St. Moritz, the city on top of the world might be well known as the most elegant ski resort in the world - but its charms have plenty to offer in the summer as well. Today, where we know St. Moritz as the jewel of the ski resorts, exclusive and luxurious winter getaways, it's easy to forget that it was a summertime retreat thousands of years before the very concept of tourism existed - but don’t worry, the virtually endless charms of St. Moritz are here to remind you that it is also a dreamlike summer getaway.

Known for practically inventing winter tourism in the 1800s, St. Moritz was also a retreat for hiking, swimming, exploring nature, and healing - since the Bronze Age, people trekked and pilgrimaged to the Upper Engadine valley in search of its famed healing properties, beautiful scenery, and mystical thermal waters.

Today, summertime in St. Moritz remains a retreat that is sure to propitiate the vacation of a lifetime.

10 Explore The Architecture And Art Scene

A cultural hub since the 1800s, St. Moritz has an interesting and ever-evolving art scene and fascinating architecture, from grand palatial 19th-century architecture to houses and huts in the signature Alpine style, to futuristic to modern and experimental designs, and the warmer months are the perfect time to stroll through the city streets to appreciate it. Chesa Futura, Niemeyer's house, and the Segantini Museum are all great sights on the streets!

9 Go On A Foodie Trek

Foodies and food lovers will have the time of their lives vacationing in St. Moritz. The resort’s downtown is dotted with delicious - and often Michelin starred - restaurants, cafés, hotel lounges, and bistros. Local Engadine and cosmopolitan cuisine melt together to create a culinary experience that is unique to St. Moritz, from triangle sausage to ski water to truffle pizza!

8 Make The Most Out Of The Lakes And Winds

Take full advantage of the eponymous St. Moritz lake! Whereas snow polo, ice skating, horse riding, and ice cricket are popular games to play on the frozen solid lake during winter, St. Moritz’s lakes are perfect for summer fun as well. Aided by the famously sunny weather and strong, dry winds, activities like sailing, windsurfing, rowing, and swimming are all perfect activities to enjoy the water in St. Moritz.

7 Trek and Hike The Famous Mountains In The Alps

If there’s something that doesn’t need to be explained, it's the beauty of the alpine scenery. St. Moritz’s famous snowy mountains, forests, lakes, and valleys are like a painting come to life. In the summer when that famous sunlight shines ever brighter and longer, there are no better conditions to explore all the trails, mountain hikes, and hidden treasures that make up the stunning nature of Engadine.

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6 Go Bar-Hopping

There’s no better time to explore the many bars and clubs in the resort than when the nights are warm and the exciting St. Moritz is coming alive. From exclusive lavish parties in glittering lounges to cozy taverns after the excitement of the day, mulled wine to Dom Pérignon mixers, St. Moritz is the place to seize the night.

5 Grab Some Engadine Typical Walnut Tart

If there is just one dish that guests must not leave St. Moritz without trying, it’s the Nusstarte, the famous Engadine Walnut Tart. Before Swiss chocolate ever became a delicacy around Europe and the world, St. Moritz was delighting visitors with its sweet confections and amazing patisseries in the many cafés and tearooms, a delicious and necessary burst of sugary energy after long days on the ski slopes!

4 Go Shopping

Enjoying the city center of St. Moritz comes with as many shopping options as any visitor can dream of. Local shops and local products intermingle with world-famous brands like Hermès, Giorgio Armani, Cartier, and more. Jewels, accessories, clothing, art, specialist coffee, cosmetics, healthcare products, sporting gear… Visitors want it, St. Moritz has it!

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3 See The Sunset Or The Sunrise At Muottas Muragl

The peak of hiking mountain Muottas Muragl might have one of the most magnificent views in the region - no easy feat in the Upper Engadine. Giovanni Segantini, whose museum visitors can explore in St. Moritz, had a hut here where he painted the inspiring, breathtaking landscape throughout his life. Since 1907 the Muottas Muragl hotel and restaurant has taken visitors up the mountain in its signature red train; enjoying its array of Engadine and Italian cuisine (and their impressive selection of wines!), while St. Moritz stretches below in all its Alpine glory is an unforgettable experience.

2 Take Advantage Of The Healing Waters At A Spa

Thousands of years before inventing winter tourism, the region of St. Moritz was already known and sought after for its healing, mystical waters, rich in iron and mineral salts. Today, seeking a spa to relax and unwind from all the excitement the resort has to offer is as much a part of staying in St. Moritz as mountain hiking. Evolving beyond springs, spas offer swimming pools, saunas, massages, and cosmetic treatments to promote profound wellness to their guests.

1 Visit The Summer Markets And Festivals

The summer market in Zuoz is a pastime to enjoy a slower day at leisure. Strolling around the Schulhausplatz, visitors can look for the perfect summer décor, artisanal candles, thrift clothes, antiques, and local produce. In the summertime, St. Moritz also hosts the exciting Jazz Festival and the Engadine Music Festival all throughout July. If there’s one thing that can make St. Moritz even more magical, it must be great music!