The archipelago of Seychelles offers a kaleidoscope of natural splendors. Visitors can enjoy the lofty mountains, sizzling beaches, lush green flora, sparkling turquoise ocean water, and glittering lagoons- all in one place. With so much to offer, Seychelles Island has become one of the most popular holiday gateways among traveling enthusiasts.

Apart from offering admiring views and splendid landscapes, there are multiple activities that vacationers can enjoy to the core. From rock climbing and mountain hiking to diving and surfing in the Indian Ocean, the plethora of activities has made travel buffs go gaga about Seychelles. For travelers planning to visit the mesmerizing Seychelles, here is an ultimate Seychelles Island guide to making things easy.


Seychelles archipelago nestles 115 islands, out of which most of them are uninhabited. However, the few places explored during the voyage are enough to make it fulfilling. Let's start with the most popular to the least popular places to visit in Seychelles and things to do.

The most popular island in Seychelles is Mahe, which witnesses many tourists in the peak season. It is a place where tourists can experience most of Seychellois culture. With an amazing range of plush hotels and resorts as well as affordable guesthouses and homestays, Mahe can give the most memorable touristy experience.

What To Do At Mahe


Mahe is a great place for travelers interested in hiking and walking as there are multiple trails to explore. Since Mahe has some of the best beaches, tourists can enroll in driving schools and sites to know how to dive and enjoy the ocean the most. Several cultural activities also occur at Mahe that can help tourists learn about the island's history.

Visit Victoria

Capital and the largest city of Seychelles; Victoria is a must-visit place. Once at Victoria, tourists who love plants can enjoy the National Botanical Gardens. Also, Victoria abodes a large hypermarket where tourists can visit in the early morning to buy fresh local produce and other essentialities.

Visit Petite Anse

Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole world, tourists should not miss visiting it. Enjoy the shallow waters and stay to witness the most beautiful sunset.

Visit The National Parks

Morne Seychellois and Sainte Anne Marine National Parks are the places for hiking. Here, tourists can see one of the largest areas of seagrass meadows.

Once Mahe exploration is complete, tourists can prebook a ferry to reach another amazing island in Seychelles- Praslin.

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The second most popular island in Seychelles is Praslin. If the traveler is more interested in spending some calm and quiet time, staying at the West side of Praslin is recommended. However, staying at East for more dazzling restaurants and bars will be the best.

What To Do At Praslin

  • Visit UNESCO Heritage Site- Tourists can visit Praslin National Park and Vallée de Mai nature reserve and see the popular coco de Mer- the largest seed, weighing around 10 kilos.
  • Visit Anse Georgette- Popular as one of the most beautiful beaches, tourists can reach Anse Georgette through the luxurious Constance Lemuria resort. Make a call to the resort and let them know about the arrival. They provide access to the beach, which is free of charge. Tourists can enjoy swimming and snorkeling.
  • Visit Cote d'Or beach- To take a breather, tourists can head towards Cote d'Or and relax along the white sandy beach. Boat excursions can be enjoyed here.

Travelers can take their next excursion to La Digue, a comparatively small and chilled island with pristine beaches.

La Digue

With a small geographic area, La Digue is often walked or cycled around by locals and travelers. It is the most relaxed island in Seychelles, giving perfect romantic strolls for honeymooners and couples.

What To Do In La Digue:

  • Visit the secluded beaches- Anse Source d'Argent or Grand Anse, Anse Patates, and Anse Galettes are the most popular beaches in La Digue.
  • Explore L'Union- It is where tourists can check out the popular vanilla plantation.Adventure- Snorkeling, swimming, and diving underwater are the best adventure activities to involve at La Digue.

If the travelers have explored Mahe and Praslin thoroughly, La Digue can be completed as a part of a long day trip. Tourists often hire a local guide who takes them to the popular beaches at La Digue in one day.

Apart from beaches, tourists can also enjoy shopping and eating at this small cozy island. There are plenty of restaurants and cafés with beautiful views. Grab delicious cocktails or juices by the sea and enjoy the sunset.

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Other Attractions At Seychelles

Besides these three best islands at Seychelles, tourists can also visit the following little popular and less crowded islands (if pocket and time permits).

  • Cocos island - Also called Aux island, tourists can visit the marine park established in 1996 on a day trip. Tourists can reach Cocos Island by ferry from Praslin or La Digue.
  • Felicite - It is the fifth-largest forested granitic island in Seychelles, with a population of only 50. However, there are 30 villas and a spa by Six Senses Zil Pasyon resort for the vacationers. Tourists can visit the Ramos National Park, full of natural wonders.
  • Grand Soeur and Petite Soeur - Tourists can visit this secluded island from Praslin or La Digue on a day trip. The island is bought by the luxurious hotel Château de Feuilles, which offers free full-day excursions and exclusive use of the island.
  • Curieuse - Just off coast of Praslin lies Curieuse- a small granitic island. Due to its red soil, it was previously known as Ile Rouge.
  • Cousin - The indigenous woodland lines by the sandy beach make Cousin a perfect nature reserve. It is popular among bird lovers and is known as a Bird Island.
  • Silhouette - 12 miles off Mahe is Silhouette with a population of 200. With the most dramatic scenery with mountainous terrain, Silhouette is amazing in its own ways. There are no roads at Silhouette, making it a living museum with many plants and animal species.

No matter which island the tourist makes his base, keeping handy a lot of sunscreens, water, and hat will help to keep them fresh and active throughout the expedition.

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