The UK has some of the most beautiful towns, villages, and cities in the world. There are so many small towns in particular that are often overlooked by tourists who wish to have an authentic and charming experience.

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The history of the UK is so rich that you can feel it in all the buildings and the architecture of the locations on this list. Each one has an incredible story to tell and you have to visit them in order to truly understand what the United Kingdom is all about. Here are 10 small towns in the UK that should be on your bucket list.

10 RYE

East Sussex in England is home to Rye, a picturesque and tiny town that's known for its market and is abound with pretty, independent shops. The buildings are medieval in design creating a feeling that you've stepped back in time when you enter the town.

Rye also has a great castle and a beautiful windmill that you can actually stay in. The castle, in particular, gives a great view of the town, once you climb one of its many towers. It's a piece of history that's worth investigating. Finally, it's worth grabbing a bite to eat in one of its many pubs and drinking in some of the local brews.


The Kent coast of England contains some beautiful small towns. Whitstable, famous for its oysters is one of those amazing places. In fact, the oysters there are so popular that there's actually a yearly festival celebrating them, over the summer period.

The beach huts are like something off a postcard and the sea is clear and welcoming. There's plenty of shops to explore and small cafes and restaurants and there's a brilliant ice cream shop that helps you to enjoy the full seaside experience. The arty town is quickly becoming a cultural hotspot.


The Welsh town of Aberystwyth is a stunning coastal town that holds a lot of history itself. It has a set of castle ruins that are truly memorable and a number of perfect views of the coastline down below, once you manage to climb one of its many hills.

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There's a pretty functioning harbor along the coast, where you can purchase fresh fish and the location was deemed so pretty that episodes of The Crown have actually been filmed there. There's a number of perfect nature walks for hikers to take part in as well.


Knaresborough is a northern town that is an especially magical place to visit. The location is framed by its amazing and captivating bridge. It's a truly beautiful piece of construction and sets the scene for the rest of this tiny town.

A particularly great tourist location to visit is Mother Shipton's cave. The witch of the town was said to have correctly predicted the future and there's a brilliant nature walk that takes you to the caves of this sorceress. The rest of the town is just as charming as the pictures would suggest.


There might be an even more special castle to visit if you're taking a trip to Wales by the end of the year. Conwy has a bucket list-worthy castle that looms over the rest of this fishing town. It's almost entirely intact and has too many towers to count.

While the star of the show is the castle, that shouldn't take away from the town itself. There's a cute little square that the town is based around and a number of charming streets with some local crafts and food. It's a great and peaceful place to lose yourself for a day.


There are so many undiscovered places in Scotland to visit. There's especially a number of small towns along the coast that are worth taking a trip to. Millport is no exception to this. The fishing town is backed up by its amazing coastline and cute houses.

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Not only this, the whole town is overlooked by a fantastic series of mountains that last as far as the eye can see. A great spot to visit is crocodile rock, a small artistic statement in the town that's brilliant for a photo opportunity, much like the rest of the town.


Wiltshire is home to many traditional looking English towns and Castle Combe is a great example of this. Ironically there isn't a castle at this location but the rest of the town appears as if it was set within some castle walls.

There's a medieval feel to the whole location and a beautiful manor house that serves as the focal point of the town. There's a river that flows through the town giving it its lifeblood and providing the architects with an excuse to create its many stunning bridges.


Northern Ireland has its own selection of small towns that certainly deserve a lot of attention from tourists wishing to add a new location to their ever-growing bucket list of charming places.

Enniskillen is located in the middle of the country and features a fantastic river that flows along the town. It has a castle that looks like it hasn't changed since it was first built and the town itself has a lot of character and charm. The views from this tiny town are just as delightful as the architecture.


Another seaside town, this time in Yorkshire, England, Whitby is one of the prettiest towns in the whole of the UK. Universally recognized as a charming place to visit, Whitby has a lot of character and is a picturesque location.

There are plenty of stunning views to enjoy and some fantastic buildings that you can visit. The churches, in particular, are especially worth visiting, representing the traditional English place of worship. There are a few ruins that have a lot of historical importance and a number of excellent places to eat lunch to complete the day out.


The final coastal town on this list is very reflective of the other beautiful seaside locations along the Scottish coast. It's another town that's rarely visited but should certainly be given far more attention than it has been.

Not only are its colorful buildings continuing to add a lot of character to the area, but there's also a number of beautiful caves, rocks and tiny islands just off of the coast. In fact, it's perhaps the natural elements of the town that are the most impressive!

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