Singapore is one of the few city-states left in existence and also one of the 20 smallest countries in the world. This country has four official languages: English, Tamil, Chinese, and their national language, Malay. Singapore is much more than Marina Bay Sands, the Gardens of the Bay, and spending all your cash on Orchard Road.

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Don't get us wrong, those attractions are definitely worth the visit. But today, we're here to discuss some underrated things you should put on your list of things to do in Singapore. Some you may have heard of and some you might not know about. From foodie-lover destinations to photographic gems of a neighborhood, we have them listed below.

10 Eat In Little India

To some, it may be a surprise that there is a massive thriving Indian culture in the middle of Singapore's many neighborhoods. Little India's area was historically a racetrack for Europeans back in the 1800s. Eventually, through the hire of Indian migrant workers, the area started to boom with pop-up restaurants and Indian markets.

Today, it is a vibrant neighborhood exploding with bright colored buildings, open-air markets, and several fantastic restaurants. Try some authentic Tamil food, or maybe you prefer some North Indian roti. It's hard to walk past all the restaurants and not drool over the incredible aromas and spices. Stop by any of the restaurants and you won't be disappointed.

9 Visit MacRitchie Reservoir Park

If you are a nature lover, then MacRitchie Reservoir Park should 100% be on your list. This 12-hectare oasis is abundant in biodiversity. While on the island, visitors can take part in water sports, hiking, and bird-watching. There's also the seven-mile MacRitchie Nature Trail for active visitors to hike.

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Not afraid of heights? Then you'll want to check out the aerial suspension bridge that soars 80 feet above ground level. Plenty of scenic views to fill the hearts of any tree hugger. Visitors of MacRitchie Reservoir Park will easily take in the peaceful and relaxing vibes.

8 Visit Pulau Ubin Island

As a booming metropolis city with sky-high buildings galore, it's amazing that there are also so many ways for residents to get back in touch with nature. There is an endless list of things to do and see on Singapore's Pulau Ubin Island. You can bike, hike, or take a stroll on the boardwalk.

Chek Jawa is one of the star attractions of this island, as it has a rich ecosystem. Go kayaking and marvel at the marine life. The many islands in Singapore offer visitors the chance to embark on adventures that you just can't find when you are in the city. Pulau Ubin is a quick 10-minute boat ride from the city.

7 Swim At Siloso Beach

Tired of walking through the busy streets of Singapore? Head to Siloso Beach on Sentosa Island for a relaxing, carefree day. Grab your swimsuits and jump into Siloso Beach's blue waters.

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Sentosa Island is one of the highly recommended spots to visit, and Siloso Beach is one of the main reasons why. This beach haven offers dozens of beachside bars to really help those kick into that beach-bum life. Go kayaking, play some volleyball, or sunbathe along the coast.

6 Book An Island Tour

Singapore has 63 surrounding islands. Venturing out of the city will give you a dose of Singaporean island life you wouldn't have expected to experience in this city-state. We've mentioned Pulau Island and Sentosa Island, but Singapore has even more to offer in terms of island explorations.

Check out Lazarus Island if you're looking for a true quiet getaway and relax on the white sand beach. Or visit the turtle sanctuary on Kusu Island. There, you can also hike up the 152-step trek to pay respects to the shrines at the top of the hill for some good luck.

5 Go On The Arab Street Tour

Skilled bargainers will love shopping in the Kampong Glam Malay Heritage District. Test out your bargaining abilities for some beautiful fabrics, fragrances, and other artisan goods. The entire street is draped with gorgeous shops selling all types of goods and savory eats.

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Among the shops and restaurants, there is the grand Sultan Mosque that was built in 1924. From shisha-styled cafes and live music venues, this neighborhood in Singapore has plenty of things to do. Explore the side streets to get sight of more colorful walls covered in street art.

4 Try The Famous Chili Crab

You have probably heard that having seafood is a must when you are visiting Singapore. Out of all the delicious available dishes, it can be overwhelming when deciding where to start. Chili Crab is one of Singapore's iconic dishes. It is a true culinary experience and an absolute delight.

This dish is packed with flavor: the stir-fried crab is doused in a sweet yet spicy red tomato paste. Try it at any of Singapore's famous food hawker stalls. Food stall owners will provide you with a giant bowl and gloves to devour this incredible dish. Trust us, you'll need the plastic gloves to help you get every ounce of flavor.

3 Shop At Tiong Bahru Wet Market

Just a five-minute walk from Tiong Bahru station is the Tiong Bahru Wet Market. What's a wet market? It's a place to buy everyday items like produce, seafood, meats, dry goods, and spices. The lively atmosphere is popular for locals and international visitors.

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The bonus? Above the market is the Tiong Bahru Food Centre for some famous food hawker eats. Extremely affordable prices and rich flavors can be found in this busy food center. Visitors should try the chicken rice, roasted duck, and, of course, the laksa (a red curry noodle styled soup).

2 Go On An Art Tour

One thing Singapore does not lack in is the number of neighborhoods covered in street art. You don't have to be fully versed in art history or purchase a ticket to a museum to appreciate these works of art. There are a number of diverse cultural hubs throughout Singapore. Each has its own lively streets and beautifully decorated walls.

Chinatown has a myriad of massive wall murals covering its streets. Styles reflect the immigrants that built their neighborhood. Aliwal Street in Kampong Glam is another section hidden among the towering skyscrapers. The multicolored pieces will surely draw in photo enthusiasts. Other urban art hot spots include Amoy Street, Haji Lane, and Little India. Wear your comfiest shoes and bring your camera for this photo adventure.

1 Visit Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum

Located in Chinatown, this impressive structure was actually only built in 2007.  According to Visiting Singapore, this $75 million building was inspired by the Buddhist Mandala and gained its name from the canine tooth of Buddha displayed in the temple. It is also home to a giant stupa that weighs 3,500 kilograms.

There are a few things to keep in mind before planning a visit to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum. First, make sure to wear appropriate clothing to show respect. That means no bare backs, shoulders, shorts, or mini-skirts. Also, no non-vegetarian food or pets are allowed inside.

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