diego, California: The Disturbance, by The Haunted Hotel

The original version of this haunted attraction has the odd honor of being sued because a visitor got too scared. Now that it’s bigger and scarier, do you think you’re up for handling it better than they did?

This “Haunt Collective” in Mission Valley includes the original Haunted Hotel. The dead have been removed from their quiet crypts downtown and now they’re furious. Their diabolic acts are at an all-time high. If you survive them, Kill-Billy Chaos features a group of dangerously deranged hill-billies who are ready to hunt some humans. The 3-D Freak-Fest maze is full of neon lights, caverns, and an infestation of terrifying clowns.

5 Abington, Massachusetts: Barrett’s Haunted Mansion

This haunted mansion typically only takes people 15 minutes to get through, though your mileage may vary depending on how fast you can outrun the ghouls that will chase you. Visit The Sanctuary outside the mansion as well, where you’ll experience a terrifying hallucination-like experience that shows you what the world will look like when you pass on. If you’re feeling really brave, visit on October 30th for Darkness Unleashed, when the whole house is shrouded in darkness and all the usual rules controlling the terrifying ghouls are off.

Too scared for all that? Then check out the cool Behind the Scenes event on Saturdays from 2-4. On the Lights On Tour, you can see how the scares are created.

4 Greensboro, North Carolina: Woods of Terror

Deep in the woods outside Greensboro is a terrifying place where a priest bound hundreds of ghosts and spirits to a plot of wooded land. His grandson learned the tricks of the religious trade then started filling the land with litter for the spirits to amuse themselves with. Now every October, under cover of darkness, you can venture into these haunted woods and see the terrible place these tormented souls have made their home.

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Attractions in the Woods of Terror include the Nightstalkers, where the night stalkers are coming out of the woods to harvest your soul. Arachnophobia is—you guessed it—a terrifying infestation of spiders and other creepy crawlies. If you survive those, check out Industrial Nightmare, Horror Movie Classics, The Blood House, Blackbeard’s Revenge, and more.

3 North Little Rock, Arkansas: The Reaper Haunted House

This 15,000 square foot haunted attraction is filled with 30 scenes of blood, gore, and mayhem. It’s won several awards, so you know you’re getting the best of the best when you decide to spend the night in this terrifying attraction. Each night, the doors open at 7 pm and don’t close until “the last person runs screaming out of them.” How’s that for a sales pitch?

Past years at The Reaper Haunted House have included deranged clowns, demonic skeletons looking for flesh, humans driven to depravity by radioactive encounters, and more. If you’re in the area, this is the big haunted house to check out.

2 West Greenwich, Rhode Island: Field of Screams

If the name isn’t already creeping you out, then maybe the tagline will: Where nightmares come true. Inside are three haunted attractions for the price of one, though the deal is about the last happy thing you’ll encounter that night.

The Dungeon of Doom is filled with vibrating floors, life-like animatronics, and very eager actors determined to scare even the bravest of souls. The Deathcon Haunted Ride is a big upgrade from the traditional hayride: Jump on board a military vehicle to fight aliens, zombies, and any number of other creatures determined to take the world from humans. If you survive that fight, the Cirque Du Souls is a haunted carnivalesque maze sure to send you screaming.

1 Tooele, Utah: Asylum 49

The old Tooele Hospital in Tooele, Utah was first opened in 1953, but it was terribly underfunded. The hospital didn’t even have a morgue, so dead bodies were stacked into a room with no refrigeration until the coroner could come around to issue death certificates.

So it shouldn’t be surprising that this place is now insanely haunted. Asylum 49 was built here as an extension of the existing paranormal activity and it is terrifying. The venue is known for separating parties and tying people to metal hospital beds so the actors can “work on” them. This is truly a place to brave only if you dare.

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