New England’s diversity makes it a favorite destination among tourists. They just need to choose what state to visit, and they are afforded enjoyable travel experiences. Maine, nicknamed ‘Vacationland,’ offers its lush woods and vibrant coastal communities, while Massachusetts is proud of its sumptuous seafood.

New Hampshire is perfect for a scenic drive, thanks to its stunning routes. Rhode Island, on the other hand, has 400 miles of coastline, perfect for a sunshiny day. Connecticut should not be overlooked, too, because it offers historic and cultural activities. Last but not least is Vermont, home of the Green Mountains.

Excluding landlocked Vermont, the region has stunning beaches, thanks to the Atlantic Ocean and Long Island Sound. Sun worshippers can consider New England their playground.

10 Silver Sands State Park

Silver Sands State Park in Milford, CT is located on Long Island Sound, making it an ideal hangout spot for sun-kissed memories. This 297-acre destination has a welcoming stretch of beach, salt marsh, dunes, and woods that tourists can explore all day long. Birders can also consider this a hangout spot because of the bird sanctuary on nearby Charles Island. Swimmers, fishers, and beachcombers will have a fun time exploring the park whether they want a tan or to meet feathered friends.

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9 Menemsha Beach

The public beach of Menemsha in the Bay State is ideally located on Martha's Vineyard, which is known for its resorts. It’s an interesting spot on the island filled with private beaches. It’s near the fishing village of Menemsha, so beachgoers can also have a fun time observing busy fishing boats. Tourists who want to go beyond Boston should visit this beach in the hilly Chilmark. After sightseeing around town and maybe buying some fish in Menemsha, tourists can cap off their day relaxing on the beach.

8 Easton's Beach

Easton's Beach in Newport, RI has stunning 3/4 miles of sandy shore complete with boardwalk and surf. The beach adventure in the city starts on the famed Cliff Walk, and from there, tourists can enjoy the sand, the surf, and the sun. It’s the ideal weekend spot for families and groups of friends, thanks to its amenities. Picnic lovers can enjoy their sandwiches while observing the waves while kids busy themselves in the playground. Also known as First Beach, this destination is a must-visit for Newport travelers.

7 Sandy Neck Beach Park

Sandy Neck Beach Park near Sandwich, MA is not just for beach lovers because it has nearby trails, too. This Cape Cod destination is popular among recreational vehicle groups, thanks to its wide array of adventures. Aside from RV campers, horseback riders can conquer the nearby trails alongside hikers. Off-road vehicle enthusiasts are in for a treat, too, because of the park’s dunes. This six-mile barrier beach is one big playground for wildlife viewers and even those who just want to have some tan.

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6 Crane Beach

Crane Beach is known for its purple sand, but beyond that, it’s famous for its diversity. More than 350,000 people visit this Ipswich, MA destination, all eager to enjoy its 1,200 acres of sandy shores, dunes, and maritime pitch pine forest. Birdwatchers will enjoy observing the nesting site of piping plovers, while hikers can conquer the scenic trails. Crane Beach is an important ecological spot, so it’s more than just a swimming destination but a place where tourists can help in conservation.

5 Jenness State Beach

Jenness might be small, but it’s a favorite among residents of Rye, NH. Families and groups of friends will enjoy swimming in this humble destination that’s packed with amenities. This 1.3-acre beach is scenic, thanks to the Atlantic, making it an ideal spot to have a picnic. Surfers can enjoy hanging ten in this Granite State attraction while beachcombers can busy themselves playing along the shore. Jenness State Beach is not timid to show off its wonders.

4 Sandy Point Beach

Those on Cousins Island in Yarmouth, ME should not miss Sandy Point Beach. They won't miss it anyway because it’s the island’s only public beach? Located by the bridge, it’s the favorite starting point of kayakers who want to explore the island’s sights and sounds. The beach is near hiking trails, so it's recommended that tourists first explore the area and Cousins' attractions. After their nature walk, there’s no better way to end the day than taking a dip in the cool waters of Maine.

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3 Roque Bluffs State Park

Chebeague Island in Maine has one of New England's best beaches, but such a famous attraction easily gets crowded. Luckily, there’s another destination where tourists can have a relaxing yet scenic beach day: Roque Bluffs State Park in Washington County. The 274-acre park overlooks the Englishman Bay and also has the Simpson Pond, making it a place of oceanfront adventures and freshwater journeys. Tourists will not just enjoy its sandy and pebbly shore but also its hiking trails that lead to fields, woods, and orchards. In this nature spot, birdwatchers can be busy recording their sightings, while geology enthusiasts can check out glacial groovings. From the shore to the pond, Roque Bluffs State Park means business.

2 Mohegan Bluffs

Rhode Island is nicknamed ‘The Ocean State,’ and visitors of Mohegan Bluffs would understand why. Located on Block Island, the landmark is most famous for its viewpoint atop the cliff, where tourists can drink in the sights of the Atlantic. For another spectacular view, they can opt to climb down the 141-step staircase to the beach, where they can take in the magnificence of the bluffs. After filling their eyes with beauty, tourists can then enjoy the shore and see why Rhode Island has such a nickname.

1 Bound Brook Island

Beautiful islands abound in New England, one of them can be found in Massachusetts: Bound Brook Island. This area is nothing short of nice views, thanks to the Cape Cod National Seashore that hugs it. From the dunes to the greenery of the scrub grass plus the views of the Atlantic, relaxation is the name of the game on Bound Brook. Not only known for the beach, the island also has historic landmarks that trekkers can visit. There's the cemetery, the Hatch house, a memorial stone, and other structures that make the stay on Bound Brook even more memorable. When in Massachusetts, this welcoming destination should not be missed.