Big cities are something everyone strives to visit, but small cities are arguably better. They don't have the constant hustle and bustle of people and various forms of transportation; instead, life is more straightforward. These cities are more significant than little towns, but they are still small enough to give you a new experience.

Several small cities in the UK should be on your list of places to visit. It might seem like a tedious venture, but these places' unique culture and atmosphere are unlike anything else on this planet. Keep reading to learn about ten cities with the smallest population in the UK!

Updated by Gabriel Kirellos, December 5th, 2021: The UK has several small cities that are also home to the lowest population rates. This list was updated to include some additional cities in the UK with a small population, such as Lichfield in England and Newry in Northern Island.

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12 Armagh, Northern Ireland (14,749)

The last census was back in 2011, and a reported 14,749 people live in this small city. It might not be as big as Dublin, but it still has many things for visitors to do during their stay.

The most popular thing to do in this area is to visit St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Cathedral, where you can see incredible mosaics and architecture that will take your breath away. There are plenty of shops to explore if that is more up your alley, or you can visit the Armagh Planetarium and witness the many stars beyond our world.

11 Truro, England (20,332)

This tiny city has a population of 20,332 people, which is next to nothing compared to places like New York City or Los Angeles that hold millions. There are so many things to do here, which is why this place should be at the top of your travel agenda.

You could visit their cathedral or the Royal Cornwall Museum where you can learn about the city's past life and its rich history. If nature is more your thing, then you can take a trip over to Poppy Cottage Garden and witness an array of flowers and other flora, as well as grab a cup of coffee from the tearoom on site.

10 St. Asaph, Wales (3,355)

This place barely counts as a city with only 3,355 people living within its borders. The best thing to do here is to visit their cathedral, as it is a staple in their history and a constant in the citizens' everyday lives.

It was built back in the thirteenth century, and guided tours are available to help you learn all there is to know about the smallest cathedral in Great Britain from this period. There are plenty of places to grab a bite to eat, as well as some good alcohol, and all of their food is locally grown for maximum taste purposes.

9 Wells, England (10,536)

This is another city in England that we are surprised can carry the title as they only have 10,536 people. The best place to visit is the Bishop's Palace, and two bishops actually still live here. You can see the well-tended lawn, ancient chapel and see real-life moats that were used to keep out unwanted visitors.

There is also a cathedral, old streets, and the Wells and Mendip Museum, which holds artifacts from prehistoric times. Another favorite in the area is the Wookey Hole Caves created over time as the water cut the limestone.

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8 Ripon, England (16,363)

The population of this city is a mere 16,363, and viewing different aspects of nature is this city's forte. You can visit a World Heritage Site called Studley's Royal Park, with over 800 acres of green grass and a water garden.

The Workhouse Museum is also a great teacher, as you can see firsthand where the poor and imprisoned lived and worked back in the mid-1800s. The entire landscape here is beautiful, and it would be a shame if you missed out on that because of your aversion to small cities.

7 Ely, England (20,256)

The population of this city has continued to grow, but it still rests near the bottom, with only 20,256 inhabitants. You might have heard of the name Oliver Cromwell, a man known for his efforts in turning England into a republic, and this town served as his home.

You can visit his house, built back in 1215, and walk through while listening to an audio tour. This place is also the only city in the UK that houses a stained glass museum, where you can learn techniques and see displays of some really old art pieces.

6 St. Davids, Wales (1,372)

This is the smallest city in England, and we can hardly believe that only 1,372 people live within its borders. While you are vacationing here, you can stop at their Whitesands Bay and take a lesson or two on surfing.

The local pub called Farmer's Arms is also the place to eat and drink whenever you come to town, as it has great beer and all of the rugby you could ever hope to see. There are plenty of friends to make and things to see and do in this area that put it on the map despite its lacking size.

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5 Bangor, Wales (17,988)

This may not be the smallest, but it is still tiny enough to make this list with a population of 17,988 people. Bangor is the oldest city in all of Wales, which means that it holds a lot of history within its borders.

Penrhyn Castle is somewhere you should visit if the idea of royal living entices you, and your admission grants you access to several rooms and beautiful grounds. There are also some beautiful gardens and greenhouses that are free to the public, where you can see flora and fauna in all of its glory as you have never seen it before.

4 Chichester, England (26,795)

The census was taken back in 2011 states that this city has a population of 26,795 people, which an entire football stadium could easily hold. There is a beautiful art collection left after Water Hussey passed away back in 1985, and they are on display in the Pallant House.

There is also the Fishbourne Roman Palace which is the largest residence unearthed that dates back to the period of the Romans, and the historical significance of this place is incomparable to anything else on the planet. This city might be small, but there is more to this place than meets the eye.

3 City Of London, England (7,700)

This is not the London we see in movies and hear in the news. Instead, the smaller City of London only covers two square miles, and it is home to the Bank of England. It had a recorded population of 7,700 people in 2018, remarkably less than its monstrous counterpart. The two main attractions guests can visit are the Tower of London and Tower Bridge, where you can learn about some of the histories and witness fantastic views.

2 Lichfield, England ( 32,219)

Lichfield is a historical small city in England and is home to the most fabulous Georgian museums and natural wonders. For instance, Lichfield houses the Erasmus Darwin House, the Samuel Johnson Birthplace, and the magnificent medieval Lichfield Cathedral. People enjoy visiting the National Memorial Arboretum, including more than 330 unique memorials. Moreover, people enjoy amazing evening entertainment at the award-winning theatre, Lichfield Garrick. Lichfield is among the city's with the smallest population in the UK and, as of 2011, is home to 32,219 inhabitants only.

1 Newry, Northern Ireland ( 26,967)

Newry is located in Northern Ireland and got its city status in 2002. However, as of 2011, Newry still maintains the feel of a medium-sized town with a population of only 26,967. People enjoy exploring the various attractions in the city, including the iconic Newry Cathedral, St. Patrick's Church, Newry Town Hall, Bagenal's Castle, Derrymore House, and more. Moreover, visitors to Newry can hike or bike along the city's marvelous canal, attend a musical Feis, or head to the Sean Hollywood Arts Centre.

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