To the delight of countless travelers across the world, the UK Space Agency has a plan in place to build super-fast airplanes that could hit the skies by 2030s,

Earlier this week, the UK Space Agency revealed at the UK Space Conference 2019 (h/t that they're working towards a special "space plane" that will significantly reduce the travel time for long flights - specifically from London to Sydney, Australia.

CEO of the UK Space Agency, Graham Turnock, said that when the Synergetic Air-Breathing Rocket Engine comes "to fruition," flights from London to Sydney could take "as little as four hours." Turnock gave the 2030s as a timeline for the technology to be completed.


Not only that, but flights from New York to London could take no more than an hour with the new technology. The shortest flights between these two destinations are usually around seven to eight hours.

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Last year, Global Destination Cities Index (h/t Business Insider) reported that New York was the sixth-most visited city in the world last year, with 13.67 million people visiting the Big apple. London was second at 20.42 million viewers, trailing only Bangkok, Thailand (21.98 million).

So yes, the new technology proposed by the UK Space Agency will be a huge game-changer for the tourism industries in New York, Sydney and London. And if those lengthy flight times are cut down significantly, then these cities should see their international visitors numbers increase heavily each year.

This technology proposed by the UK Space Agency would make things easier for travelers all over the world. Even folks who don't plan to visit London, New York or Sydney can at least hop one of the fast flights and plan their desired destination from there. The space plane is still over a decade away, but when it's ready for flight, the traveling industry will only be easier and friendlier.

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