Amusement parks provide a consistent source of great fun for the average person. Rides typically range from fun mild ones for kids to thrill-seeking ones that are meant for adults. Every park is different in terms of what the people visiting want to accomplish from it. Some rides will last decades and become historic rides due to the ability to constantly make people enjoy it. Others sadly will fall behind and get removed due to the lack of interest.

We will look at the more successful rides to make an impact at their respective amusement parks. These rides still exist today with a history that features many generations getting to appreciate the fun of it. All the rides featured here entertained us enough to become historic ones. Let’s vicariously live through the pictures of them as we name ten of the most impressive historic amusement park rides in the world.

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10 Thunderhawk (Dorney Park)

Dorney Park is a beloved park at which many generations have enjoyed spending fun days. The Thunderhawk ride is a historic one for the park that’s been around since 1923. Anyone in the Pennsylvania area is lucky to have a few great parks and should take advantage of the Thunderhawk ride.

The ride is intense for anyone riding it today, but it was even more of an extreme ride back in the early days in one of the first rides of its kind. This Thunderhawk ride is the second oldest toboggan-style coaster in the country as of 2019.

9 Wonder Wheel (Coney Island)

New Yorkers have a historic Ferris Wheel ride available to enjoy during the spring and summer months of the year. The Wonder Wheel is located in the Deno’s Wonder Wheel park area of the Coney Island area right next to the Luna Park section.

This ride has been around since 1920 and goes up to 15 stories high for a beautiful view of the lively area. The Wonder Wheel has created a reputation as a legendary ride worth checking out whether you live in or are visiting the Brooklyn area of NYC.

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8 Blue Streak (Conneaut Lake Park)

The Blue Streak ride is one of the oldest wooden roller coasters in the world when created back in 1937. It is a fixture in Pennsylvania at the legendary Conneaut Lake Park. Many rides stand out at the park, but Blue Streak holds the historical value.

The ride was named after a high school basketball team in the area known as the Blue Streak. Parents that rode it as kids have been able to take their kids on the ride with different generations getting the option throughout the timeline for great success.

7 Wildcat (Lake Compounce)

Lake Compounce is located in Connecticut and has the fun fact of being the oldest operating amusement park in North America with zero breaks. The Wildcat roller coaster is the top draw at the park for fans wanting to ride a historic yet potentially scary ride.

It is another wooden roller coaster that was built all the way back in 1927 and will hopefully make it to the incredible achievement of 100 years. The Wildcat is not a particularly fancy roller coaster, but the history and fun behind it provides positive memories.

6 The Roller Coaster (Lagoon Park)

Utah is home to the historic Lagoon Park, and they have quite a few rides that are significantly older than most people reading this list. The ride that stands out as the most historic is one not so cleverly named The Roller Coaster.

It has been around since 1921 and is one of the top tourist attractions to check out in the Utah area. A fire destroyed the front of the roller coaster back in 1953, but it was rebuilt and has been upgraded a few times throughout the years.

5 Thunderbolt (Six Flags New England)

This ride was available in the park known as Gallup’s Grove going back to 1941. Six Flags would take it over and gain control of the park in Massachusetts as one of the many locations. The Thunderbolt ride is a historic one that features many twists and turns on the ride.

Six Flags is known for having many new rides coming from the fun of modern ideas. The Thunderbolt gives them one retro ride that provides both a historic element along with great fun for the average amusement park fan.

4 Jackrabbit (Seabreeze)

Seabreeze Park is a great amusement park for those wanting to ride a historic roller coaster. The Jackrabbit is the most popular and oldest ride at the park located in the Rochester area of New York State.

This ride was created all the way back in 1920 with only one year away from making it to the accomplishment of hitting 100 years. Seabreeze is a fun local spot that brings in the people that are visiting Rochester for other things.

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3 Tumble Bug (Conneaut Lake Park)

Conneaut Lake Park in Pennsylvania is home to many great historic amusement park rides. The Tumble Bug stands out as a hit for those that love the appeal of getting to enjoy an old school ride that only exists in a few parks.

This ride will consist of a few attached metal cars going up, down and all around on the track. There are only two Tumble Bug ride locations in the world, and this is the older one created back in 1925. Pennsylvania residents get access to this ride when visiting Conneaut Lake Park.

2 Leap-The-Dips (Lakemont Park)

The oldest roller coaster in the world is the Leap-The-Dips ride at Lakemont Park located in Pennsylvania. This ride was created all the way back in 1902 and has hit national landmark status with over a century of history behind it.

The Leap-The-Dips did close for about fifteen years in the 80s and 90s. It was almost destroyed until a petition changed plans. The ride still exists today with modern upgrades to provide the new fun with the old school element of the history.

1 The Cyclone (Coney Island)

One of the most historic rides in any amusement park is The Cyclone ride located in Luna Park at Brooklyn’s Coney Island. New Yorkers have enjoyed this ride for decades, as it was created back in 1927 to great success.

The Cyclone will go as high as 85 feet high before the fast drops at 60 miles per hour. Luna Park made some upgrades to the ride a few years ago and fans still love it. New York City has many options for nights out, but The Cyclone is a top attraction that brings in huge crowds all summer.

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