Thanks to it being a global city, New York is filled to the brim with hotels as it is with tourist spots. A staggering 33 million people visited The Big Apple in 2021, so it’s easy to understand why it has a thriving hotel market. It has luxurious accommodations and budget-friendly lodgings, all welcoming travelers from different walks of life.

A trip to New York City means exploring world-renowned attractions like the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, and museums, among others. The excitement should not end on said stunning spots and should extend to where tourists stay. Luckily, there are unique hotels that make slumber in The City That Never Sleeps more than just rest but a journey on its own.

10 Hotel On Rivington

Glass is class, and the Hotel on Rivington knows that. This 21-story SoHo property is a reflection – literally and figuratively – of what New York City is: fun, sexy, and pleasing. This high-rise glass building is one with the clouds as a stay here means seventh heaven. Why so? They can almost grasp the skyline and Manhattan's expansive views. The rooms are spacious, perfect for when tourists dance with the streak of colors in the sky as the sun rises or waves goodbye. Thanks to the floor-to-ceiling glass walls, it's always nice to see NYC.

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9 TWA Hotel

It arrives with pomp because TWA Hotel was a former flight center made into a stunning accommodation. This unique establishment has over 500 rooms with beautiful views of John F. Kennedy International Airport. Those who just arrived from a flight can have a rest and a quick drink in TWA since it’s connected to JFK. Guests of this superb hotel are in for a treat because aside from its sky-high interior design, TWA also has the world’s largest hotel gym. When in NYC and JFK, TWA is the GOAT.

8 The Beekman

Every corner of The Beekman is an inspiration, as it should be because this historic hotel has many stories to tell. It’s a scene-stealer because it exudes elegance inside and out. This iconic Manhattan building will impress even the pickiest guest. The building has been around since 1883, an almost forgotten landmark until it was given a new life. Intricately designed and teeming with elegant decorations, The Beekman is a place where a room is a portal to the past and a refuge from the now.

7 The Box House Hotel

When tourists want to get out of the box and stay in a lodge that’s perfect for rest and Instagram shots, The Box House Hotel is always open. This Brooklyn beauty is eye candy, from its striking facade to its chic rooms. The rooms are so visually attractive that they are like artworks, with the guests as centerpieces. Hipsters, backpackers, families, and friends can find a home in The Box House Hotel because it’s more than just its charm but more on service.

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6 YOTEL New York

Purple looks pleasing in the eye, something YOTEL New York knows and effectively made more beautiful. Manhattan is lucky to have this futuristic and fun establishment that’s proud to offer a welcoming community, not just customer service. This NYC charmer has robots that will make any stay hassle-free. Waking up in YOTEL New York means being ready to conquer the day with fewer worries. From its wise use of technology to its enticing amenities, this purple hotel is a perfect pal.

5 The Collective Paper Factory

The name already sounds interesting, and when guests enter the halls of The Collective Paper Factory in Manhattan, they will understand the meaning of relaxation. This trendy establishment is perfect for millennials and younger generations who want to stay in a playful accommodation. Once a paper factory, the building is now a home away from home for weary travelers eager to experience the joy of co-living. The Collective Paper Factory is packed with trendy decorations, modern appliances, and other inspiring features. It’s one for the books, indeed.

4 The Jane Hotel

The Jane is like The Grand Budapest Hotel but better because it’s real. Once guests enter, they will be welcomed by dapper bellhops. Walking along its halls is an experience on its own, thanks to the alluring interior design that exudes elegance. This hip hotel in Meatpacking District knows how to impress as it takes guests to the bygone era courtesy of its old-fashioned style of rooms. This is a historic place, after all, so they deliver nothing but amazement.

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3 Margaritaville Resort Times Square

A resort in the heart of the city? Margaritaville Resort Times Square aims to wow. This island-inspired hotel in the middle of the urban jungle is an oasis for weary travelers. Tourists should imagine this: after a day of exploring this global destination, they will return to Margaritaville, not exhausted but excited to dip into its inviting rooftop pool but not before sipping a cocktail. As they float and swim, they have stunning views of the city as an audience while belting out that Frank Sinatra song.

2 Library Hotel

As the name suggests, Library Hotel is a thoughtful place that book lovers will enjoy. There are many words to describe this building: a paradise for readers, a studio for Instagram savvies, but most importantly, a place where rest is the climax of a stay. Even non-readers will enjoy the aesthetics and theme of this hotel along Madison Avenue. Who would not fall in love in its charming reading room? Library Hotel is a must-read and a page-turner, so to speak.

1 Carlton Arms Hotel

Carlton Arms is considered the first art hotel in New York City, something creative souls will find interesting. It’s like one big gallery where artworks serve as the welcoming committee for guests raring to have a relaxing stay with the presence of grandeur and creativity. Visitors to this mesmerizing place will enter ecstatic and leave inspired. Carlton Arms Hotel is more than just its artworks. It aims to let guests experience how to be king of the hill and top of the heap.