The Texas gastronomic community holds San Antonio in high regard and as an icon. Its dining scene has since been steadily expanding and diversifying over the past ten years, bringing a variety of exciting new concepts and drawing chefs of international repute. This has greatly expanded the gastronomic alternatives, much to the joy of all palates and stomachs. Customers have a choice of eating with their fingers, using chopsticks to prod around, or using a traditional knife and fork to assault the delectable meal. They will definitely find a lot to be excited about in these restaurants. Here are a few of San Antonio's most distinctive restaurants.

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10 Kungfu Noodle

Kungfu Noodle is a tiny shop with around ten tables organized in a long narrow space, each with black vinegar, soy sauce, and hot chili oil on it. These condiments are essential in achieving the desired flavor. On Tuesday and Wednesday, they provide a few noodle meals, a couple of dumpling selections, and buns.

Their wide noodle is hand-pulled and served in a simple soup with beef and bok choy, pork, or lamb. Thinner fresh machine stretched noodles with a decent chew are also available, making them easier to eat with chopsticks.

  • Location: 6733 Bandera Rd San Antonio, TX 78238
  • Operation hours: Tuesdays – Sundays (11 am – 9 pm), Closed on Mondays
  • Popular dishes: Pork & Chive Dumplings, Pork & Mushroom Dumplings, Beef Dumplings, Stretched Noodles
  • Price: from $6.99

9 Gogi Street

Korean cuisine is distinctive to Gogi Street. Its best meals are grilled chicken that has been prepared to perfection, fried prawns, and pot stickers. Waiters can offer exquisite wine in addition to its delectable cuisine. Due to the ability to order food for takeout, the restaurant is ideal for customers who need to have dinner instantaneously. Drive-throughs are also available, but deliveries are not. The majority of customers are content with its well-trained employees and the exceptional service offered in addition to its reasonably priced meals. Reviewers have also praised its lovely furnishings and cozy environment.

  • Location: 12820 Jones Maltsberger Rd Ste 104 San Antonio, TX 78247
  • Operation hours: Monday – Wednesday (11 am – 8:30 pm), Thursday – Saturday (11 am – 9 pm), Sunday (11 am – 4 pm)
  • Popular dishes: Honey Glazed Egg Rolls, San Antonio Bowl, Spicy Alamo Bowl
  • Prices: from $10

8 Clementine San Antonio

John and Elise Russ, two of San Antonio's most beloved chefs, founded the neighborhood restaurant Clementine, which is family-owned and forward-thinking (husband and wife team). Seasonal Southern and American delicacies dominate the menu, which is served in a relaxed but classy atmosphere. Their food is usually fresh because they obtain it from various nearby farms. The Bandera Country Fried Quail is excellent. The Seared Tri-Tip with wilted greens, front garden chimichurri, huge beans, seared tomato, and grilled toast should also be tried by customers or the prix fixe "Feed Me" menu, which the chef serves out mouthwatering seasonal flavors course after course.

  • Location: 2195 NW Military Hwy Castle Hills, TX 78213
  • Operation hours: Tuesday – Saturday (5 pm – 9 pm), Closed on Sundays and Mondays
  • Popular dishes: Beet Salad, Ricotta Cavatelli, Apple pie
  • Price: from $72

7 Momo House - Nepali Style Dumplings

The Momo House - Nepali Style Dumplings offers Nepali Style Momo, which differs from other types of traditional dumplings from the Himalayan Regions by having its distinct flavor. Momo mixings are expertly created and flavored using an in-house family recipe. Customers receive mouthwatering Veggie with Pork (served with roughly six dumplings per order) and a fantastic sauce. The dumplings still have a nice flavor, even without them. Despite having limited interior seating, the restaurant offers takeout and delivery services.

  • Location: 4447 DeZavala Rd San Antonio, TX 78249
  • Operation hours: Monday – Thursday (11 am – 7 pm), Friday (11 am – 8 pm), Saturday (3 pm – 8 pm), Closed on Sundays
  • Popular dishes: Juicy Pork/Chicken Momo, Street Pork/Chicken Momo
  • Price: from $10.99

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6 Tlahco Mexican Kitchen

The menu at the Tlahco Mexican Restaurant comprises items that are uncommon for Mexican restaurants in the neighborhood. It offers breakfast, lunch, supper, and also catering options. Customers who are willing to sample its burgers, tacos, enchiladas, tortas, and other foods are promised distinctive cuisines. It is for this reason that it describes itself as San Antonio's newest favorite place for genuine Mexican food that comes straight from Mexico. Additionally, kerbside pickup and no-contact delivery are provided.

  • Location: 6702 San Pedro Ave, San Antonio, TX 78216, United States
  • Operation hours: 8 am – 8 pm every day
  • Popular dishes: Tacos Dorados, Chilaquiles, Conchas Con Nata
  • Price: from $7.99

5 Enrique Tomas

With restaurants in nations including Spain, Mexico, the UK, and France, Enrique Tomas is a global brand. On its menu are appetizers like paella, queso flameado with chorizo, and pasta dishes from the entree list. Customers should sample the Pasta Carbonara with Iberian Secreto as well as the Jamón Experience, which is served with small pieces of bread. The restaurant is situated in a space with plenty of natural light and a balcony. Its entrance features a display cabinet with rows of jamón in it, each with a different price.

  • Location: 849 E Commerce St San Antonio, TX 78205
  • Operation hours: Monday (12pm – 8pm), Tuesday – Thursday (3pm – 10pm), Friday & Saturday (11am – 10pm), Sunday (12pm – 9pm)
  • Popular dishes: Black Seafood Paella, Pepper Shrimp, Mediterranean Salad
  • Price: from $6.50

4 The Magpie

Instead of experimenting with international ingredients, this tiny restaurant in Hackberry Market combines a variety of traditional international meals, such as Korean baby back ribs and pommes Darphin, a posh take on hash browns that surprisingly complement one another. Each food on offer has been examined and found to be both elegant and comforting, with entertaining twists. For instance, the butter cake is outstanding, the pasta dish fantastic, the milk bread perfect, and the tofu has an addictively deep sesame taste. Additionally, the small staff is incredibly helpful and nice. The restaurant doesn't provide deliveries or takeout.

  • Location: 1602 E Houston St Ste 106 San Antonio, TX 78202
  • Operation hours: Wednesday – Saturday (5:30 pm – 9:30 pm), Closed on Monday – Sunday
  • Popular dishes: Fried chicken, Butter cake, Shrimp toast
  • Price: from $11

3 Comfort Café

A laid-back charity hangout spot with a terrace, The Comfort Cafe serves breakfast, pancakes, snacks, coffee, and desserts. After a long day at work, guests can unwind in a cozy environment. It also has a helpful staff that puts forth a lot of effort and is upbeat, which creates a lovely environment. One fantastic feature of this place is the cool service. Customers receive reasonably priced sausages, delectable bacon and causa, wonderfully prepared crepes, waffles, and French toast, as well as good lattes. The restaurant does not do deliveries; it only accepts dine-ins and takeaways.

  • Location: 2015 NE Loop 410 San Antonio, TX 78217
  • Operation hours: Friday – Sunday (8 am – 4 pm), Closed on Monday – Thursday
  • Popular dishes: Stuffed French Toast, Egg Benedict, Mission
  • Price: from $15

2 Outlaw Kitchens

Customers at The Outlaw Kitchens had a truly wonderful experience there. It is a one-of-a-kind restaurant designed by a husband-and-wife team and is situated in one of San Antonio's charming neighborhoods. An appetizer, an entrée, and a dessert are all included in the restaurant's 3-course prix fixe menu, which is updated every few days. Due to the restricted selection, it is advised to visit the website in advance. It provides deliveries, kerbside pickups, and dine-in services.

  • Location: 2919 N Flores St San Antonio, TX 78212
  • Operation hours: Thursday – Saturday (5:30 pm- 8:30 pm), Closed on Monday – Wednesday & Sunday.
  • Popular dishes: Lamb shank, Charcuterie, Crab cake
  • Price: from $12

1 The Moon’s Daughters

This stylish rooftop lounge offers Mediterranean bar snacks and an outdoor area with panoramic views of the city. The restaurant is the perfect setting for a special event because it strikes all the right notes in terms of atmosphere, outstanding service, delicious food, beautiful scenery of downtown San Antonio, and fantastic cocktails. Customers can choose to eat outside on one of the several patio areas, inside at a high-top table, or in the lounge. The gigantic seafood tower on the menu features dishes like the Char-Grilled Octopus Skewers, Artichoke Hummus, Crispy Meatball, Panzanella, Straw, and Hay Ricotta Gnudi, which are Chef Cantu's specialties.

  • Location: 115 Lexington Ave San Antonio, TX 78205
  • Operation hours: Monday – Thursday (4pm – 12am), Friday & Saturday (2pm – 2am), Sunday (11am – 9pm)
  • Popular dishes: Braised Lamb Shank, Char Grilled Octopus, Lamb Burger
  • Price: from $10