A bachelor party marks the beginning of the end of a particular phase in a man’s life. These parties are organized by the friends of the groom-to-be, a few days prior to his wedding. It is a legal, guilt-free trip where the male friends and family of the husband-to-be travel to a surprise location to make memorable experiences.

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The hallmark of this celebration is to have a night filled with surprises and, most importantly, fun. The party usually happens somewhere familiar. However, if it is to be exceptionally memorable, have it someplace out of the ordinary. So, here is a list of ten unconventional locations to travel to for your bachelor party.

10 Honolulu, Hawaii

If you want to give the groom an unforgettable escape to a spectacular tropical island, Hawaii is the place to go. Honolulu is popularly referred to as paradise on earth with nature greatly expressed here. You can explore the world of surfing on one of the coolest seas and take a tour of the colorful history of the state.

The inhabitants of Hawaii are known to be friendly and warm in all aspects, especially towards visitors. Also, you get to enjoy fireside dancers as the sun sets. It’s the perfect location to have a memorable last time taste of bachelorhood.

9 Costa Rica

Costa Rica is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. If you are in search of a getaway bachelor party to a party beach, Costa Rica is the place to look. The beaches are always bubbling with fun-loving, attractive people. You can always take the party to the sea by renting a boat to get maximum privacy.

Amongst its notable beaches is Jaco Beach, which provides an eye-catching backdrop for interesting interactions with other vacationers spiced up with a one-time enjoyment of the beautiful beachgoers that line the shore.

8 Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand is the perfect destination for a great party if you are anxious about your nuptials. It houses many spots where you can host a memorable bachelor party. Bangkok’s nightlife is fun-filled and brings in millions of tourists to Thailand annually. The place has more than enough to keep the party going and entertained.

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Bangkok can keep you up all night through its clubs, theatrical shows, night markets, and even rooftops bars that offer a full lookout over the city. Not only does this city posses these thrilling locations, but it also offers exquisite food that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Bangkok is just the right place to have an unforgettable bachelor party experience.

7 Cancun, Mexico

Cancun offers the best bachelor party experience in Mexico. Cancun, which is known as spring breaker's paradise offers unforgettable nightlife with numerous choices of bars, clubs, and discos. One unique thing about this destination is that it has good weather most of the year. As you know, warm weather paves the way for good fishing grounds, golf paying and perfect beach time with lots of beautiful people.

The nightlife peaks during the weekends and often go on until after sunrise. So, whether it’s deep-sea fishing, golfing or bar hopping, Cancun has all the fixings for a great send-off. The warm weather and beautiful beaches are a great remedy for the night after - just remember to bring the sunglasses.

6 Ibiza, Spain

If you are a fan of all-night clubbing, Ibiza is the perfect destination for you to have an unforgettable bachelor party. Ibiza is a beautiful little island off of Spain, in the Mediterranean. Not only does it have a lot of beautiful beaches, but it also has many famous DJs playing in its clubs all year round.

A time in Ibiza offers one of the best clubbing experiences with day to day partying and dancing. If you are interested in taking the party offshore, you can hire a boat and cruise over the waters of Ibiza and go snorkeling or skin diving in its waters. Dance to the music, loosen up, and get the best clubbing experience with your friends.

5 Goa, India

Goa is popularly referred to as India’s party capital, making it one of the best locations to have a bachelor party. It has a long list of activities and desirable sites you can check out. Some of these sites are beaches, casinos, clubs and outdoor adventure spots.

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Beach parties are also very common there and the sites are financially favorable because they are available at a cost that won’t leave your wallet empty. If you are in search of an all-in-one experience, then Goa is a good place to check out. If you are interested in a boat cruise, Goa has got that for you too.

4 Amsterdam, Netherland

The capital city of the Netherlands houses all the needed environs to have a memorable bachelor party. If you plan on traveling to this location to have your party, rest assured that the experience will be an unforgettable one. This city is known to have some of the finest museums in the world. Its nightlife offers a relaxed atmosphere with bustling street performers on every corner.

This city is also popular for its red-light district and open policy regarding drinking beer and other recreational activities, if that’s a thing with your group. The groom can have a fabulous time without the fear of ending up in the slammer and have a great last time experience of bachelorhood.

3 Colombo, Sri Lanka

If you are planning a trip to a historical and serene location, then the coastal city of Colombo, Sri Lanka is the perfect location for you to visit. You can spend time enjoying the local food, and the attractive sites. Some of which are Beira Lake and Viharamahadevi Park, which are popular picnic sites to enjoy the serenity of Colombo and spend quality time with your friends.

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You can also tour the city to see the colonial buildings, Dutch museum and Buddhist temples. Rent a beautiful, private villa or yacht for a lot less than you might think. Sightseeing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and partying all night in this beautiful place offers a stress-free experience.

2 Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a perfect location to travel to for a destination bachelor party if you are in search of a cultural excursion. The nightlife in this city is unique in that their culture allows the blending of people from all over the world. This city is a conducive location to have a fun time while taking in the wonders of this ancient city.

Venues like bars, club, and pubs give pulsating beats, live music and you can also find yourself dancing to the tunes of the artists on its streets. Go go-karting, take a river cruise, white water rafting, or take a tour of a brewery.

1 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

A planned trip that coincides with the annual Rio De Janeiro Carnival will give all attendees an unforgettable experience. Rio de Janeiro Carnival attracts more than 2 million people per day on its streets and is one of the biggest celebrations in the world. The carnival will make a perfect blend for a bachelor party.

However, at any time of the year, there is plenty to keep a bachelor party busy. Of course, there are the beautiful beaches filled with eye candy, parasailing, and water sports. Or, try something new - and of course, the nightlife is sparkling in this city.

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