The TSA has eased off on its new rules surrounding Disney's "thermal detonator" themed soda bottles ever so slightly.

Anyone reading this who has taken a flight, well, anywhere in the past 20 years will know how strict security measures are at airports. Quite rightly too considering the dangers that could be faced when thousands of feet up in the air. Despite our safety being the priority, some of the rules in place can feel a little arbitrary and even unnecessary at times.


All of the rules surrounding liquids, for instance. Not being able to take containers with more than 100 ml of liquids in our carry-ons can be a massive pain. However, avid Disney fans were recently faced with not even being able to take them in their hold luggage. That's due to the fact that those liquids were contained within something that looked like a grenade.

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The "thermal detonator" soda bottles are available at Disneyland and were released to celebrate the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Whether fans like Coca-Cola or not, they were naturally buying them up as they are effectively memorabilia. However, due to the fact that they resemble explosives, TSA enforced a rule that they could not be brought on board any planes.

That has left fans who bought the bottles with a tricky decision to make. Ditch the collectible bottles, or find an alternate way home. The backlash from people buying the bottles has actually caused TSA to rethink their regulations, reports MSN. Since the soda grenades contain more than 100 ml of liquid, they now fall under the regular rules when it comes to bringing fluids on a plane.

That means Disneyland-goers who have purchased them now have a far less difficult decision to make. Either place the bottles in your hold luggage or drink the soda in them before boarding the plane if you only have a carry-on. In TSA's defense, if we were sat on a plane and the person sitting next to us pulled out one of the novelty bottles, we would be a little panicked if we had never seen them before.

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