There are a lot of interesting jobs out there, and many of them involve traveling on an airplane. One career that is particularly interesting is being a flight attendant. There are a lot of myths about what it is like to work as a flight attendant since many people who do not work in that field are unclear about what being a flight attendant is actually like.

According to, being a flight attendant at United Airlines is awesome. During the first year after training, their flight attendants are on reserve, which can be pretty tough, but things get a bit easier after that.


The United Airlines flight attendant training process is a bit of a mystery for those who have not been through it. Here are some really interesting facts about what they have to go through when they are being trained.

They Have To Train In Illinois For 8 Weeks

Some people might be under the impression that being a flight attendant is not a hard thing to do at all. In fact, there are a lot of people who believe that flight attendants are nothing more than waiters, or waitresses.

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While there is certainly nothing wrong with being a waiter or a waitress, people who choose to go into this line of work have a lot more training to go through, since they have many responsibilities. According to, they have to go through an 8-week training program that is located in Chicago, Illinois. Before that, they have to complete two interviews, as well as a physical exam.

Potential Flight Attendants Have To Wait A While Before Being Considered An Employee

In most cases, someone is considered an employee with a company once they have accepted a job offer. At that point, they might not have been trained yet. But being a flight attendant for United Airlines does not work that way.

According to, people who wish to be flight attendants will not be considered an employee there until they have completed every bit of their training, which can take a while. That does not sound very pleasant, but at least going through the training process does not cost them much, since they are given a place to stay. If they fail any part of their training, they will be sent home.

They Have To Know How To Handle Certain Medical Situations

Most of the time, it seems as though a flight attendant does little more during a flight than serving people their food and drinks. But there are times when medical emergencies happen on airplanes, and some might be surprised to find out that United Airlines flight attendants can actually be very helpful then as well.

That is simply because their extensive training covers things like that, according to For example, if a woman gives goes into labor when she is on a United Airlines flight, that means that the flight attendants are trained to help her deliver her baby.

They Have To Learn How To Instruct Passengers To Do Certain Things

Anyone who has ever been on an airplane likely knows that flight attendants are responsible for showing the passengers on the plane how to do certain things, such as using an oxygen mask if there should be a need for one during the flight. They are able to do this because they are taught how to do it during their training program, and knowledge on that kind of thing is very important since it can save lives.

But on the other hand, they can do even more than deliver babies and show people how to put on their oxygen masks. During their training, United Airlines flight attendants also learn how to save lives in other ways as well. They are capable of doing CPR on someone if they need to, and they can also use first aid. In addition, they are also trained to use life rafts, fire extinguishers, automated external defibrillators, according to

No matter what airline they work for, flight attendants are very important. They aren’t just there to serve others, they are also there to save them.

Flight Attendants Must Take An Important Exam After The Training Has Been Completed

The training that United Airlines flight attendants go through is incredibly long and difficult, but even after they have completed it, there is still one more thing for them to complete before they can be considered an employee. At the end of the training program, each potential flight attendant must take an FAA examination, and they have to pass it.

But one thing that one must know is that this is not like a regular exam. This one is very hands-on, and those who fail it do not get hired.

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