While some hotels are more beautiful and nicely decorated than others, the truth is that the majority feature the same things: a lobby, maybe a pool, a conference room, a breakfast area or restaurant, and then, of course, the rooms themselves. And whether you have one room or a one-bedroom suite, you're guaranteed to have a bed, two bedside tables, a desk and chair, maybe a couch or seating area, and a TV. You get lucky if you have a huge closet or a balcony to sit on if you have a nice view and the weather is pleasant. But when you stay at a hotel, you can pretty much figure out what to expect.


That isn't the case with every hotel, though. These unique hotels offer more than just a place to stay, as they have beautiful environments and lots of things to do. Let's check them out.

Stay At Pioneertown Motel For A Wild West Experience

According to Momondo, we can stay at Pioneertown Motel in California, which has been around since 1946. What's interesting about its origin story is that some actors wanted to set it up: Gene Autry and Roy Rogers created it, along with some other people who put their money into it. It looks like a Wild West town (or movie set) and it's super cool.

Besides staying at the hotel, you can walk around, listen to live music and visit the shops, jail, and salon. People even have their weddings here as you can rent event space. According to the official website, you can rent the backyard pavilion which holds 30 to 60 people, or the amphitheater which can hold 200 people. You can also rent The Canteen, which is the lounge, and allows 12 people to sit outside and 12 people to sit inside.

If you want your furry friend to come with you, that's totally fine: you can bring pets here for $25 per night. There are also many lovely hammocks to relax in, and the lounge is open 24 hours. According to Trip Advisor, you can also enjoy some delicious ribs at a restaurant called Pappy & Harriet's Palace. One guest shared on Trip Advisor, "Pioneertown Motel isn't your fancy, upscale, swimming pool resort. But instead, I'll take a cozy room with access to a generous, comfy hammock with a warm woolen blanket under a sky filled with stars any day." It's easy to see that this would be a pretty, relaxing place to spend a weekend.

What About Giraffe Manor In Africa?

Imagine staying at a gorgeous hotel in Africa, hanging out in your room, and then seeing a giraffe at your window. That's exactly what can happen at this place. Smarter Travel says that Giraffe Manor has been around since 1932 and it's 6,000 feet above the ground. There are many giraffes here who are endangered, and you can see them from the hotel, which is the coolest part about this place. As the publication explains, when you stay here you'll have food for them in your room, so you can feed them when you see them. You definitely can't do this at most hotels...

According to Trip Advisor, this boutique hotel in Nairobi, part of The Safari Collection, has 12 acres of land, and you can walk through courtyards and enjoy the gardens during your stay. You're also a three-minute walk to the Giraffe Centre and Nairobi National Park, so this is a great location to make sure that your days are packed with activities. At 5 in the afternoon, you can have afternoon tea (which is free of charge) and see some giraffes. You'll be served fruit, scones, cakes, sandwiches, and cookies. You can also have breakfast with giraffes: as you sit inside the beautiful hotel, you will see them peering into the room through the windows. It sounds like an incredible and unforgettable experience.

One thing to note is that this kind of experience doesn't come cheap: according to This Battered Suitcase, rooms are $1100 USD. While of course, that's very high, it might be worth saving up for a special occasion, as it's hard to imagine finding this kind of hotel anywhere else. As this Trip Advisor review states, people who have stayed here have definitely enjoyed it: "We arrived from the USA and went directly to Giraffe Manor. What a unique adventure it was. The rooms are lovely, the staff is wonderful, the setting is spectacular and as for the experience that we had with the giraffes...."

After seeing these two super unique hotels, we can't imagine staying at a place that only offers up a dull, traditional room.