Hotels should act as a blissful getaway, somewhere you feel welcomed and appreciated. And a great hotel stay feels like a home away from home, perhaps with an upgrade or two.

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One potential upgrade that spirited travelers should look into are these mind-blowing underwater hotels. What may have seemed impossible a few years ago is actually available for adventurous guests who have an affection for marine life. There are full-functioning underwater hotel rooms stationed throughout the globe, giving you plenty of options as to what aquatic wildlife you want to feast your eyes upon from the comfort of your hotel bed.

Check out these 10 unique underwater hotels that are definitely worth staying at!

10 Muraka

Location: Maldives

Sixteen and a half feet below the Indian Ocean, there is a two-story luxury villa estimated to be worth over $15 million. This hotel in the Maldives (a South Asian island) is Muraka and is managed by Conrad Hotels & Resort. The suites feature a king size bed, a living room, and a personal bathroom, with an infinity pool, gym, and restaurant available just down the spiral staircase. It's a pretty cool and immersive marine environment-- if you have US$50,000 to spare per night.

9 Lovers Deep

Location: Mexico

This exotic hotel is the perfect stay for couples. The hotel is actually fascinated in a full-function submarine which takes its guests on an underwater journey throughout their stay. The British outfit, Oliver’s Travels, sunk the idea of affluent travel to a sea-dwelling level, giving a whole new means to the term "luxury stay." This submarine throws its anchor in one of two spots: near a  coral reef off the coast of St. Lucia or near a sunken battleship in the Red Sea.

8 Poseidon Undersea Resort

Location: Fiji

This was the first proposed underwater sea resort commissioned by Poseidon Undersea Resort in Fiji. The project was proposed over ten years ago and is still accepting reservations. It was slated to offer up the entire ocean for its guest's denotative playground. Activities range from scuba diving, spa treatments, to a simple night at one of their two fine dining restaurants. The underwater Fiji hotel is supposed to be the first in a chain of five international underwater hotels, though till no word on when reservation dates will start taking shape.

7 Subsix At Niyama

Location: Maldives

This marine-themed masterpiece is situated beneath the Niyama private island resort in the Maldives. The restaurant can be accessed by speedboat, where travelers are then instructed to descend down a three-tier grand staircase below the depths of the ocean. Here they will find the immaculate Subsix restaurant that is flanked by the aquatic sea life. Colorful schools of fish and even eels have been seen gliding past the restaurant. Needless to say, this underwater hotel restaurant offers some of the freshest seafood this side of the Atlantic. They serve breakfast, lunch, and gourmet dinners, and its the only underwater night club in existence.

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The chairs are draped in soft anemone, with waves of capiz shells hanging from the ceiling. The curved glass room helps give a panoramic view of the entire ocean so there's no telling what type of creature will swim by next.

6 Utter Inn Hotel

Location: Vasteras, Sweden

Utter Inn is a quaint single stay that floats in the middle of Mälaren Lake in Sweden. Beneath the cardinal housing unit, there is a small room (approximately three meters or 9.8 feet below the water's surface) with two twin beds. Small windows give the inn guest's their own unique perspective of the aquamarine life that lives inside the lake.

The red and white shed is reminiscent of a typical Swedish cottage and was designed by artist and sculptor, Mikael Genberg. Utter Inn has been accepting guests since 2000 and has continuously received rave reviews. The upper housing unit consists of a kettle, cutlery, and a toilet for simple amenities. Guests are taken to the hotel by boat before stepping onto the floating concrete deck and given an inflatable boat should they need to make a trip to the mainland.

5 Ocean's Suites

Location: Singapore

Oceans  Suites are available to guests staying at the Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore. Here, guests have the option to enjoy their day upstairs, where gives way to an inclusive serene oasis, complete with a jacuzzi on the outdoor patio. The two-story townhouse comes equipped with a living room, TV, and a minibar with a king size bed waiting just downstairs. Here is where guests can enjoy their own personal aquarium that opens views to over 40,000 marine fishes. Other amenities that come with the luxury lounging resort include a free-form swimming pool, an in-room featured bath, and round the clock Butler service.

4 Jules’ Undersea Lodge

Location: Key Largo, Florida

This lodge is located off the coast of Florida, thirty feet underneath the surface of the Atlantic. The Emerald Lagoon hotel was opened in 1986, inspired by Jule's Verne's classic novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. The unique aspect about this hotel is that guests have to be scuba certified, as the only way in or out of the hotel is by diving the twenty-one feet it takes to get to the front door.

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The hotel used to be the home of an underwater marine lab called La Chalupa Research Laboratory. Since it's refurbished stance as a hotel, it has been the home to some notable guests such as Steve Tyler and Tim Allen. Along with diving lessons, Jules’ Undersea Lodge offers a stay for two for $800 which includes their world famous pizza delivery dinner. There is a continental breakfast, plenty of drinks and snacks, and all of your scuba gear is included with your stay.

3 The Manta Resort

Location: Pemba Island, Zanzibar

Along this tropical island that lies off the east coast of Africa, the Manta Resort prides itself on its luxury amenities and non-polluted waters. This five-star retreat offers fresh water, natural food, and a unique underwater stay to those craving adventures. The Underwater Room has three levels that make up your completely private floating island.

The resort brings you in by boat and will give you the grand tour before leaving you with your own kayak, snorkel, and fins to use as you please. The top tier deck has comfortable furnishings, but the underwater bedroom is where most guests spend their evenings. encapsulated by nothing but crystal clear blue waters, you can sit back and relax as a sea f fish swim around your underwater paradise.

2 Atlantis, The Palm

Location: Dubai

The Neptune Suite is available for those willing to dish out a pretty penny to Atlantis, The Palm resort in Dubai. At over $8,000 a night, guests can expect nothing short of superior service. Of course, the main feature is these rooms breathtaking underwater views. The three-story suite offers panoramic views featuring 65,000 marine animals (and yes there are sharks). The bathtub is made out of 24 karat gold and your butler is at your service for 24 hours straight. If you are looking for the high-life experience, this room is the ultimate stay.

1 Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel

Location: Key West, FL

Located in the pinnacle of paradise, the Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel is a completely innovative concept that plunges an entire hotel underneath the ocean's surface. It is expected to have locations dispersed in underwater cities throughout the globe. The concept starts with an elevator ride down to the hotel's underwater lobby where you will see first-hand the immersive underwater capsule. The next steps will lead you to your own private room, which comes fully furnished with a king size bed, bathroom, and living space.

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