The United Kingdom is made up of some of the best cities not only in Europe but also in the entire world. There's so much culture, history and good times to be found, to the point where it really does aggravate us when people decide to criticize these destinations without even having visited them for themselves.

However, for the sake of fairness, there are cities within the boundaries of the British Isles that also fall into the category of 'not living up to the hype'. As such, we thought that we'd run through ten of the most notable examples of that.

10 Birmingham

When it comes to the shopping and general vibe of the Bullring, it cannot be understated: it’s a pretty cool place to visit. Outside of that, though, we really aren’t going to pretend like there’s all too much to scream and shout about when it comes to the Second City.

The crime is on the rise with each and every passing day, the people are okay but aren’t exactly the best to deal with, and there just seems to be an ever-present feeling of over-optimism from travelers when they come here which we just don’t feel is warranted.

9 Oxford

Oxford University is a great establishment and is obviously going to be more than enough to draw people into the idea of visiting the city of Oxford. However, with that being said, Oxford has a whole just doesn’t really get our motor running at all.

There isn’t all that much to do in terms of the variety of activities, the city center is pretty dull when compared to some of the UK’s finest, and worst of all, it is hideously overpriced.

If you like good rail connections to London and Birmingham then this is great for you, but aside from that, we aren’t impressed.

8 Portsmouth

Spinnaker Tower serves as the lone shining light in the city of Portsmouth, as it is a legitimately fun and interesting place to visit. Beyond that, though, we’d argue that the shopping (which is only okay) is one of the only major things that stands out.

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The university campus isn’t particularly good, there are a lot of rough surrounding areas, the weather tends to be pretty cold, and there’s just not much going on there.

It’s not the worst, but it is definitely nowhere near the best and that’s just a fact.

7 Coventry

Commonly regarded as the most dangerous city in the United Kingdom, or at least one of them, Coventry just isn’t a nice place to visit. There seems to be some kind of intrigue behind it simply because it is a city in its own right, and also because some University of Warwick destinations are located there.

Don’t be fooled into coming to Coventry, because it just isn’t going to be worth the risk – and we mean that in all sincerity. There are no redeeming features that come to mind, and that’s the truth.

6 Swansea

It may have been the home of the first Denny’s in the United Kingdom, but don’t let that fool you: Swansea is a pretty soulless place. It is overshadowed in more ways than one by the nearby Cardiff, and you can kind of feel that bitterness flowing through the locals whenever you visit.

There’s just nothing particularly remarkable about Swansea that would make you want to get up off of your chair and book flights to go and see it.

If you want a good time in Wales, head on over to Cardiff.

5 Gloucester

Cheese is wonderful and the cheese rolling festivities that go down in the county of Gloucestershire are a lot of fun. Gloucestershire as a whole, in fact, is a great county to be in with a lot of beautiful towns and villages – but Gloucester itself really doesn’t tickle our fancy.

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The city center is one of the worst in the UK, the people are pretty rude, and it’s pretty overpriced considering what it’s like in comparison to neighboring destinations such as Cheltenham (which, by the way, is far better value for money).

4 Bristol

One of the biggest issues facing Bristol is the growing air pollution, which has made things pretty uncomfortable for a lot of travelers. In addition to that the traffic within the city is as bad as its ever been, and to top it all off, there’s a serious drug issue that has surfaced in recent years.

You may be fooled into thinking that it’s a great place to be purely because of the student culture, but if anything, that’s hurting it more than helping it. The students here seem to take the idea of partying hard far too seriously: to the point where it resembles a scene from Skins more so than anything else.

3 Glasgow

It’s a city with a great deal of heart that is incredibly proud of its background and history, but that doesn’t make it somewhere that we particularly enjoy visiting.

When Edinburgh is located up the road it really is difficult to compete, and while Glasgow has done a good job of drawing in the masses, we don’t feel like they deserve any major adulation.

It’s a place that lives off the reputation of being ‘wild’ and ‘crazy’, but there needs to be a better balance than that when it comes to being a major city.

2 Bradford

Do not let the fact that Bradford is located in Yorkshire fool you. As a county, Yorkshire is one of the most beautiful areas of the country – but if you want to visit a city that is going to give you value for money, then make sure it is Leeds and not Bradford.

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It can be described as a northern version of Coventry in many ways because the crime on display from day to day really isn’t all that pleasant. If it had a bit more heart and culture behind it then we may feel differently, but that just isn’t the case in its current form.

1 Carlisle

You shouldn’t be fooled into thinking that a place is nice just because it is located not so far away from the Lake District National Park. Carlisle is your run of the mill city within the landscape of the United Kingdom, and that’s all we can really say about it.

It’s an incredibly difficult place to get to purely due to the fact that it’s hundreds of miles away from most major cities and hubs in the country, and it is completely overshadowed by the Lake District, as it should be.

The people aren’t all that great due to the influx of tourists, and the addition of the new airport doesn’t feel like it’s going to add that much in terms of character.

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