The United Kingdom is truly a place unlike any other. From its beloved and extensive monarch history to some of Europe’s most renowned universities, the UK should definitely be a destination placed on your bucket list. Whether you're moving to the United Kingdom or just planning your next trip, feeling safe in your surroundings will allow you to enjoy your trip to some of the country’s most picturesque and welcoming towns.

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There are currently 69 cities between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland combined, but only a few have been considered to be the safest above all the rest year after year.

10 Belfast, Northern Ireland

Dublin isn’t the only spirited Irish city that should be on your travel list. Unlike having one of the world’s oldest libraries, the United Kingdom’s largest urban park, and being the birthplace of Guinness stout beer that this Irish city is popular for, Belfast is known for its Games of Thrones sightings, its history with the invention of the infamous RMS Titanic ocean liner, and of course, its overall safety.

Despite its frantic civil issues stirred up from time to time in this Northern Irish town over the past few decades, among other popular large cities in Great Britain like Manchester or London, Belfast is by far one of the most peaceful and safest cities.

9 York, England

Recently voted among the friendliest city in the UK, York is home to many preserved medieval sights, including York Minster, one of northern England’s largest Gothic Cathedrals. Places known for their kind and welcoming locals are rarely known for their violent or petty crime statistics.

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York’s most committed offense, which is still below the UK’s average, is antisocial behavior. These crimes range from verbal harassment and noise disturbance to public graffiti and littering. So, as a visitor, be sure to respect your neighbors and dispose of your trash responsibly.

8 Cambridge, England

Due to its breathtaking gardens and canals, Cambridge is by far one of England’s most picturesque cities. This eastern English metropolis is home to two of Great Britain’s most prestigious colleges: The University of Cambridge and St. John’s College. It is also one of the very few cities in the UK where you can take a relaxing boat ride to see the best parts of the city on the river.

Fortunately, crime is quite uncommon in this Gothic city. It should be no surprise that Cambridge’s safety statistics are far higher than its crime rates.

7 Southampton, England

Like Belfast, Southampton is home to many tourist attractions dedicated to the remembrance of the RMS Titanic. For vintage nautical history lovers or 90s movie buffs, this city’s nostalgic Titanic museum dedicated to the memory and victims of the historical vessel.

Though crime has increased in the last three years, Southampton’s statistics do not compare to that of its neighboring towns like Slough or London. Population plays a large role in this reasoning, as more than 7 million people reside in London, while Southampton only has 250,000 residents. Petty crime such as shoplifting happens near popular areas, but these offenses are rare.

6 Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is known for many of its historic castle, city center attractions, and – most recently – being home to the popular Harry Potter franchise’s Diagon Alley film location. This city has also been dubbed one of Great Britain's safest cities due to its low crime rates.

Like any city, Edinburgh experiences its fair share of petty crime like pickpockets. However, in comparison to bigger European cities with greater populations, petty crime is relatively uncommon. As you stroll the cobblestone streets of this charming Scottish town, besides finding great food, your overall safety will be one less thing to worry about during your stay.

5 Plymouth, England

Termed to locals as “Britain’s Ocean City,” Plymouth has the best of both worlds when it comes to what makes Great Britain so unique. If you’re looking for great food, limitless activities and fascinating local history surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes and widespread coastlines, then Plymouth should be your next seasonal destination.

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Besides being the birthplace of the historical Mayflower vessel and the current base for the Royal Navy, this maritime town is known for its low crime records, its pet-friendly reputation and of course, its smaller tourism crowds compared to larger cities in the UK.

4 Aberdeen, Scotland

Aberdeen is a Scottish city unique in its own form but is similar to places like Edinburgh when it comes to its design and architecture. Though the city center is much like many towns in Great Britain - equipped with historical landmarks, public transportation, and tightly spaced building structures - Aberdeen doesn’t shy away from having deep valleys and majestic landscapes in its own backyard overlooking the North Sea on a rocky coastline.

The area is so majestic that it holds an array of hidden gems such as hiking trails to colossal castles, golf courses, and a few whiskey distilleries. On average, this town has meager crime statistics. Many of the crimes that happen here are also nonviolent.

3 Newcastle, England

Newcastle resembles London in many ways when it comes to great food, amazing tourist sights, corporate offices, and – unfortunately – congested traffic issues. However, the two cities differ greatly in local diversity and safety. Besides these differences between both skyline-famous cities, one way to tell them apart is by their crime statistics – specifically, types of crimes.

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Compared to London’s recent spike in theft and violent crime, this northeastern English town’s crime rates are extremely low. Keep in mind that Newcastle’s small population of around 270,000 residents plays a large role in its exceptionally low crime levels unlike densely populated cities in the UK and Europe.

2 Worcester, England

Worcester is similar to Newcastle when it comes to atmosphere, aesthetic, and low crime numbers. This small Medieval town located in the West Midlands region of England is known for its distinguished Worcester Porcelain kitchenware – and more importantly – its creation of the fermented, tangy condiment called Worcestershire Sauce.

Though famous for its staple steak topping and cooking sauce, Worcester, like many low-population cities, has been recognized as one of the safest places to live in the UK. Though crime numbers have slowly increased in the last three years, it still remains a fairly low-crime city with cordial locals and must-see tourist attractions.

1 Aberystwyth, Wales

Aberystwyth has been recognized as the safest city in the United Kingdom for the last few years. It also has also been ranked the friendliest place in the UK. With a population of fewer than 18,000 residents, this Welsh city has the lowest crime statistics on record as of this year.

The small Welsh town lies in between three massive hills and two beaches and is abundant in natural landscapes, which makes it a great summer vacation destination for both locals and tourists trying to avoid large crowds in the popular cities of the UK.

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