Airbnb is normally cheaper than staying in a hotel, but the low, low cost of $10 per night is an absolute steal. Or is it?

Holidays can be pretty darn expensive. The advent of the internet has greatly helped with that. There are now a number of ways in which bargain hunters can seek out the cheapest way to book a dream vacation. Whether it be finding the least expensive flight, using hotel comparison sites, or waiting until the last minute to snatch up a steal of a deal.


The creation of Airbnb has helped us pay even less when it comes to somewhere to stay while on holiday. Hotels can cost a lot of money per night, even when finding the cheapest option on a comparison site. Airbnb has a far wider array of options for pretty much any price range. Stay in someone's property for what you and they deem to be a fair price.

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While we have seen some cheap listings on Airbnb in the past, this $10 per night option highlighted by MSN is the cheapest we have ever seen. The property is in the UK and if you want to stay there for the night, it will cost you just £8. The trouble is, this listing isn't for those who don't like the outdoors, as it is simply a tent in someone's backyard.

The tent comes with a lot more amenities than you might think, especially for $10 per night. An extension cord connected to an electric socket, a storage bin for the guest's belongings, and even a sink (water jug) with a towel and soap. Plus, for an extra £2 ($2.40) you can have access to a shower. Not the owner's shower, but the showers at a nearby leisure center.

For those of you itching at the chance to stay in this tent, which you'll find in Kent in the UK, you won't necessarily need to come alone. While the tent only sleeps one, its owner has a number of other listings which are all situated nearby and similarly priced. They included an air mattress in the back of a bus, or a spot on the host's living room floor if you like a little more concrete between you and the outside world.

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