Breathtaking views, countless beaches, fascinating landscapes, gorgeous gold sandy beaches, clear turquoise water, endless caves formed by seawater, impressive volcanic areas, and crazy nightlife are not enough to describe the most stunning country in the world, cosmopolitan Greece. Around 6,000 islands are dispersed in the Greek sea, offering each, a memorable and unique experience. Whether one is looking for a carefree and relaxed holiday or for Europe's hottest party spot, each islet has its unique personality and charm and provides unforgettable memories to every visitor. Here are the most unique ten cruises one can enjoy in Greece.

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10 Discover Santorini Onboard A Deluxe Catamaran Cruise

An eccentric way of exploring charming Santorini is onboard a Deluxe Catamaran Vessel. Whether it’s during the day or at sunset time, the cruise will be sailing around Caldera island, located in the Aegean Sea, and will stop by the uninhabited island of Nea Kameni, made of black lava rock. It is interesting to swim in the warm water of hot spring volcanic areas and visit the Red and White iconic beaches. A Greek lunch is also served onboard the catamaran, accompanied by a glass of wine, a cold soda, or a beer. Lastly, on the way back, one can capture the perfect Santorini sunset.

9 Discover Parga And Sivota On A Cruise Departing From Corfu

After discovering beautiful Corfu, one can hop to two adjacent islands, Parga and Sivota. Surrounded by pine forests and olive trees, Sivota island, also named the “Caribbean of Greece,” is a hidden gem best explored on a cruise departing from Corfu’s port. To make the trip worthier, the boat will stop at the famous Blue Lagoon Beach - where Arabian pirates once anchored their ships - to swim in the clear turquoise water. At Parga’s island final destination, visitors will get to see the famous castle built by Venetians and enjoy outstanding views of Parga's natural beaches.

8 Discover Zakynthos Turtle Spotting, Keri Caves, Marathonisi, And Cameo Island Tour

Zakynthos' magical island is best explored through a half-day tour targeting the most popular attractions along the Ionian coastline. While visiting the national marine of Zakynthos, the breeding site of sea turtles, people can hear the full story of protecting and conserving turtles. Leaving Kalamaki, the boat will cruise along Laganas' golden sandy beach and head to Marathonisi, a turtle-shaped island, where one can discover the Keri caves and spot the turtles breathing on the water’s surface. Finally, the tour will end at Cameo island, an idyllic paradise in South Zakynthos.

7 Discover Three Little Islands On A Cruise Departing From Athens

Not far from Athens are located three little islands; Hydra, Poros, and Aegina. In order to discover each unique island, people go on a cruise departing from Athens. This tour will head first to Poros, an exotic and quiet island featuring colorful houses, pine trees, and beaches, before moving to Hydra to enjoy the captivating architecture and colorful houses and finish at Aegina, known for its archaeological monuments and villages.

On the boat, one will learn the full history and mythology of the three islands and enjoy a folklore show accompanied by a delicious Greek meal.

6 Take A Boat Trip To Symi Island And Swim In St. Georges Bay

One can book a boat trip to discover the iconic Symi island very close to Rhodes Island. Symi village is particular and the most colorful in the Aegean Sea. It is full of beautiful mansions, cafeterias, and art shops. On this journey, people can swim in St. Georges bay's wonderful crystal water, enjoy a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere, and admire the beauty of the island.

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5 Explore Paros And Antiparos On A Luxury Speed Boat Tour

The adjacent islands of Paros and Antiparos can be explored on a relaxing day spent on a speedy boat departing from Paros or Antiparos ports. The Cyclades islands have unique cosmopolitan characters and are best known for their beautiful sandy golden beaches, crystal clear water, rich and vibrant nightlife, and picturesque sights.

It is recommended to swim in these tranquil islands and enjoy the sea-through water before heading to Naousa, a warm village located in the north of Paros that attracts many tourists.

4 Take A Full-Day Cruise Around Milos Island

People go on a full-day cruise to discover Milos, the volcanic island where Aphrodite’s goddess statue was once discovered. Milos features stunning beaches such as Cape Vani, Kalogries beach, and Gerontas beach, where one can swim and relax in the turquoise water. It is also worth exploring the caves of Kleftiko and Sykia, only accessible by dinghies or small boats. On the boat, one will enjoy a traditional Greek meal, the ouzo with refreshing drinks.

3 Explore Crete Island On A Stand-Up Paddleboard

An amusing way of exploring Marathi Bay and the Cretan coastline is on top of a standup paddleboard! Even for a first-timer, the SUP water activity can be easy and cool. Assisted by experts, one can stand on the paddleboard and enter the water of Marathi’s bay to enjoy the scenic view of Crete, jump in the transparent crystal water of Marathi and Loutraki and discover the famous caves around.

2 Explore The 3-Islands On A Boat Tour Cruise From Kos

People take a boat tour from Kos to discover the nearby islands of Kalymnos, Pserimos, and Plati and their traditional villages. It is interesting to narrow the streets of the fish village of Kalymnos, famous for sponge workshops, and explore the beautiful village Vathi, a serene fishing village, before heading to Pserimos and Plati rocky islands, relaxing, sunning at the beach, and swimming in the clear turquoise water.

1 Climb Aboard A Yacht Cruise To Discover Rhenia And Delos Islands

The stunning Cyclades islands are best explored from the water. The yacht cruising along Greece treasures departs from Mykonos and sails across the Aegean Sea. In Rhenia bay, the boat will drop its anchor to let visitors swim and relax on the golden sandy beach before enjoying a delicious Greek meal on board. The last stop will be at Delos, known as Apollo’s birthplace, encompassing archeological monuments, temples, houses with mosaics, and the Lions' statues.