A man tried to take this gun-shaped toilet paper holder onto a plane in New Jersey. It didn’t go over well.

There’s one thing that you’re pretty much never allowed to bring on a plane, and that’s a gun. Checked luggage? Totally fine, so long as you have a permit and whatnot. But carry-on? Nuh-uh. Besides the obvious threat of being able to hijack the plane for nefarious purposes, if a gun ever discharged on a plane at 35,000 feet it could crack a window and cause explosive decompression.


So yeah, guns are a big nono. In fact, anything that even resembles a gun is off-limits, and that includes replicas. Even replicas that are very obviously toilet paper holders and not real guns, which is what one passenger discovered in Newark last Tuesday.

According to the Associated Press, who picked up the story from the TSA, a man was traveling through Newark International Airport on Tuesday. At the security checkpoint, they got their back x-rayed, and the agents noticed a gun in the bag. This obviously got a big red flag, so the man and the bag were taken aside for a talking to.

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After opening the bag and taking a look, the agents discovered it was not a gun and was, in fact, a toilet paper roller designed to look like a revolver with the cylinder open as though about to be reloaded. You can buy them commercially anywhere--here’s one on Amazon for $40.

Why was this man trying to transport a toilet paper holder in his carry-on? We have no idea. Maybe he can only wipe if the paper was dispensed by a monument to the second amendment.

Regardless, the TSA gave the man a choice: either put the toilet paper gun in his checked luggage, hand it off to a friend, or leave it with the TSA, never to be seen again. He decided to leave it with the TSA. A wise choice, and one which provides us with endless amusement to contemplate the sort of man that brings a gun-shaped toilet paper dispenser onto a plane.

(Source: Associated Press)

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