10 Underrated Disney Treats

From turkey legs big enough to stop a mugging to Mickey-shaped everything, you won't run out of good eats and tasty treats any time soon while you're at the Disney Parks. Everyone has their favorite snack or meal, but there are so many that often go overlooked.

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Sure, you can always get your standard Mickey munchies while you cruise through the Magic Kingdom or soar through Epcot, but Disney has several snacks and entrees that live in the shadow of bigger and more iconic foods. Want to know what you're missing? Here are ten of our favorite underrated Disney treats.

10 Swirled Dole Whip

Adventureland is the best place in all of Disney World to step your soft-serve game up in a big way. If you have any ice cream at all on your trip, it has to be a Dole Whip, no questions asked. But what some casual fans might not know is that it comes in other varieties.

Pineapple will always be a prominent flavor, there's no Dole Whip without it, but it also comes swirled with either raspberry or vanilla for those looking for some sweet with their tart. The classic flavor will always be there, so don't be afraid to mix it up a little.

9 Mickey Bars

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While we're talking about ice cream, let's talk about something more for the Disney fan on the go. Mickey Bars have been around for decades and you can get them at nearly any street vendor in any park, but they tend to get lumped in with the rest of the frozen menu.

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It's not that they've fallen out of popularity, but it does feel as though they've become a standard ice cream treat. For many Disney fans, there's some serious nostalgia factor going on with these frozen delights. It's one of those things you have to do at least once when you visit the park. Enjoy it.

8 Popcorn

We can already hear some of you thinking about it. "What's so special about the popcorn?" Though it might appear like any popcorn you might find at a baseball game or other fun event, Disney's popcorn just has a little something extra in its flavoring to make it all the more enjoyable.

If that isn't enough to convince you, think about this. It's also one of the most budget-friendly snacks they offer, you can find it anywhere, and you can always get collectible buckets to keep you coming back for more at a discount. Definitely don't knock this theme park classic.

7 Pretzels

It's hard to find a bad pretzel, really. When they're Mickey-shaped, they're easy to find and definitely have a little extra magic. But we're here to talk about an overlooked variation that's, quite frankly, larger and more delicious, with or without the dipping sauces.

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The Baseline Tap House is an overlooked little spot in Disney's Hollywood Studios that offers a selection of beers and beverages, but also offers a large cheese plate and a Bavarian pretzel that would satisfy Winnie the Pooh's appetite. These pretzels are served hot, double the size of the Mickey version, and definitely more delicious.

6 Corn Dog Nuggets

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Though they are extremely popular amongst kids, adults will very much overlook these crunchy beauties in favor of something like the mac-and-cheese dog or other ballpark favorites at Casey's Corner. If you're on a budget or just looking for something quick, these nuggets are surprisingly satisfying.

For adults who grew up with them as part of their school lunches, this will definitely give a few flashbacks and we promise they are a huge improvement over the cafeteria version.

Like some other members on our list, looks can be deceiving. Definitely give these things a try the next time you're looking to snack on something from the Magic Kingdom.

5 Blue Sky Black Cherry Soda

If we could steer things back to the Baseline for a minute, we'd like to offer something cold, refreshing, and completely out of this world. Baseline is one of the few places you can score yourself a glass of fountain tapped Blue Sky black cherry soda.

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This intensely cherry concoction is one of the two nonalcoholic beverages the Baseline offers, and it is well worth the price. Made with pure cane sugar and artisanally crafted, this fruity and fizzy delight is shamefully overlooked by all manner of fans. If you're looking for something sweet and refreshing, definitely swing by for a swig of Blue Sky.

4 Mickey Waffles

These breakfast delights can be found in almost every resort on Disney property. But because they are so readily accessible every morning, some of the more casual fans take them for granted and wait till they get to the parks to even think about breakfast. Don't let that face fool you, they're more than your average waffle.

If the Mickey-shaped exterior didn't get you to try them, the buttery crunchy outside and the hot and fluffy insides will. These bad boys are perfect for a quick fill-up before a day of park-hopping and riding your favorite rides.

3 Treats from the Confectionery

From the Mickey scones to the various arrays of handmade candies and treats, we couldn't just pick one to satisfy our sweet tooth. Though we have a high preference for Goofy's Candy Company, the Main Street Confectionery is definitely one that most guests will be more familiar with.

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You know you're doing something right when something as simple as a chocolate-covered shortbread cookie is delicious. From cake pops to Rice Crispy treats, there's more than enough sugary goodies to go around. Feel free to stop by and browse their fantastic selection.

2 Candy Apples

If there's one thing Disney goes that extra mile on, it's a candy apple. These things are almost too good to eat, but that doesn't mean we wouldn't. They come in all manner of shapes, colors, and even characters. They are edible works of art and are definitely worth a few snack credits on your meal plan.

They can be found all around the parks and even in Disney Springs. Take your pick of toppings and flavors and enjoy them, with or without the stick. Sweet, sticky, and satisfying, don't overlook these classic confections.

1 Cheshire Cat Tail

If there was ever a more overlooked treat in all of Disney World, it's the Cheshire Cat Tail. The Cheshire Cafe in the Magic Kingdom has a short menu and is most known for its two main treats, the Wonderland Slushie, and the Cheshire Cat tail. The latter of these two delights is definitely more than what it seems.

At first, it might look like just an icing covered puff pastry, but that's only the exterior. Inside this warm delight is a chocolate center surrounded by a hot and fluffy pastry core. We've been overlooking this treat for years, and now we can't visit the Magic Kingdom without one.

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