Whether it be for business or pleasure purposes, choosing to fly can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. There are so many incredible airlines that offer sales, guarantee low prices, promise the best seat selection, and so much more that it can quickly become overwhelming and confusing.

However, many passengers tend to fly with airlines that they’ve heard of such as Southwest Airlines, and more commonly, United Airlines.

Both of these airlines have great potential and a terrific marketing division in order to drive passengers to their website and their aircraft. Above all, they also offer passengers bang for their buck by offering additional perks and bonuses, free entertainment, a wide selection of menu options, luxurious business class settings, and so much more.

How does one choose one airline over the other? Take a look at twenty reasons to consider United versus Southwest Airlines before making a final decision.

20 Economy? No problem! Southwest Offers Two Free Bags

Unlike most airline companies, Southwest allows its passengers to check in two bags free of charge. Any additional luggage or overweight bags do carry a fee of $75. However, for most people, two bags per person is more than enough, especially when most of your trip will be spent in a bathing suit.

19 United Travels To Way More Countries

United is one of the top airlines that flies to an extensive amount of countries. In total, United flies to seventy-four countries across the globe, including Asia, Oceania, Europe, Africa, and the Americas. In all, United travels to one hundred and eleven overseas destinations and seventy-eight domestic locations.

18 Southwest Is The World’s Lowest Cost Airline

Luckily for passengers, Southwest offers extremely low fares. Impressively, they have been profitable for 46 consecutive years. The secret model is simple: they fly into secondary airports, they only have one type of aircraft, and they maximize their turnaround time with short popular routes flying at peak hours.

17 Have You Heard Of United's Polaris Lounges?

Flying is uncomfortable. Luckily, United has since introduced its Polaris Business Class cabins that are nothing but pure miracles. The onboard lounge includes spacious and individual seating that has extended wall panels for privacy, a security box for valuables, and larger television monitors. Most importantly, their seats extend for a comfortable sleep.

16 On Behalf Of Southwest, Sit Wherever You’d Like Ladies And Gentlemen

A unique benefit to using Southwest Airlines is the ability to choose any seat while boarding. This is an additional perk for families who would normally be separated while using other airlines. However, upon checking in, the airline will assign you a boarding group and position, which must be followed in order.

15 United's First Class Seats Are Exquisite

United Club members are welcome to relax in forty-five different airport Clubs around the world. Saving one from sitting in a bustling gate or crowded bar, the United Clubs allow passengers to use private phone booths equipped with speakerphones, free and unlimited WiFi, a complimentary bar and snacks and VIP check-in.

14 Traveling With A Guest? They’re Free With A Southwest Companion Pass!

We love free stuff. Southwest offers what they call a “Companion Pass.” This companion pass is offered to any one of Southwest’s Rapid Rewards members, where the member is allowed to bring an additional free completely free of charge. The only catch is there must be a seat available for this additional person.

13 Need To Make A Last-Minute Change? United Will Help You

There is nothing worse than having life unexpectedly happen the same day as your long-awaited flight. Thankfully, United Airlines has adopted a same-day flight change policy that allows passengers to change their flights up to twenty-four hours before the initially expected departure for all MileagePlus Premier members.

12 Southwest Was Awarded The Fifth Best On-Time Performance in 2018

Back in 2018, Southwest Airlines was voted in the top five best airlines for on-time arrivals and departures in the United States and sixth in the world, says Inc. Additionally, in 2019, Southwest received TripAdvisor’s 2019 Traveler’s Choice Award. Some airlines that surpassed Southwest in these categories include Japan Airways, Qatar Airways and Japan Airways.

11 United Has A Mileage Plus Perk There Are No Fuel Surcharges

Another perk for all MileagePlus members is the ability to waive any fuel surcharges. Though it’s not as easy as checking off a box when finalizing one’s itinerary, members must redeem their points in exchange for a hefty fuel surcharge discount to countless of their international destinations.

10 Southwest Crew Often Go Viral

Becoming a viral sensation is no easy task, especially when it’s in a positive manner. However, Southwest flight attendants simply can’t seem to step away from the spotlight. Numerous videos have circulated the internet showing flight crew offering hilarious safety protocols that definitely grab attention.

9 United Has Ultra Long Haul Flights Compared To Others

Traveling long-distances can become hectic and unorganized, especially when calculating layovers, airline changes, or delays. However, United Airlines now offers its passengers long hauls including Houston to Australia, Newark to Hong Kong, and New Delhi to San Francisco, to name a few. Shockingly, they also offer short-haul flights.

8 No Fuel Charges With Southwest Either

Many airlines will charge an arm and a leg for any changes made to an existing reservation, except Southwest. However, Southwest does charge the fare difference to any flights should there be a price hike. Unfortunately, they do not reimburse if that day is lower than what a passenger initially paid.

7 United Offers A User-Friendly Website

For new or inexperienced flyers, booking a flight can become overwhelming with the various pop-ups, sales, additional charges. And nothing makes this experience worse than a website that lags or has too much content. In 2018, United introduced a personalized and user-friendly website and design, both on mobile and PC.

6 Catch Up On Live And On-Demand TV, Absolutely Free - Total Southwest Bonus

The worst thing that can happen on any aircraft is a boring selection of movies, or what’s worse, having the airline choose the movie during a short flight. However, Southwest offers free live and on-demand television and WiFi, completely free of charge.

Have we mentioned how much we love the word free?

5 Southwest Are Highly Known For Their Reward System

Additional perks to Southwest’s Rapid Rewards include earning free points. Though that may sound common, Southwest has been known for their generous point system and abundance of options to redeem them for including free hotel nights, free flights, priority boarding and check-in, and the points never expire!

4 United Allows Premier Access For Premier Access Beneficiaries

Adding an extra sight-seeing expedition is now easier with United’s complimentary stopovers to select locations, offering passengers additional time to vacation and sightsee. Anything less than four hours during a domestic flight or less than twenty-four hours during an international flight is considered a layover and is not included.

3 Southwest Offers Non-Stop Service, Here We Come!

As if Southwest couldn’t get any better, they also offer non-stop flights to sixteen of their daily routes including Boston, Los Angeles and Orlando, just to name a few. Southwest also hope to add additional stops by March 2020 to be able to get their passengers to their destinations much quicker.

2 Another United Benefit To MileagePlus Users, Complimentary Stopovers!

There are many perks to becoming a Premier Access beneficiary including premium cabins, preferred seating, choice of an onboard menu, price lock, baggage delivery and priority boarding to name just a few. Becoming a Premier Access member is also extremely easy and fast, costing as little as $15 to register.

1 United's Reserve Now, Pay Later Added Bonus

It’s easy for passengers to miss out on airfare deals because they don’t have the entire sum at that moment. United has heard the pleas of many and has adopted a “pay later” policy with a simple $200 deposit and a final payment to be paid forty-five days before the departure date.