Located in Northern Italy, beautiful Milan is one of the world's fashion capitals hosting several international events, such as the Milan Fashion Week and The Milan Furniture Fair. Tourists come from all over the world to visit this magical capital, discover its preserved history and architecture, explore its cultural museums and art galleries, marvel at the wide collection of popular works from artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and many others, savor the delicious traditional Milanese cuisine, and admire the scenic views of lakes and gardens surrounding the city. People also tend to go on a short trip outside Milan to discover the Borromean Islands or other stunning destinations shortly away from the city. Here are ten top-rated experiences in Milan

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10 Discover Milan's Stunning Attractions On A Historic Walking Tour

Assisted by a guide, one can enjoy a walking tour to discover Milan's most popular attractions, starting by strolling through Piazzale Cadorna, the main square situated next to the popular landmarks such as the Duomo, the iconic symbol of Milan, known as one of the world's largest cathedrals, the Sforza Castle, surrounded by the marvelous Sempione Park, the Piazza Della Scala, home of Milan's opera house, the Via Dante charming street and of course the Dominican convent hosting the famous painting of Leonardo Da Vinci, "The Last Supper" representing Jesus Last Supper with the 12 apostles.

9 Explore The Marvelous Duomo Of Milan On A Guided Tour

The famous Duomo, Milan's most popular Cathedral, is worth visiting on a tour, including a visit through the grandiose gothic Cathedral and its terraces, the historical Duomo Museum, and the San Gottardo Church. It is also recommended to visit the archeological area beneath the cathedral.

On this guided tour, one will discover hidden treasures non-accessible to the public, bringing a deeper understanding of the Milanian culture.

8 Connect with Nature At Parco Sempione And Discover The Milanese Tour Eiffel

Situated next to the garden of Castello Sforzesco, the splendid park is the place to connect with mother nature, meditate, and admire trees and flowers dispersed amongst the vast green area. The park was built identically to the English gardens. One can sit, relax, contemplate the skylines, and listen to the numerous birds flying around the artificial lake. Inside the park, one will spot the famous Milanese Tour Eiffel.

7 Discover Pavia On A Street Food Tour

The best way to discover Pavia, a small and beautiful river town known for its agricultural products like wine, rice, dairy, etc., is to go on a street food tour across Cesarina's, also known as Italy's network of home cooks, to discover the city's gastronomical tradition. People walk through the hosts' food shops, learn about their experiences, and taste local products. This tour is available for a maximum of 12 people to benefit from a perfect food experience

6 Swiss Alps Tour From Milan Through The Bernina Pass

This journey is a memorable one, as it takes visitors aboard a red rail car through the most magnificent railway route in the world, the high mountain of Bernina pass, heading to St. Moritz resort. On the way, people enjoy contemplating the beautiful nature and scenic views of the Swiss Alps. The train stops at the high Alpine town in Switzerland, the famous St. Moritz, for visitors to enjoy some free time. This journey will ensure one has a glimpse of both Switzerland and Italy.

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5 Access Isola Bella and Isola Madre Islands

People visit Isola Bella and Isola Madre to enjoy peace of mind because of the calming and relaxing atmosphere projected. It is interesting to visit the prestigious Palazzo Borromeo situated on Isola Madre, the Berthier Gallery, house of many paintings, and stroll through the spectacular botanical gardens of Isola Bella and Isola Madre to connect with some rare species living there. Lastly, one will spot the Palazzo Borromeo, which is home to a collection of puppets and puppet theaters.

4 Discover The Lake Como, Bellagio & Lugano On A Full-Day Tour From Milan

Only 1 hour away from Milan, one will explore the stunning destinations of Italy and Switzerland. The boat will cruise along Lake Como's dramatic scenery before stopping at the elegant buildings of Bellagio, the pearl of the lake, terraced with gardens and lake views. The tour will end at the beautiful Monte Carlo of Switzerland, the charming Lugano, famous for its film festival and beautiful scenery.

3 Experience The Italian Aperitivo On A Culinary Class Hosted By Locals

In Pavia, people can get to know Milan more personally by participating in the preparation of the perfect Italian aperitivo hosted by locals. This culinary tradition is held by home cooks welcoming newcomers and sharing their culinary experiences. They will teach one some Italian cuisine tricks and history culture, how to savor different local wines, pair them with nibbles and refreshing cocktails, and add complementary local ingredients like cheese or jam.

2 Discover Milan Hidden Gems On A Bike Tour

One can discover Milan's hidden gems on this bike tour. People will be strolling around Milan's streets and exploring secret locations. On top of a comfortable bicycle, one will discover the beauty of the city and contemplate its fascinating landmarks and architecture, exotic streets, and unique spots. This experience is very personal, as it gives a glimpse of the real Italian vibe one can live in and will make one revisit again.

1 Visit The Museo Poldi Pezzoli

Housed in a beautiful Milanese mansion, the museum, which used to be the home of Poldi Pezzoli, is now host to permanent exhibitions meant to display collections of paintings, sculptures, jewelry, armories, and clocks. Some of these masterpieces belong to popular artists such as Botticelli, who painted the Virgin Mary with baby Jesus, and works by Mantegna, Bellini, and Lucas Cranach.