One thing about travelling that many people look forward to experiencing new and unique dining opportunities. These could be in the form of trying a new local dish or going to a one-of-a-kind restaurant that you wouldn't find anywhere else. These moments add value to a vacation and help create memories that will last a lifetime.

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There are so many wonderfully unique dining opportunities all over the world that travellers can experience when visiting a new destination. When travelling to Canada, not only will you be surrounded by gorgeous scenery and friendly locals, many places offer dining experiences that are second to none. Here are 10 truly unique dining experiences you can only have in Canada.

10 The Grizzly House - Banff, Alberta

Fancy some alligator fondue? How about rattlesnake or ostrich? The Grizzly House is well-known for its vast and unique fondue menu, full of delicious (and some strange!) items to enjoy in their rustic restaurant. Nestled in the Banff National Park, The Grizzly House has been in operation since 1967 and is a favorite place to eat for both locals and tourists.

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Enjoy some delicious appetizers like mushroom fondue for two or British Columbia smoked salmon. Then dive into your fondue dinner: perhaps it's a mix of steak and lobster , or maybe you're more of an adventurous eater, and you've selected the famous Hunter Fondue Dinner, which includes buffalo, wild boar, and venison. Whatever you choose, you're sure to enjoy the unique dining experience and rustic atmosphere!

9 Oasis Surf - Montreal, Québec

Many people enjoy sitting by the seaside and eating a meal, watching others enjoying the water and marvelling at the surfers navigating the waves. At Oasis Surf, you get to do both! Not only is Oasis Surf a delicious dining experience, with many dishes reflective of favorite surfing locations around the world, but you could also try you own hand at surfing while you're there!

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There are a wide variety of packages you can select, all of which provide you with a chance to enjoy the surfing experience and the food they offer. You can be brand new to surfing or an experienced veteran, the facilities they offer and the trained staff that will help you, make it possible for new surfers as young as 4-years old to enjoy this unique experience!

8 Dinner Between Heaven and Earth - Multiple Locations

Perhaps you're looking for a dining experience with a view. Diner Entre Ciel Et Terre (Dinner Between Heaven And Earth) offers customers one of the best views around - from 50 metres above ground, hoisted up by a 120 ton crane! Diners are brought up on a large, sheltered platform, safely strapped into comfortable racing seats with harnesses.

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Those who are a little nervous about heights, but want to experience this awesome place, can purchase smaller packages of just 15 minutes. This is enough time to enjoy a drink up in the air and take a few photos. Others can purchase the full 5-course dining experience, seating up to 22 guests on the platform and accompanied by a few cooks and servers. Don't look down!

7 Mariposa Dinner Cruise - Toronto, Ontario

In the beautiful Canadian summer, there's no better way to take in some of the sights than from the comfort of a boat sailing along the shoreline, with the Toronto skyline in the background. Mariposa Dinner Cruises offer this unique opportunity for travelers to view the city from a different viewpoint, all while enjoying a delicious meal.

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The fleet of ships available through Mariposa Dinner Cruises allow you the opportunity to select just the right cruise for your group. Whether you are celebrating a special event or just doing something fun, Mariposa Dinner Cruises have the perfect vessel to make your experience a memorable one. You can enjoy a public dinner cruise or rent an entire ship for you and your group. Either way, ships ahoy!

6 The Cave Restaurant - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Have you ever wondered what it's like to dine inside a cave? Well, you're about to find out if you're choosing to dine at The Cave in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Since 1973, The Cave has served many travellers and tourists who come to the area looking for a unique dining experience.

With beautiful architecture throughout the restaurant, a menu that is full of delicious entrees that would please any guest, and friendly, helpful staff, this family-run restaurant is sure to become a favorite place to visit when travelling to Saskatoon!

5 Great Viking Feast - St. Anthony, Newfoundland

Have you ever been curious about the tale of Vikings? Have you ever wanted to sample some of Atlantic Canada's best fish cakes? Then look no further! At Great Viking Feast, guests will enjoy an interactive Viking court of law that is present most evenings in the summer. Feast on delicious, traditional Viking dishes while watching their interactive performance.

Customers will get to feast of traditional dishes like cod tongues, capelin, jigs dinner, shrimp rice, moose stew, and rhubarb crumb cake. A delicious and memorable experience, to be sure!

4 360 Restaurant - Toronto, Ontario

If you have ever travelled to Toronto, Canada, then you have surely seen the CN Tower looming above the city skyline. Many tourists have enjoyed venturing to the top of this 553-metre tall structure to see the stunning view of Toronto down below.

Over the years, the tower has brought in new and exciting ways to experience the view at the top, including the ever-popular 360 restaurant. The revolving restaurant turns continuously (and slowly!) for guests to enjoy the full panoramic view of Toronto, while dining on exquisite market-fresh cuisine prepared by some of the top chefs in Toronto.

3 River Safari - Blue River, British Columbia

River Safari is a tour company that operates out of Blue River, British Columbia, providing tourists with breathtaking views of the area on a personalized guided tour. You can travel by catamaran, jet boat, and/or Jeep, and you will get to see some of the most stunning sights and wildlife you can imagine.

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While primarily a safari tour company, River Safari is also well-known for their unique and delicious dining opportunity at the Forest Table Restaurant. The restaurant is situated on a large floating dock and offers wood-carved seating along giant wooden tables overlooking the beautiful river. Yummy Canadian fare is served at this restaurant, and guests will enjoy feasting on local dishes prepared fresh daily.

2 Taste of the Ashram - Kootenay Bay, British Columbia

Perhaps you are on a journey of soul searching as you travel to Canada, or you're looking for a quiet retreat to calm your nerves and renew your spirit. The Yasodhara Ashram in Kootenay Bay, British Columbia provides just that. As one of the longest-running spiritual retreats in North America, this yoga retreat and study centre offers many different ways to experience their facilities, from month-long yoga programs to 1-day yoga experiences.

Along with their vast array of yoga experiences and courses, the Ashram also offers wonderful, healthy dining opportunities for its guests. At the Taste of the Ashram restaurant, guests can enjoy a healthy, nutritious lunch and then head off to explore the beautiful, peaceful grounds.

1 Eagle Eye at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort - Golden, British Columbia

At Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, guests can choose to enjoy a stunning dining experience at the Eagle Eye Restaurant, perched on top of the mountain top overlooking 5 different national parks down below. The view is second to none, and the cuisine is truly amazing. Being so popular among locals and tourists, reservations at the Eagle Eye are strongly recommended.

Feast on Alberta Beef Tenderloin or Wild Baked Halibut while enjoying the beautiful, rustic wooden decor and breathtaking views across the mountain range.

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