Costa Rica is a country in Central America with impressive things to see and experience. A journey to Costa Rica will give visitors a combination of many things to enjoy, from its beaches to the landscape and many natural phenomena to interact with. Although not many know enough about the country, the terrains, people and weather are perfect.

Although Costa Rica is a small country, it has 12 different climate zones that will give visitors unforgettable memories. Generally, the weather is amazing for vacation, and the people are very friendly. The country has temperatures between 70 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year. The rainy season is in June and July, while the dry season is in April and December. So, if a traveler would like to tick a bucket list in Costa Rica, here is a guide with the top things to do or experience.

10 River Rafting Below A Canopy

Costa Rica has plenty of trees and rainforests. As a result, tourists will find many rivers passing below natural canopies with many wild animals all around. The experience of rolling midst these treetops and the surrounding canopy is a must on a Costa Rica bucket list. One of the most popular experiences is rafting on the white water river.

The journey is peaceful and comes with a great experience for the abundance of nature around. The peaceful waters allow guests to raft for a long time.

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9 Surfing On Costa Rica Beaches

Costa Rica is known to have some of the most beautiful beaches. This is a great place to be for a country with a combination of rain forests and great beaches after exploring the mountains, rivers, and forests.

Surfing on the beaches of Costa Rica will keep one asking for more. For those who do not know how to, they can learn. Some of the best beaches for this include Ostional or Tamarindo.

8 Zip-Lining In The Jungle

With Costa Rica having countless jungles and rainforests, a zip-lining and canopy tour is a must on the bucket list. Travelers get to experience multiple lies and suspended bridges in many areas. The thrill of this is that as one zip-line, they are surrounded by many birds, baboons, and other wild animals.

Tortuguero National Park is one of the best areas for zip-lining. There are also beautiful scenes for photography.

7 Volcano Hot Springs

For tourists who have never soaked themselves in hot springs, here is an opportunity. The hot springs in Costa Rica are special, and one won't find them anywhere else. Situated in the rainforest, these hot springs are fed by a volcano, giving them an amazing feeling of relaxation.

A visit to Arenal volcano will offer a chance to enjoy hot springs, great views, and lush surroundings.

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6 Natural Spas

Natural Spas are another experience to add to the bucket list when visiting Costa Rica. Costa Rica is known for tropical climates offering great nature and holistic wellness. A natural spa is a must-have after a day's experience in the jungle, water rafting, trekking, and doing other things.

These are Spas on the outside, taking a natural setting. All the ingredients and methods used for treatment are all-natural. It is something one does not easily come across.

5 Waterfalls Chasing

Waterfalls in Costa Rica are plentiful. However, the most exciting part is the chase and swimming in them. Consider taking a few friends and ending in the jungle to find the most impressive waterfalls.

The hike through the rainforests, up the mountains, and into the tallest waterfalls in Costa Rica will give a visitor long-lasting memories of a vacation. Some of the waterfalls to check out include La Paz, La Fortuna, and Catarata del Toro.

4 Monteverde Cloud Forest

Monteverde Cloud Forest is a biological reserve in Costa Rica. Just as the name suggests, tourists will be in the clouds when visiting this forest and climbing its mountains. The forest has amazing canopies that are covered by clouds all over. As a result, visiting this forest will give a unique experience.

Monteverde is also home to at least 50% of all fauna and flora species found in Costa Rica. Guests get to learn and know more about biological life in the country.

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3 A Visit To Manuel Antonio National Park

The Manuel Antonio National Park should be on a traveler's bucket list for a good reason. The park is characterized by breathtaking jungle landscapes, sandy beaches, and coral reefs. As a result, a visit to this park gives one a chance to enjoy snorkeling, underwater exploration, and discover a wide variety of fish.

Additionally, the park has amazing habitats with lagoons, forests, and mangrove swamps, home to over 184 bird species and 109 mammals.

2 Horse Riding Adventure

Costa Rica has many regions with differing natural terrains. As a result, a horseback ride through various parts of the country will allow tourists to see and feel the lifestyle differently. The sights on a horseback tour are to behold.

Taking an adventure into the jungle and other areas with friends on horses is a great idea. Discover Horseback tours is most famous for providing a wide variety of horseback riding experiences. There is also a chance to enjoy the same at night and along the beaches.

1 Visit Coffee & Chocolate Plantations

It may not sound much at first, but it is worth adding to a traveler’s bucket list. Many people do not understand the actual work put into coffee growing and processing. Even fewer people know much about chocolate plantations, growing, and processing.

After all the experiences on the beaches, towns, rivers, and forests, this is a moment one should have. A guest gets a chance to visit the interior parts of Costa Rica. One also gets a chance to interact with the people, learn their way of life, see the plantations, participate in some of the processes, and understand more about the country.

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