Nothing beats the beautiful autumn’s earthy season. Autumn's glorious colors, including red, yellow, orange, and gold, sweep across the UK country, making it the perfect time to visit. Travelers visit England between September and November to admire the perfect autumn colors, amazing woodlands, falling leaves, pleasant hills, arboretums, red-tinted views, and waterways at the most stunning places.

They also enjoy the beautiful fall foliage and scenery in several spots and spend some quality time with families and friends, and have pretty cool adventures. Here are ten unique UK towns worth visiting for charming fall colors.

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10 Stourhead, Wiltshire

People visit Stourhead, a living work of art, to celebrate autumn colors. They stroll through Stourhead's streets, admire the fall foliage, catch the sunlight reflecting through the trees and walk through woodlands and beautiful hills. Some also meet the popular King Alfred's tower, which is designed in very classical architecture. It is also recommended to visit the popular landscape garden and see the deep aspects of red, yellow, and russet reflected in the lake before enjoying a drink at the Gothic Cottage and heading back to the most fantastic hotels in Wiltshire.

9 Cardinham, Cornwall

Cardinham is a village in mid-Cornwall, close to a fantastic mixed woodland featuring great accommodations. People enjoy strolling aside the riverbanks and watching the oak and willow trees turning red, orange, and gold. Some also try the Forest Commission's Gruffalo trail and set off on the Bodmin Beast cycling trail, while others visit some stunning beaches in Cornwall.

8 Westonbirt Arboretum, Gloucestershire

Home to various types of trees and shrubs, and woodland, Westonbirt is a great place for a leisurely getaway. Westonbirt National Arboretum is one of the most stunning and popular plant collections in the world. People enjoy the autumn’s natural firework display as the arboretum turns to autumn colors while the beautiful Chinese spindle tree change to a pretty pink. Some travelers enjoy staying in the neighborhood at a comfortable hotel.

7 Bodenham Arboretum, Worcestershire

Bodenham is a calm and chilled town where the arboretum holds many species of trees from across the world. People usually visit its center to see its large pool that is home to plenty of ornamental trees. Some walk around its street to admire the autumn’s leaf colors ranging from deep yellow to orange, reds, and crimson, as well as an abundance of berries. The neighborhood is also full of great accommodations for people who wish to stay for the weekend.

6 London

London might be one of the world’s most vibrant cities, but also a city that features plenty of green spaces. During autumn, the parks change color, lighting up in shades of golden yellows, oranges, and deep reds, making the English capital one of the world’s most scenic places to visit for autumn colors. People head to Kew Gardens, Hyde Park, and Richmond Park, where they find autumn hues all around the area and perfect accommodations.

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5 Loch Lomond, Scotland

One of the world’s dreamiest destinations, Loch Lomond is a lake in southern Scotland. Being part of the Trossachs National Park, the surrounding area is home to red deer and woodlands. During autumn, people visit Loch Lomond to enjoy exciting activities like hiking and cycling and chill at some of the most tranquil accommodations.

4 New Forest National Park

The forest in southwest Hampshire and Wiltshire attracts travelers who are eager to spend quality time in mother nature. Known for its forest trails, heathland, native ponies, exotic trees, and colorful azaleas, travelers love visiting during autumn when seasonal shades dominate the impressive natural landscape and stay at the most tranquil hotels. Among the residents of New Forest Wildlife Park are owls, otters, and wolves.

3 Conwy Valley, Wales.

Hugging the north coast of Wales, Conwy is a perfect choice for holidaymakers in the UK. It comprises several charming towns along its river with gorgeous scenery in between. With plenty of wildlife to see, including birds of all sizes, Conwy Nature Reserve is a great place for the whole family, who will also find perfect hotels to stay at. During autumn, the scenery also shines at its most dazzling when the leaves take on the colors of the season.

2 Kielder Forest

The Kielder Forest's large woodland runs along the border between England and Scotland. It is full of walking trails that make the area very dramatic with stunning scenery. It is worth staying after dark at some calm hotels and heading to the Kielder Observatory to enjoy the autumn night clear sky, free from light pollution.

1 Brighton

Brighton is one of the British seaside cities that is visited by day trippers in autumn and summer, departing from London to enjoy the beach and some fish and chips as well, and stay for the night at some exotic hotels. Brighton is also known as an exciting place for a lively art scene and vibrant nightlife.