The villa where author Frances Mayes wrote the timeless memoir Under The Tuscan Sun is now available for vacationers to rent.

Bella Bella Bella, Italia.

Yes, it is indeed the land of all things beautiful. From cities and landscapes to cuisine, spoken words and even people, Italy is, indisputably, the place to think about traveling to when booking that very next dream vacation.

Dig deep into mind-blowingly delicious food that goes way beyond your typical pizza slice or pasta dish on a daily basis or delve into a language full of words and phrases that can speak straight to the heart. Let’s just say that the luxuriously fine day-to-day lifestyle you’re likely to have in this southern European country will be one to remember for sure -- especially if Tuscany is the specific region you choose to venture towards.


As Mark Sissons of The Globe And Mail puts it, the central Italian home of some of the world’s most recognizable Renaissance art and architecture, including everything from Michelangelo’s "David" statue to Botticelli’s works in the Uffizi Gallery and the Duomo basilica, has become “a wilder side to Italy's photogenic region that is starting to attract more active travelers and thrill seekers” from all across the globe.

“An active Tuscan vacation offers many such chances of a lifetime” for “adrenalin junkies and fresh-air fiends” alike. It’s probably why author Frances Mayes chose to take a risk and find herself by “plunking down [her] life savings on [a] decadent and romantic villa on a hillside overlooking where Hannibal defeated the Romans in 217 BC” to pen her travel memoir ‘Under the Tuscan Sun.’

The New York Times best-selling book later spawned into the 2003 romantic comedy starring Diane Lane and company, with Lane, of course, playing Mayes herself, as she impulsively decides to buy and restore an old Italian house named “Villa Bramasole.”

The movie was filmed on location at “Villa Laura” in Tuscany, and as of recently, Mayes’ slash Lane's temporary home sweet home is now available for vacationers of all sorts to rent for their very own adventures.

So if you and a whole bunch of twenty or so close family members and friends are up for a trip to Bel Paese (the beautiful country), try staying at none other than this ten bed, ten-and-a-half bath locale situated in the Tuscan countryside near the town of Cortona.

What’s more is that Villa Laura actually boasts not one but three buildings on the larger than life property -- perfect for accommodating every single loved one who’ll be accompanying you on this next best trip.

Since the wrap of the film, both insides and outsides of the villa have been updated and modernized, yet still maintain the classically rustic Italian charm movie fanatics continue to obsess over. Each and every bedroom on the property, in addition, “has beautiful views, antique furniture, and its own en-suite bathroom.”

The 17thcentury estate even has amenities ranging from an outdoor pizza oven and BBQ area to a pool table, an actual swimming pool, and a jetted tub, as reports.

Remember though: When booking, there is a minimum of a seven-night stay. Rates also vary depending upon the time of year so be sure to check out to find out more about pricing and availability.

The Beautiful Country awaits, my friend!