10 Unique (& Delicious) Food Trucks (& Where To Find Them)

As any traveler knows, food trucks are some of the best places to get your meals when you're out of town. (Or even still in town, as many locals will tell you!) Not only are they speedy, cheap, and convenient, but they also offer unique cuisine that you might not find at your typical restaurant.

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Whether trying out a snack from a different culture than yours or munching on an old favorite made with a twist, food trucks provide some of the most delicious and distinctive fare around the nation. Check out our list of 10 notable food trucks to seek out when you're in the area.

10 Off The Rez

Off the Rez in Seattle, Washington is known as the first-ever food truck to serve Native American cuisine. After Mark McConnell struggled to find a local place serving the food his mother raised him on, he and his wife Cecilia Rikard remedied this by whipping up the meals for the Seattle area themselves.

This food truck has entres like tacos and burgers that are made with frybread, which goes back in Native American culture for generations. And for dessert, you can try out frybread with sweet toppings like honey, cinnamon-sugar, strawberry preserves, lemon curd, nutella, powdered sugar, or seasonal jam.

9 Roti Rolls

Roti Rolls is one of the first noteworthy food trucks to originate in Charleston, South Carolina. Having since expanded to Atlanta, Georgia, Roti Rolls serves up meals coming from multiple cultures, except they're all made with Indian Roti bread. Using local, fresh, and natural ingredients, this food truck prides itself on being strictly "farm-to-truck."

Whether you're in the mood for Caribbean, Indian, Asian, Latin, or Southern soul, Roti Rolls has you covered. Check out the "Eye Opener," which is raised short-rib or pork served with a sunny farm egg, salsa verde, and homemade kimchi. Many customers also recommend the Creole Mac & Cheese.

8 Yeti Dogs

Heading to Anchorage, Alaska anytime soon? The Alaskan food truck Yeti Dogs has both locals and visitors alike buzzing. Their menu is unique, serving up everything from your typical German bratwurst to reindeer or buffalo sausage. Other notable specials include a sausage made out of alligator or a sausage topped with mac n cheese.

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Rattlesnake meat? Not an outlandish ingredient for this food truck. Don't worry vegans—there's a meat-free sausage available, too. Make sure you get a side of locally-made potato chips from Alaska Chip Co. For an authentic and unique experience, this truck is definitely one to check out.

7  Fava Pot

Fava Pot in Falls Church, Virginia will satisfy both your stomach and your heart. With tons of Egyptian food options to choose from, every meal purchase contributes to female orphans in Egypt who need help financing their education.

All sandwiches are served on Egyptian bread, and you can choose from everything from a Fava Beans Sandwich ("slow-cooked fava beans topped with tomatoes, pickles, tahini sauce, and hummus") to a Classic Falafel Sandwich ("fava bean patties fried in sunflower oil; topped with tomatoes, red onions, organic spring mix, and tahini sauce") to a Chicken Kabab Sandwich ("grilled chicken skewers marinated in yogurt, olive oil, sumac, and garlic; topped with organic spring mix, parsley, onions, and garlic sauce").

6 Ms. Cheezious

It's almost impossible to go wrong with a grilled cheese, and the Ms. Cheezious food truck in Miami, Florida takes this classic comfort food to a new delicious extreme. Check out unique entrées like the Grilled Blue & Bacon (crispy bacon with creamy blue cheese and green onion) or the Frito Pie Melt (house chili, American cheese, jalapenos, onions, and Fritos).

If you're looking for something sweeter, try their S'mores Melt (roasted marshmallows, salted chocolate hazelnut spread, and graham cracker crumble). And of course, make sure you get a side of cheese fries.

5 Tot Boss

Tot Boss, a food truck that travels around the Twin Cities area in Minnesota, has come up with a way to serve up tater tots in various yummy iterations. Sure, you have the option to order some regular tater tots, but why do that when other items on the menu include Bacon-Wrapped Tater Tots or Poutine Tots?

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The truck's Pizza Tots (golden tots tossed with garlic infused olive oil and grated Parmesan cheese; covered with pizza sauce, Italian sausage, mozzarella cheese, and an Italian blend of sauces) and Tater Tot Nachos (tots covered with nacho cheese, seasoned beef, lettuce and tomatoes; topped with sour cream and chives) particularly receive some rave reviews. Best part? All ingredients are gluten-free.

4 I Don't Give A Fork

No utensils needed for the I Don't Give A Fork food truck that travels around Delaware. This truck's menu specializes in fun entrées that don't require a fork—or knife or spoon, for that matter.

Their signature sandwich, the Mac & Cheesesteak (Philly steak, grilled onions, and mac n cheese) has particularly made waves, as well as their Smack Fries. These fries are seasoned with a blend of salt, finely ground pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder. Founder Leigh Ann Tona came up with the idea for the food truck as a school project while in college, and, needless to say, her concept paid off.

3 The Blaxican

Have a particular craving for both soul food and Mexican food? This food truck in Atlanta, Georgia is the perfect stop to satisfy you. With entrées like Blackened Fish Tacos and Collard Greens Quesadillas, The Blaxican can match whatever you're hungering for.

Make sure you grab a side of Mexy Mac n Cheese (baked southern mac n cheese with de-seeded fresh jalapeños and the Blaxican's original three-cheese blend). In addition, the food truck makes it a point to collect donations for various shelters in the Atlanta area. Satisfying your food cravings while helping others? Sounds appetizing!

2 The Bacon Truck

It's not hard to guess what's on the menu for The Bacon Truck in Boston, Massachusetts. Created by a couple of high-school best friends with a shared passion for bacon, this truck serves some classics like a good ol' BLT but also offers some inventive bacon meals too.

Try the Hangover, which is a sandwich with bacon, bacon scallion hash, cheddar, Havarti cheese, and a fried egg. The Pork & Mindy (a sandwich with bacon, braised pork shoulder, red onions, avocado, cheddar, Havarti cheese, and smoky chipotle aioli) is also a winner. For dessert, try out some chocolate bacon truffles, candied bacon, or Nutella-covered bacon.

1 Homegrown Smoker

Vegan BBQ? Yep, it's possible! Homegrown Smoker in Portland, Oregon serves up some fake meat options and meat-free forms of protein, using ingredients like tempeh, soy, and tofu. Founder Jeff Ridabock said he wanted to go vegan but still enjoyed smoky flavors. Thus, Homegrown Smoker was conceived.

Get the SloSmoMoFo (choice of smoked soy curls or smoked tempeh with BBQ sauce, pickles, and coleslaw) or try the Filet O' Fu (golden fried nori tofu, pickles, coleslaw, remoulade, and lemon). Top it off with a side of their specialty vegan mac-no-cheese.

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