For decades The Bermuda Triangle has piqued the interest of curious vacationers and adventure enthusiasts. It is one of those pockets in the world that is shrouded in mystery. This island space over the ocean has seen its fair share of disappearance and unexplainable instances. So many strange occurrences have taken place here.

When it comes to the Bermuda Triangle, one thing is certain: there are far more questions than answers. Sometimes science can justify the bizarre, but other times the scientific community is as stumped as the rest of us. Here are ten things that happened in the Bermuda Triangle that remain unexplainable.

10 The Triangle Has Claimed 9,000 Lives Since The 1900s

It isn't like one or two people dropped off of the map while flying or sailing through the disturbingly perplexing and haunting Bermuda Triangle. This strange space has claimed more lives than we care to admit. Since the early 1900s, the triangle has been held responsible for nine thousand lost lives.

9 What Happened To The Mary Celeste? The Ship's Abandonment Remains A Mystery

In the 1800s the Mary Celeste embarked on a journey across the Atlantic. It was bound for Italy but had to go through the dreaded Bermuda Triangle. One month after it set sail, the ship was found abandoned. The ship had six months of food aboard and was only missing one single lifeboat.

8 50 Ships And 20 Airplanes Have Gone Missing In The Triangle

The infamous Bermuda Triangle is one that has captured people's attention for decades, primarily because of the number of lives it has claimed. It seems that ships and planes go into the triangle, sometimes never emerging. Over the years, fifty ships and twenty planes have vanished there.

7 Why Couldn't The Ellen Austin Manage To Keep A Grip On A Derelict Ship? The Triangle Refused To Let It Go

In 1881 The Ellen Austin was sailing through The Bermuda Triangle when it came across what appeared to be a ghost ship. The ship was fully stocked but had not a single human on board. The Ellen Austin attempted to tow the ghost ship back to shore, but it continuously lost it in the sea.

6 The USS Cyclops Disappeared On A Good Weather Day And Was Never Seen Again

Ships don't just go poof, vanishing into thin air, unless they happen to be setting sail across the waters in The Bermuda Triangle. In 1918 The US Navy's largest, fasted fuel ship, the USS Cyclops, disappeared without a trace, as did the three hundred and nine crew members aboard.

5 The Vessel The Witchcraft Needed Help, But When Help Arrived There Was No Evidence Of A Ship Ever Being Present!

The Witchcraft cabin cruiser left the port of Miami with two men on board. Just one mile offshore, the coastguard received a call from the vessel, stating they hit something, but no damage had been sustained. When the coast guard arrived at the boat's coordinates, they found no evidence of a boat every being in the area. Creepy.

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4 The Caroll A. Deering Was Found Empty, Not Even The Navigational Equipment Was Left Aboard

The disappearance of the Carroll Deering has garnished attention for decades. It was discovered aground off the shores of North Carolina in 1921. Upon inspection, an investigative team from Barbados discovered that the entire crew, the navigation system, and all personal belongings were missing from the shipwreck.

3 The USS Proteus And Its Sister Ship, The USS Nereus, Vanished On The Same Ocean Route

In 1941, the USS Proteus went missing while en route from St. Thomas to the East Coast. The vessel has been carrying fifty-eight capable navy members. Even stranger, it's sister ship, the USS Nereus vanished along the very same route only one month later. That ship had sixty-one people aboard.

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2 Five Navy Planes All Disappeared At Once In 1945 And Left Eerie Last Messages

The truth behind what happened to Flight 19 spooks people to this day. The captain became disoriented when his compass mechanism failed, and as the planes entered The Bermuda Triangle, the signals faded entirely, and the planes went poof. The last anyone heard from the planes was someone claiming that everything looked strange, even the ocean.

1 The Last Plane To Vanish Without A Trace Went Off The Radar In 2008, Making The Bermuda Triangle A Scary And Relevant Pheonenon Even Today

We often think that planes and boats suddenly dropping off the grid are a thing of early decades, when technology wasn't as advanced. It turns out that The Bermuda Triangle is still claiming planes as its own. One went missing just a few years back, in 2008, proving that this mysterious space knows no bounds.

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