For visitors planning to go to national parks, Mammoth Cave is a must-see on the list. With the largest cave system in the world and amazing scenery surrounding it, this park is one of the most spectacular ones to visit. There are hundreds of things for people to do, from just hiking to tours to having a nice meal. This park has something for people of all ages.

9 Cave Tours

One of the most popular and fun things to do in Mammoth Cave is to go on a cave tour. The extensive cave system means that there is an incredible amount of things to go look at and explore. The guides are extremely knowledgeable about the cave system and can answer any questions that visitors may have, along with giving a lot of fun facts. They also point out all of the different formations and help visitors learn about cave systems and how they are formed.

There are also several other caves in the area with other tours and those are just as amazing as going through Mammoth Cave. These tours are for all ages and range in length and price. Visitors should research how many and which tours they want to go on before their trip.

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8 Hiking

There are over 80 miles of trails in Mammoth National Park, and each one holds something unique for visitors. Visitors can choose from over 30 trails but should be sure to check for closures, length, difficulty, and accessibility. There are several handicap accessible trails, but there are also a lot of trails that require more experienced hikers. These should be taken into consideration when deciding which trial is best.

7 Kayaking And Canoeing

Another very popular thing to do in the summer months while visiting the park is going kayaking or canoeing. This popular sport is great for family trips because of the ease of paddling and the fun of stopping and enjoying a picnic on the side of the river. For family canoeing trips, the Green River is a slower and easier river to paddle, but for people who want to kayak or prefer a challenge, the North River will be a better choice. Both rivers have multiple entrance points and a lot of amazing fish to see.

6 Bicycling

With the forest right there, this is a hot spot for some biking! There are several trails through and near the national park, with lots of spots for amazing sightseeing. The bike trails are well maintained and have options for both road and mountain biking. The national park website has several trails listed and will also have updates for trail closures. These bike rides are on the longer side, so visitors should be sure to decide what is best for them. Visitors should also be sure to practice bike safety while on the trails.

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5 Horseback Riding

With over 60 miles of backwoods trails, horseback riding is the perfect way to spend an afternoon. Visitors can either bring their own horse and trailer, with a few different trailheads that allow trailer parking on the north side of the park, or they can go on a guided horseback riding tour through the Double J Stables website. These are amazing ways to see the backcountry of the national park.

4 Zip Lining

While most people do not think of zip lining, it is one of the more exciting things that visitors can do while near the park. There are several services near the park that allow visitors to go zipping through the trees and enjoy the beautiful scenery in a whole new way. For visitors who are willing to make the drive, the only underground zip lining is just a couple of hours north of Mammoth Cave National Park.

3 Fishing

For the visitors that like to relax on the edge of a river, there is fishing available for that. Since there are no licenses or permits required to fish within the boundaries of the national park, it makes this a popular sport for visitors. There are a few regulations posted on the websites, which is to be expected when there is such a diverse ecosystem such as the rivers in the national park.

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2 Ranger-Led Programs

While it is fun to go hiking with a group, some visitors may enjoy the company and knowledge of a ranger that works in the park. There are several programs in the park that are ranger-led and will offer a lot of information to people who want to visit. They do both programs in the pavilions and hikes, both of which will tell visitors all about the natural beauty of things around them.

1 Stargazing

At the end of the day, visitors want to sit down and enjoy a peaceful few minutes after exploring and learning. The perfect way to do that is by visiting a part of the park that is open, shutting off all lights, and sitting back to enjoy the night sky. There are hundreds of stars visible from the park because of the minimal light pollution within the park, and visitors should be sure to take advantage of that.

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