We're in the midst of fall season, but winter will be here before you know it, and now's a good time for travelers to start planning their vacations during the cold months.

In fact, a large portion of Americans have already booked vacations for the winter period. According to a recent Winter Travel Survey from WalletHub, two in three Americans are planning travels for the coldest season of the year.

The report from WalletHub notes that this is a four percent increase winter travel increase from last year. Not only that, but 79 percent of Americans have intentions to "spend at least as much on winter travel" this year compared to 2018. 30 percent said they're planning to increase their spending, while 21 percent plan to spend less.


WalletHub's survey also outlined the "biggest reasons" as to why some are "skipping" the travels this winter. 33 million claimed they won't be doing it because they're unable to afford it. 24 million just don't want to do it, 20 million have the desire to save money and nine million are planning to save vacation days.

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This is all understandable and easy to relate to. On top of that, many like to stay home during the winter period. Oftentimes, folks are occupied in entertaining guests from out of town who arrive during the holiday season.

The study also detailed that 44 percent of winter travelers point to "weather" as their main concern, while 38 percent are claim the "cost" is their No. 1 issue for traveling. Well, WalletHub also outlined 12 tips for travelers to save money.

Their first tip is to pay for a credit card when it's possible. By doing this, you receive bonuses, points and miles. Staying away from booking the most popular dates, hotels, locations and such would also help travelers save money. Following these plans closely can help travelers - especially those who are worried about the costs - find an affordable and enjoyable vacation.

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