10 Awesome McDonalds Food You Can Only Get In The UK

McDonald's has found its way into the hearts of many. The famous fast-food chain, which managed to conquer the world of quick restoration for several years, is what many consider to be a symbol of the American dream. As its rose in prominence, McDonald's has since extended its grip across the globe. In doing so, they haven't simply brought along their classic menu, but they have also successfully incorporated local options as part of their iconic choices. Indeed, each country benefits from its very own curated McDonald's menus. Examples of this include Teriyaki burgers in Japan, "McBurritos" in Mexico and Nutella burgers in Italy.

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Much like the countries cited above, the UK (which includes England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales)  is also one of the lucky places to offer interesting McDonald's food choices which you may only get in the country itself. Take a look at these 10 Awesome McDonalds food options you may only find in the UK.

10 Fish Fingers

Surely McDonald's transition in the U.K. called for the incorporation of fish and chips into its unique menu. These crispy fish fingers have a taste that will most likely bring you into a deep state of nostalgia.

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A true lunchroom classic that only makes its appearance on the British happy meal menu options.

9 Spicy Nacho Cheese Wedges

Ditch the concept of commonality with these spicy nacho cheese wedges. There are so many things going on at once here and so you can only imagine how complex and rich this food item must taste. These bite-sized snacks are only available in the UK and come with a delicious sour cream and chive dip. Moreover, a small bite into these reveals a deliciously gooey inner chore of melty cheese and spicy jalapenos.

8 Irn-Bru

Irn-bru is a Scottish non-alcoholic drink with a tangy taste. This carbonated drink is part of McDonald's Scottish menu and can only be found in this part of the U.K. The drink is so popular in England that it has previously competed with the likes of Coca-Cola and Pepsi. As such, McDonald's pulled a smart move in incorporating it within their exotic menu.

7 Banana Milkshake

Although milkshakes are widely available across several McDonald's locations around the world, the flavors do differ based on the country.

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Precisely, the fast-food chain's U.K. menu is one of the rare few to offer banana flavor as an option to its thick and enjoyable milkshakes.

6 Bacon Roll

You have read that correctly. This sandwich was indubitably made for lovers of bacon and long-time connoisseurs. This menu option delivers a personal take on the iconic British bacon butty. Nestled between thick white bread, you will find herein a generous amount of bacon slices with a dash of brown sauce (another British condiment) or simply ketchup.

5 Cheesy Bacon Flatbread

The Cheesy Bacon flatbread, much like the bacon roll, is yet another British delicacy that finds its way in the UK McDonald's menu. This delicious breakfast sandwich is adequate for any lover of bacon and melty cheddar. The sandwich itself is toasted to a light perfection so it may melt both the cheese and bacon sitting inside. It is a thinner version of the McGriddle which also includes similar ingredients. Enjoy this fast-food dish fresh out of the toaster on your morning route to work.

4 Chocolatey Donut

McCafe also offers a series of unique options across the globe. The UK benefits from the chocolatey donut in their McCafe's. Moreover, Dunkin Donuts is unfortunately not an option for Brits to enjoy, so luckily they have this delicious treat at the fast-food restaurant. The chocolatey donut is a thick donut whose chocolate core joyously erupts within the first bite. It also has a thick chocolate icing and topping to satisfy the cravings of any chocolate addict out there. And if that is too much chocolate for you, then you will be pleased to know a simple, sugar doughnut is also an available option.

3 Chicken Legend

The UK definitely knows how to take a chicken sandwich to the next level. This crispy sandwich consists of a wheat roll (that can be grilled, FYI) housing a chunky piece of crispy chicken topped with a spread of BBQ sauce, along with regular or spicy mayo. It is like eating a deluxe version of a McChicken and if you happen to be visiting the UK, you can enjoy this splendor during your stay.

2 Spicy Vegetable Deluxe

Vegetarian and vegan-friendly options have begun to make their way into a lot of fast-food chains. Their inclusion in the menu reflects an attempt to offer delicious, affordable and more varied choices for customers with specific diets.

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As such, the spicy vegetable deluxe is one of the exclusive options available to those partaking in plant-based lifestyles (or not, because it is that delicious apparently) at UK locations. This meatless burger is made of chickpeas seasoned to perfection with cilantro and cumin. On top of this nourishing body is some sweet chili sauce. Therefore, you can still enjoy a meat-free option without losing the spicy component. Clearly, McDonald's UK is onto something.

1 McMor

Although this famous option is not exactly in the UK, it is right next door in the Republic of Ireland. The country has benefited from a limited-edition McDonald's "Irish" burger a couple of years ago called the McMor burger. The latter was marketed as the Irish-version of a Big Mac, which is apparently what "McMor" means in the republic's official language of Gaelic. This option used 100% Irish beef and involved a potato bun, shredded cabbage, kale, bacon garnish along with local relish and cheddar. Although this burger has been discontinued, it has been highly requested by the Irish and McDonald's is considering bringing it back. Moreover, folks in the UK's Nothern Ireland have called this burger "partitionist" because it was only available in the Republic at the time. Thus, perhaps, McDonald's will consider bringing it to the UK as well next time.

Hence, if you happen to be in Ireland when this happens, then you may be one of the lucky ones to taste the unique McMor burger.

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