With 227 inhabited islands in the Greek Archipelago, it can be tricky deciding which one to visit. Every Greek island has its own unique charm, so choosing the right one for you comes down to knowing what kind of traveler you are. Are you looking for a romantic destination or a foodie haven? Do you prefer nightclubs or excavation sites? Read on to find out which of the most popular Greek Islands is best suited to you!

Mykonos: The Party Island

Santorini: Where Lovers Flock

Sifnos: The Foodie’s Dream

Crete Or Rhodes: For History Buffs

There’s fascinating history to explore on all the Greek Islands as well as on the mainland, but the two islands that are often considered meccas for history buffs are Crete and Rhodes. Crete’s capital city, Heraklion, was actually named after the mythological hero Hercules.


The Palace of Knossos is one of the island’s most famous historic sites but there is also the Heraklion Archeological Museum which exhibits a range of artifacts. Crete is also home to the famed Psychro Cave, which legend says is the birthplace of Zeus.

Similarly, Rhodes houses the monumental Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes, which dates back to medieval times, as well as the Acropolis of Rhodes and Castle of the Old Town. You will not find the original Colossus of Rhodes, but there are plenty of other historic sites to satisfy!

Ios: For The Beaches

The Greek Islands are often thought of as some of the best destinations for beach vacations. Ios is among the best of the best in this regard, thanks to its assortment of unspoiled beaches that haven’t been taken over by beach clubs and hotels.One of the most popular and scenic isolated beaches is Kolitsani which is nestled in one of the island’s coves. Other beaches to check out are Tzamaria Beach, Magganari Beach, and Kalamos Beach. If you’re looking for picturesque views, make sure you visit the main town of Hora. It’s pretty as a picture!

History enthusiasts might also want to visit Ios since it holds the tomb of Homer, one of the most famous Greeks of all time. You’ll also find historic churches scattered across the island, so it’s worth setting aside an afternoon just for exploring.