Jordan is a country located in the Middle East rich in history and archaeological sites. The country features a beautiful landscape, stunning architecture, and ancient ruins which reveal much about the lives of many Ancient human civilizations including that of the Romans and the Arabs who inhabited this region in the past. To enjoy a unique experience of this historic country, these are the things to not miss out on.

10 View The City Of Amman From Citadel Hill

Amman is the capital city of Jordan. It is one of the most popular and easily accessible locations in Jordan. While there are so many ways to explore this city, one unique thing to do here is to see the city from one of its viewpoints. Amman consists of so many hills but Citadel hill is arguably the city’s best viewpoint that presents a stunning sight of the city’s architecture. This site itself is rich in history and also consists of some impressive ancient ruins.

9 Explore The Roman Theater In Amman

The Roman theater in Amman is one of the several structures built by the Romans during the Roman period. The origin of the theater dates back to a period between 138 - 161 CE when Emperor Antoninus Pius was the ruler of Rome. The 6000-capacity theater is located in the eastern part of Amman and is a crucial part of the city’s history.

8 Dive In The Red Sea

The southernmost part of Jordan is a mecca for diving. Aqaba - the only coastal city in Jordan is located here and it is the best place to enjoy this unique seaside experience. The city has lots of resorts and hotels with beaches characterized by beautiful coral reefs and the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea.

7 Float In The Dead Sea

While diving is an amazing thing to do in Jordan, floating in the water is one of the most fun things to do here and the Dead Sea is the only known place on earth to experience this. At 34%, the salinity of the Dead Sea is considered to be ridiculously high but this is the main reason why the lake has become a beloved destination in Jordan. With the salt mostly resting at the bottom of the lake, lighter bodies tend to float on top of the water and this is why travelers here just want to get their sunglasses on and float on the water. The high salinity makes it impossible for marine creatures to live in the waters so there is no threat of sea creature attack here.

Also, it's practically impossible to drown here and this just makes the lake more appealing. Besides the exciting float it offers, the Dead Sea is rich in minerals that can be useful in treating health and mental conditions. Floating here is fun but it can be a nightmare as well, especially for those who have open sores or those who let the water into their eyes. One more thing to know about the Dead Sea is that it is the lowest point on earth rising just 430 meters below sea level.

6 Visit Petra - The Ancient City

Petra is one of the most popular archaeological sites in Jordan. The site is located in southwestern Jordan in a town called Wadi Musa and is the most visited destination in Jordan. The mountainous region is one of the new seven wonders of the world and it is famous for its amazing rock-carved structures. The views are stunning and at night the attraction is even lit up by candles thereby making it more magical. Petra features tombs carved from rocks, narrow passages formed by rocks, and impressive structures built out of the rocks. While on this site, be sure to check out the Monastery as well as the Treasury, the Siq, and the Royal Tombs.

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5 See The Roman Ruins At Jerash

Jerash is a city in northern Jordan where some of the most intriguing Greco-Roman ruins lie. It reveals a huge deal about the lives of the Ancient Romans as it was once a Roman territory. Its appeal has made it one of the most visited tourist attractions in the country. There are many impressive ruins to see here but some of the most popular ones include - The sanctuary of Zeus, the Oval Plaza, and Cardo Maximus. While some of the ruins might have been rebuilt by archaeologists, others such as Cardo Maximus remain in their original form.

4 Climb To The Top Of Mount Nebo

Jordan also appeals to religious folks all around the world as it is home to Mount Nebo - the mountain believed to be the point from where Moses saw the promised land before he died on the same mountain. Besides its historical significance, the viewpoint from the mountain offers amazing views of the surrounding landscape of Jericho and Jerusalem.

3 Get A Taste Of The Food In Jordan

Food is one of the best ways to explore a place, especially one of great historic importance like Jordan. The cuisine of this Middle Eastern country is influenced by a couple of cultures including those from Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, and Palestine. Many of the dishes consist of rice, vegetables, rice, and lamb or chicken meat. Mansaf - the country’s national dish is made up of lamb, yogurt, herbs, and onion which are then cooked and served with rice. In Jordan, food is considered a very important part of the culture therefore an invitation by a Jordanian is basically an invitation to come and feast.

2 Explore Wadi Rum

Jordan is made up of so many desert areas but Wadi Rum remains the most popular in the country. Wadi Rum is a protected area in Southern Jordan characterized by stunning rock formations, cliffs, and amazing scenery. Things to do here include camping under stars, riding camels across the desert landscape, and climbing rocks for elevated views of this beautiful desert area. This landscape is so impressive that it has been used in several movies including - Lawrence of Arabia (1962), Aladdin(2019), and The Martian(2015).

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1 Visit Jordan Museum At Amman For The History

For those interested in the history of this country, The Jordan Museum in Amman presents an extensive list of Jordanian historical and cultural materials to reveal more about this amazing historical region. The museum's offerings include art and fashion exhibitions to give visitors a detailed idea about the rich history of Jordan and its people.

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