The Transportation Security Administration has named Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) as its 2018 Airport of the Year, after considering 440 airports nationwide, according to KLFY.

Bob Allison, TSA’s Federal Security Director for Massachusetts said: “The TSA team here in Boston consists of nearly 1,500 employees from frontline TSA officers to inspectors, canine handlers, explosives experts, managers, program analysts and a host of others who work together every single day of the year to ensure that we protect the travelling public to ensure freedom of movement for people and commerce.” He added that "TSA officers and the others who comprise our team demonstrate their commitment daily through their hard work, professionalism and integrity.”


According to Allison, the key to the success of TSA at the airport is the successful partnership that TSA has with the Massachusetts Port Authority, the Massachusetts State Police, the airlines and more than 25 stakeholder groups of more than 17,000 individuals who work at the airport. As for Massport’s Aviation Director Ed Freni, he added that they have a great partnership with the TSA and they make sure that their customers have "a safe and efficient experience."

TSA selected Boston Logan as an “Innovation Airport”-- an initiative for creating world-class airports in collaboration with industry partners. The airport is eligible for spearheading programs and became the second airport in the country to successfully use a computed tomography scanning system in the security checkpoint. Boston also hosted a technology demonstration of two new automated screening lanes in Terminals A and C, which proves highly effective for passenger screening process, especially during peak travel hours. BOS is also using credential authentication technology, which uses devices that determine whether a traveler’s identification is valid.

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According to the TSA news release, Boston Logan is “the fourth fastest growing airport in North America with a 6 percent increase in passenger traffic.” And, despite the increase in its number of daily passengers, it takes under 10 minutes to get through the security checkpoint.

TSA officials at BOS focused on optimizing threat detection and developed and implemented an online system this year to provide real time trending data. The airport has also invested in new programs, including focus groups, monthly team meetings and an “Officer of the Month” program to engage with TSA employees and contribute to a better work life overall.

Recently, the Wall Street Journal also named Logan International among the top 10 best biggest airports in the U.S. in its first-ever ranking of airports.

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